Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Moon and Biorelativity

The Moon and Biorelativity
Juliano, the Arcturians, White Eagle and Spirit Fire through David K.

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ February 2007 Issue

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. When there is an
evolutionary leap or shift, it is usually precipitated by a crisis.
There is a push in the chain of evolution and in the DNA that provides
the impetus for the change. Within your DNA codes and structures are the
necessary ingredients for becoming fifth-dimensional beings. Within
those codes are all the ingredients to provide the biorelativity
interventions necessary to preserve Earth. These activations have been
occurring within your brain or mental body and also within your DNA
codes for many months now.

You all have experienced these activations differently. Some have
experienced what we would call depersonalization, some have been tired,
some have felt mood shifts. Certainly it is a rare occasion in the
linkages of species that an Adam species, such as humankind, would
experience an evolutionary transition in full consciousness. Generally,
when there is a change or leap in evolution, it does not happen with
total awareness. In this instance, at this point in the evolution of
humans, the shift is occurring with your consciousness and
participation-you are interacting with the DNA codes within your bodies
to shape the development of the fifth-dimensional beings that you are
inherently part of and will become.

This idea of "becoming" is inherent in the nature of the Godhead, or
Creator, because the true name of the Creator involves a dimensional
multipresence in the past, present and future. It involves, from your
language structure, the concept of a participle verb describing the
transition of becoming and the state of being. This is an ongoing
process that is in past, present and future simultaneously. Also, this
is duplicated in your DNA structure. It is duplicated in a way in
which we have been able to work with and holographically access a great
deal of energy from the future, even though the future is a linear
period advanced from the present. It is accessible in the Now, and it is
accessible in the sense that it can be connected to the Now, and
therefore, participates in the shaping of the Now. This can only occur
in a species that has a certain state of consciousness, and that is able
to expand its consciousness to embrace the activations within the DNA


We speak of crisis as stimulation. At a crisis point, either the change
happens or there is a catastrophe. A crisis point is such that either
the change happens or some do not survive. In the overall evolution,
from the galactic perspective, the change becomes necessary to hold life
in balance and in a growth process. We say that humanity is approaching
a crisis. Of course, this has been discussed for many years. It is our
projection that this crisis is close at hand, based on the polarizations
that are occurring. It is based also on the current Earth changes that
are being experienced and the coming eruptions that are percolating now.
We always believe that spiritual fortitude requires one to be able to
hold this energy of fifth-dimensional evolution during a crisis. We
believe the preparation that you have been so diligently working on
should include the ability to maintain this consciousness-and this
ability to leap evolutionarily-in the face of an Earth crisis.

The Earth crisis is global in nature, so the ability to intervene
spiritually requires a global ability. It requires a multilevel
consciousness in which you are able to link, comprehend and compute the
various levels of information. This includes, of course, your
friendships in the groups of forty. It includes the feedback that each
of you can give about the different environmental issues that you are
aware of in your part of the world. It includes the ability to visualize
that information, and it entails the ability to participate in the
holographic biorelativity healing processes that are necessary. These
healing processes involve telepathic communication to the spirit of the
Earth. This will direct her to a more harmonious balance that can
mitigate the crisis. In order to reach this level of ability, your DNA
codes and structures need to be activated and processed at an even
higher level than they now are. You need to be opened in a way that
includes multitasking downloading information and participating in
several events simultaneously. You will be able to do this without
apparent stress, in a way in which you can go from one level of
consciousness to the next. You can find the linkages to the spirit of
Mother Earth on the fifth dimension and connect that level onto the
third dimension, so that you become corridors between the
fifth-dimensional Earth and the third-dimensional Earth.

