Tuesday, August 5, 2008

[EnlightenmentChapel] Law of Growth

[EnlightenmentChapel] Law of Growth

"Miracles happen, not in opposition to Nature, but in opposition to
what we 'know' of nature." - St. Augustine

The Law of Growth states that success depends on individuals using
and not opposing the universal law of growth. The more we accept and
trust the natural growth tendencies for ideas, thoughts or feelings,
the faster they will grow. However, the less we accept their natural
conception and either try to force or speed their growth, or resist
and distrust their natural ability to appear and grow, the more the
growth will neutralize or disintegrate.

Have you ever tried to force an outcome and no matter how hard you
tried, it never materialized? Perhaps you can relate to some of these
examples of defying the Law of Growth:

Denying a gut instinct to make a desired business decision and then
later realizing it would have been a good one. Allowing self-limiting
beliefs to keep you from living your passion. Setting sales goals
that were unrealistic because the elements needed to make them happen
were not in place. Not hiring someone that was right for the job
because they wanted more money than you thought you could afford. Not
giving instant feedback when someone diverted a project from the path
required for growth. Letting criticism from family, friends, or co-
workers distract your focus and attention from your vision. Doubting
your inner knowing when you have been listening to its needs.
Attempting to preempt yourself by rushing the release of a good
product idea with subtle flaws, thus causing it to fail. Pushing
people to perform outside their expertise and thus causing projects
to flounder. Seeing evidence of disheartened individuals because of
negative circumstances that have been avoided for too long. Insisting
on doing everything yourself without accepting help, thus never
seeing your ideas become a reality. These are just some examples of
how individuals deny themselves the benefits from the Law of Growth.
The Law of Growth is not new. It has just been well hidden from the
business vernacular. The early writings of Brooks Phillips, Einstein,
and then later Thomas Troward, reference the Law of Growth in their
work. The Law of Growth is often used synonymously with the Natural
Law. Thus, it is often discussed in the context of science,
psychology and spirituality. However, we see evidence every day of
its relevance to the life of individuals. When individuals disregard
the challenge of limited resources, negativity from others and their
own fears and doubts, they achieve and experience amazing results.
The Law of Growth is the single most powerful principle for personal

The fact is that by understanding and utilizing the Law of Growth,
the opportunities, answers and next steps always naturally appear.
The key principle of growth is that we do not put the expansive
vitality into the seeds of ideas and opportunities. They already
exist in the seeds. They are already in what you are currently doing.
The only question left is whether you are aligning your resources and
energy around nurturing their natural growth. They will only expand
in their natural way if you water, prune and give light to the seeds.
When a seed reaches for the sun and a rock is in the way, it simply
goes around it. When water meets and obstacle is simply goes around
it. As moss grows and it comes to a tree, it simple goes around it.
It law of growth, simply put, is about using the path of least

Rules for engaging the Law of Growth include:

Remove negative thoughts and doubts. Ignore unconstructive criticism.
Search for those things that bring quiet, peace and pleasure when you
visualize the intended outcomes you desire. Do not live through the
success of others, create your own. You must become individualized
from family generational values that limit your beliefs in order to
be emotionally balanced and focused on your passion. Entrepreneurial
thoughts only need recognition to be used as you wish for them to be
used in your businesses. The Law of Growth is not limited to people
with money. It is the means for gaining financial outcomes. You have
to keep your priorities straight. You have to want to authentically
grow and to find your passion; more than you want the rewards and
outcomes from growth. Be open to change and learning as new
opportunities will continually present themselves. The Law of Growth
is the Universal Law which is one of the simplest to comprehend. It
simply exists to ensure that something always grows, that creation is
constant and determined by the kind and quality of seed which is
planted. In the case of Universal truth this seed is determined by
the energy projected. Through its immutable, unwavering and
predictable operation you can become conscious and purposeful in what
you project or plant which will determine what you will receive or
harvest in each area of your life.