Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kuthumi 8/13/08

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My dear friends and fellow light workers, I bring you a special message which you can use to align and anchor the energies of abundance and love into your being as a continuation of last week’s message. As I said previously this is a special period of Earth’s evolution, much seems the same on the Earth but there are great transformations and gatherings of light occurring on the inner planes. Many ascended masters are anchoring not just their soul energy but their ascended master consciousness into the Earth, their students and humanity. This is a precious and momentous occasion as those who are receptive can easily tap into this energy and use it as acceleration for their own spiritual awareness, aiding them in accessing their ascended master consciousness. This means that you will be able to more readily understand the truths of the Creator, the universe and your soul, integrating and accepting them into your own physical reality. Of course great focus is placed on the power of love as we develop through this period of transformation. The ascended masters as they gather on the inner planes and channel their light, as a blazing light wave onto the Earth, focus on both accepting and sharing the love of the Creator. Love is the key for this period, anchoring love in some form into the Earth and humanity now will be a great achievement, but it will also create the necessary foundation for the forth coming process of growth and ascension, which of course means raising your energy vibration to a new level of consciousness.

What wonderful and exciting times we have ahead of us now. As we all focus on our spiritual growth, anchoring love into every aspect of our being, mastering the thoughts of the mind and believing that we are a manifestation of the Creator on the Earth, we will create the appropriate foundation for greater love and wisdom, beyond your imagination, to be anchored and integrated into the Earth. Many violent and negative situations on the Earth will simply dissolve as light workers anchor love into their beings. They may feel and experience abundance and prosperity in all forms in their lives, as they share their love and energy with those surrounding them and the world.

Let us light many candles of love across the world, let us unite with determination in mastering an aspect of our being and integrating a greater aspect of the Christ consciousness into the Earth. I cannot control my excitement over the thought of a transformation occurring on the Earth and love being eternally anchored into the Earth. It is a process instigated by such as simple thought, intention or invocations that can transform the world.

I will not deceive you in saying that come 2009 the world will exist purely in love and everyone will experience heaven on the Earth, sensitive to their guides with the ability to express their soul. This is a wonderful thought but the mass of humanity is not yet ready to accept this transformation. By the end of 2008, if you have focused with determination and love you will notice a lift in your energy vibration, your spiritual awareness and abilities. You may also discover that everything in your life flows easily and successfully without much effort because you are being guided by the divine energy and source of the Creator and your soul. It is this tiny but vastly important shift in the consciousness of some of humanity that will assist and boost light workers forward along the path to ascension. Ascension is not a wall that you must pass through and suddenly everything is perfect, luminous and you are your soul in manifestation. Ascension is a process of discovery and growth; it is a slow and sometimes long ladder of challenges or experiences for you to climb through. Let me make it clear, it is the journey to ascension that you will treasure eternally and not the actual state.

Numerous energies will be anchored into the Earth over the coming years and there will be several occasion when we as your ascended master guides state that you need to focus on an aspect of your being or integrating energies. It is these precious periods of growth that combined will allow you to discover the truth and will raise the consciousness of humanity. When the time for the major shift in consciousness occurs you may not even notice it because you have been slowly climbing the mountain and so when you finally reach the top, you do not notice your new position or state of existence.
I believe that it is now appropriate for you to align your energies with the energy of love descending from the Christ consciousness and the energy of abundance descending from the core of the Creator’s mighty soul.

‘I invoke the energy of the Creator to surround me now and to manifest from within my being. Divine ascended masters align my entire being and soul to the highest vibration of love from the Christ consciousness that is available at a planetary level. Integrate within my being the energy of abundance in all its positive forms; allow me to exist as a beacon of love, light, abundance and peace on the Earth. I accept my ascended master consciousness and ask you to guide me in expressing it within every aspect of my being and every expression of my energy. I am eternally connected and aligned to the loving energy of the Creator and share it abundantly across the world.’

Honour the time that you now have to accelerate forth,

I am Master Kuthumi.

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