I will provide you some tones and sounds that are especially linked and
related to the activations in your mental and spirit body. This will
allow the DNA codes to be upgraded and intensified so that your multiple
abilities will become more second nature. Your ability to make
telepathic relationships, your ability of multitasking, and particularly
your ability to be a conduit of biorelative telepathic communication
with Mother Earth will be enhanced-enhanced to a level that you have not
previously been able to achieve. This means that you will actually be
able to project your spirit into the Mother Earth energy. This
projection will be an upgrade over your previous abilities to influence
the biorelativity process in the Earth. Please listen to these tones and
sounds and let your DNA be
opened on this new upgrade. [Series of different sounds follow.]

Connect in your mind and visualize your DNA codes and the structure of
DNA. Upon hearing this next tone, say that you are able to raise and
open to the next level and that you are able to advance your
evolutionary process. Some are calling for the crossing of the time
barrier. We are calling for the crossing of the DNA barrier within each
of you. [Tones.] Feel your energy field expand, especially around your
heads. Your telepathic abilities are also simultaneously
intensified. This intensification becomes manifested by your abilities
to link to the crystals that are etherically downloaded into the Earth
at Grosse Valley, at Lago Puelo, in the Bodensee (Lake Constance) and
Lake Moraine.


At this point, your Moon is a great beacon of attractive energy from the
Central Sun. The Moon has taken on a powerful energy that is downloading
light from the Central Sun. If you have an opportunity after this
lecture to see the Moon, then you will feel a special activation within
your third eye. You will feel a special energy that will make you feel
part of the new humanity. You will note that the Moon now has
facilitated the ability for you to connect your energy
to the Central Sun and to the galaxy in general. Your Moon has always
been a special force of spiritual light and a great activator in the
realm of the subconscious on the planet. Your activation as
fifth-dimensional beings will encompass your ability to utilize the Moon
as an active force of light. This will enhance your biorelativity
exercises because the Moon is a source of pure light from the Sun. It is
a light of reflection, and reflected light is filtered light. You
cannot look directly at the Sun without some type of protection, but you
can look at the Moon for as long as you wish without protection because
it is reflected light.

The Central Sun light is distant but intense. The Moon is now in
alignment to reflect the Central Sun light to your third eye. Visualize
yourself rising out of your physical body in spirit and placing yourself
in a beautiful circle around the Moon. Because we are in an etheric
energy field, we can participate in this type of circle energy around
the Moon. Many of you have already joined me, and we are experiencing
together a purity of energy-a purity of consciousness that is not
readily available on the Earth. We bask in this moonlight. This
moonlight is composed of light from the Central Sun now. This light from
the Central Sun is being spread around the planet and is being
downloaded into your DNA codes and structures so that you are able to
uplift your consciousness and unify your perceptions. The apparent
intense polarizations become unified in your mind, in your thoughts and
perceptions. Every time you can view a polarization and unify it, then
you are participating in the raising of the consciousness of humankind.

The energy of the Moon, the core of the Moon, is now in direct alignment
with Mother Earth. I ask Chief White Eagle to carry a special message to
all of you from the energy of the Moon. I will return at the end of his
conversation with you. This is Juliano.


Heya ho ha hey. Heya ho. Greetings! I am Chief White Eagle. The spirit
of the Moon is activating all of us into a state of purity that is part
of the next evolutionary step. When you are participating in the
advancement, you need to achieve a state of purity. This state of purity
is composed of certain attributes such as acceptance, unconditional love
and the ability to unify in your thoughts. It is especially activating
to link purity with the energy of the Moon. The
Moon represents many cycles. It represents the subconscious. It
represents the feminine light and energy that is the upcoming boost to

We are very concerned about the Earth changes and about the possibility
of volcanic eruptions that could release certain dust or ashes into the
air. We are concerned that the polarizations on the Earth will lead to
an intensification of certain conflicts. That intensification of
conflicts is actually providing an accumulation of disharmonious energy,
which is being downloaded into the Earth. We know at this time that the
Earth is sensitive to wars and to
discussions of war. We also know that the spirit of Earth is in direct
communication with the spirit of the Moon. Your participation around
this circle of light in the Moon, and your participation in connecting
the circle of light with the Central Sun, connecting it with the four
etheric crystals and connecting it with Mt. Shasta, is providing an
increase of energy on a personal level and on a planetary level. It is
providing an increase in your own kundalini light force.

We of the sacred White Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Native peoples love the
light of the Moon, especially when it is so bright that you can see your
hand. I ask that each of you look at your hand in this moonlight. Focus
on that hand. I ask that you see this hand in your dream tonight. I ask
that you remember how we are so connected and that your hand is in front
of you. You are seeing the moonlight reflected in your hand. You will be
able to connect with your vision
of your hand in your dream tonight. This will activate a new power
within you. Many of you are doing fantastic spiritual work in your night
time. Many of you are doing great dream work. Some of you are going to
other galaxies, participating in other ships and doing great healings.
It is time that you became aware and that you brought these experiences
into your conscious memory. The skills you have in these other realms
that you are participating in at night time need to be activated now
into your day time. [Tones.]

I am talking directly now to the spirit of the Moon. The spirit of the
Moon is evolved and is open to the biorelativity thought patterns that
each of you has. The spirit of the Moon is influencing the spirit of the
Earth in a great way. Many of you are now ready to use the reflective
powers of the Moon to distribute the fifth-dimensional light from the
Central Sun. What is so beautiful is that this light from the Moon is a
continual light. It is an even light. You must understand that the Moon
is in a position of receiving and reflecting light from the Central Sun.

The coming months will be filled with ups and downs in the balance-there
will be periods of crisis, and then an evening out and a balance. Then
there will be another period of crisis, and then an evening out and a
balance. There are events that appear to be activated by humankind and
then there are events that appear to happen without humankind's control.
No one would be able to control a volcanic eruption. But the activations
of bombs and the activations of destructive thoughts compound the
fragility of the percolating energy in the Earth. The Earth is
percolating. This percolation needs to have a release, like a
pressurecooker releasing steam. In the biorelativity process, we will
ask you to look at how the pressure and steam from the Earth can be
released. For example, some of this can be released underwater. Some can
be released through minor earthquakes that will not cause problems. Some
can be released through projecting energy to the North Pole and then
have that energy sent up to the Moon.

At this time I would like you all to imagine that there are great forces
of percolating heat and lava flowing under the Earth's surface in great
forces-forces that are far beyond what a nuclear bomb can emit. I would
like you to visualize that this energy is being directed through the
Earth's meridians to the North Pole. As it comes out of the North Pole,
it is being directed toward the Moon. The Moon is able to absorb and
redirect that energy out into the galaxy and even to the Central Sun.
You can direct that flow with great intensity because you are activated
beings with increased powers of biorelativity. This direction of
releasing the heat from the lava under the Earth will help to mitigate
the droughts because the heats that are going on also are warming the
oceans greatly.

I, Chief White Eagle, call on all of the starseeds who are listening to
visualize and direct the flow of this percolating heat out of the Earth,
through the North Pole and upward to the Moon. I see great heat coming
to the Moon and I see a great discharge coming out of the North Pole.
The Moon is able to accept this. I see there is much hatred. I see the
great anger that is on the planet. I say that all of this anger and
hatred is being directed toward the North Pole, and then the people's
thoughts of anger and hatred are directed to the North Pole, and then it
is being uplifted to the Moon. I see this! [Tones.] The Moon is able to
discharge this and send it off.

I see the planet Uranus, which is in line with the Moon. Uranus has a
special ability to bring galactic attunement and galactic insight to
many people. Uranus has reached a point at which it represents a major
influence in the development of consciousness on the Earth. The
starseeds in particular understand that Uranus is bringing forth this
evolvement, this activation that Juliano has called the activation of
the DNA codes. It involves a connection to the star higher families and
the star hierarchy. The ancestral star family is now, through its
connection with Uranus, sending a powerful light to your Moon and that
light is being reflected back into your consciousness on the Earth.
[Tones.] I turn you over to Spirit Fire. This is Chief White Eagle!


Blessings, this is Spirit Fire. To all the women and those men who are
connecting with their feminine light, I especially honor you. The Moon
is always a special light for the seekers of divine feminine energy. We
activate the light energy in Lago Puelo and those Argentine friends who
are seeking to activate a crystal mobile area. I ask that you look at
the Moon tonight and connect your heart to the light of the Moon.
Connect your heart with the Moon and Uranus, a special planet that is
bringing energy. This energy is unraveling the old systems, the old ways
and the old power structures. We know that these old power
structures are not in alignment with the telepathic light that is now in
balance between you, myself, the masters and the Earth. This telepathic
balance is of a feminine nature, a nature of unity, of brotherhood and

The Moon is a great servant to Earth. Uranus is also a feminine energy.
It is a great planetary structure. It pro vides a wonderful balance to
the outer realms, the galactic realms that affect the Earth and the
consciousness of the Earth. People have been saying that comets and
certain electromagnetic rays from other systems have influenced the pool
of life on the Earth over the millennium. There are even more subtle
energy fields of consciousness that are now being downloaded from Uranus
and coming into the Moon and then coming into your consciousness. Hold
these connections. [Tones.] Be aware that you
are all brothers and sisters with the star family. Do not worry about
any upcoming Earth crisis because they will be mitigated by your intense
telepathic powers. They will be influenced by your abilities to
visualize. Please hold the image that was given to you, especially about
the discharge of heat from under the Earth through the North Pole. The
North Pole can be a wonderful conduit of discharge. I see the fifth
dimension touching the third dimension, and I see that you are doing a
great service by being magnets for this fifthdimensional attraction. The
corridors you have created will be useful in downloading some of this
energy from Uranus.

The planetary systems also are being affected by the Central Sun. The
movements of your solar system around the center of your galaxy are
going to a special alignment that does not happen often. Your place here
with us around the Moon in your meditation is allowing you to receive a
special filtered light from this source. Each of you will see the
critical world systems, such as the business systems and the economy, in
a new light. Those who have been holding the power are going to have a
harder time holding on. Maybe they will look like they can hold on, but
there will be a dissolution of some of these power structures during
2007. My dear ones, this is a very intense time for all of you. This is
a time when your ability to experience your brothers and sisters, the
star seeds, will be enhanced because you will truly feel and experience
yourself as being part of this family. This is a family that is apart
from the lower energies, that seeks to reach out to all star seeds, that
is increasing its ability to affect the subconscious of Earth.

Oh, Mother Earth, we connect now the power of Uranus, the power of the
Moon and the power of the Central Sun to your central core. Mother
Earth, we are now uniting our consciousness and projecting a discharge
of especially deeper volcanic energies so that they are harmlessly
discharged through the North Pole. We seek greater connection with you
as a spirit being. We connect at this moment with your Moon and we know
that by connecting with your Moon, we are deeply able to interact with
your subconscious. We feel the purity of the moonlight at this moment. I
return Juliano to you now, dear ones. I am Spirit Fire. Ho!


This is Juliano. Greetings again my star family, my brothers and
sisters. In essence we are in a position to look at 2007 and point out
that there will be more apparent dissolving of power structures. We
could say also that there will be some volcanic activity in 2007. We
could say that there will be more apparent global crisis that will reach
everyone's consciousness. We could say that in 2007 there will be a
greater acknowledgement that those in power are not working for the
greater good of the biosphere. There will be upheavals about this in
2007. These upheavals will be felt by all of you. You who are the
starseeds will hold a higher consciousness and a higher perspective.
There will be a diminishment of conflict after an increase in conflict.
This will be the paradox in 2007-an increase in war, then a decrease at
the end. The crescendo will be reached for all these activities perhaps
around July. The 7:7 is a very powerful doorway to complete the DNA
activations and codes that are required to raise a certain percentage of
people. When that percentage of people is raised, then light from Uranus
will be more prominent throughout the planet. I am Juliano. We are the
Arcturians. Good day.