Friday, June 22, 2007

Astrology 6/22 - 6/28

Friday June 22, 2007 WE ARE NOW officially in SUMMER 2007At 4:43am pdt the moon enters the social and friendly sign of Libra. With the sun in Cancer which is about finding safety and security within self…WE experience a square between the Moon in Libra “desire for connection to others” and the sun in Cancer knowing we need down time and to connect to our own divine source.Balance is the key as we are now ½ way between that new moon on the 14th and the full moon on the 30th… (This is what a last quarter square is, the moon “Emotions” wanting something very different of us than what the sun, THE LIGHT wants)So, if you are feeling a bit scattered? Well now it is all explained and it will be gone in a few days as energy shifts and we get a better feeling for some of the more grounded and centered energies coming into the planet and thus into us.• Color today purple for spirituality• Use Kyanite to raise spiritual awarenessOr Labradorite, or pearls, or moonstone if you are not really sensitivePROTECTIVE stones are agates, jet, obsidian and all the Dark stones• Oil of Pine for inner and outer clearing, used a lot of SAGE to clear the air yesterday and will do the same today• Kiss for today is slow down, use care and visualize peace, love and joy and make it happen for you and those around you today and everyday…tell those who you love how important they are to you..T here is nothing more wonderful than someone saying to you 'I love you.' That is pure eloquence."– Maya Angelou And it does not have to be a lover…or even your family or children who says this to us…. We can hear this from friends and people who care for us and it makes our heart Leap with joy. And so…maybe if you wish to receive this gift, you might want to give it out? CarolismSaturday June 23, 2007 BUSY astrological day…The moon in Libra creates a wonderfully social day as we enter the day at 12:22am with the moon in Libra squaring Mercury going backwards in Cancer. Dreams should be interesting today, both those as we slept and those we are thinking of bringing into reality… The square and mercury retrograde always helps us RECONNECT and did you find some old knowledge, learning’s and maybe stronger connection to your inward world bubble forward into this interesting day? I choose this day to teach a tarot class because of this aspect.• And at 7:43am URANUS the planet of surprises, electrical impulses, and brilliant surprises connects us to surprising information within ourselves• 2:00 pm the moon (emotions) and Venus (what we like) make an aspect of assistance and we should be able to have a great day today if we are open and think positive.• Color today white for purity of feelings, thoughts and emotions…• Kiss is remember ideas turn into reality today, so make your reality a good one by thinking of what you want to happen• Oil of Lemon or tangerine for joy, or frankincense for spiritual peaceOR, sage or pine to clear energyI would suggest a stone today that you love and connect with, Amber for me perhapsBecause of the wisdom and earth connection it carries, I always love to teach wearing Amber"We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love." Mother TeresaSunday June 24, 2007 THINGS begin to settle downWith the moon in Libra the first part of today seems quite peaceful at 12:22pm the moon shifts out of Libra into an INBETWEEN space …aka v/c before it enters Scorpio tonight at 5:26pm. The v/c aspect is great so wish me luck with my TV interview…it should go well with this great aspect.• 2:26pm Mars the planet of action, anger and energy moves from Passionate andFiery Aries into settled and sensual Taurus. Mars in Aries was a part of the GRAND TRINE OF fire, which is NOW gone. Now we have a strong need to build security and connect with nature as well as what is lasting in our lives.• Mars will stay in the settled (FIXED earth) sign of Taurus until August 6th andMany of us will be a bit more cautious about overextending ourselves or risking during this time. BASKING IN SENSUALITY is what the Mountain Astrologer says of this time and WOW::: I like that one…. Footbaths and pedicures, massages, time with those I love, petting my lovely kitties, a down comforter, the feeling of silk on my body, the smell of something yummy, the taste of the same…. CAN you tell I have a planet in Taurus? I have the moon in Taurus so I can TOTALLY get into the next month and a half and will for sure experience all of the above… want to join in this energy? So how about we GET something that feels rather decadent and luxurious to us on our schedules and let’s feel happy.. And know that…. "If you allow yourself to be depleted to the point where your emotional and spiritual tank is empty and you're running on fumes of habit, everybody loses. Especially you."–Oprah MARS IN TAURUS is the time to fill up that tank of body. Mind…and spirit…• Well, now back to astrology…. 5:38pm the moon opposes Mars and that MOON which moved into SCORPIO at 5:26pm is not happy at all about all of the above..My suggestion is to realize others may not be into your trip down decadence lane so just keep on making those plans and realize some folks are NOT quite where you are in their growth..• Today has the element of helping folks bring their ISSUES forward after 5pm.SO........We have a rather different energy than normal asking us to be willing to walk though whatever needs to be done to get the job done emotionally… Rough aspects this evening to passion, communication and maybe even a discussion which needs to happen, but is not the easiest and this is NOT the night for it..PLEASE:::: avoid discussions about feelings …and set another time and date… win ..Win solutions are not rated highly tonight …so, you can choose not to play, right?KISS for today is TRULY KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETIE, please:• Color today green for healing• Oil of lavender and oregano for the same & Sage if you can• Malachite for power, protection, peace and business success, or jet or obsidian or black tourmaline for protection and grounding and centering…WATER:::WATER::: Everywhere is the theme today. Water is emotions and if they are good ones. WOW a wonderful day, and if not? Well, keep it simple and wait for another day to battle…if you must battle…"The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don't know what to do." John HoltSUNDAY NIGHT: Make an intention to connect in to healing and use dreams tonight to dream your life the way you desire. Write a life story for you before going to sleep tonight, take it with you and dream it into reality as we enter the LAST pass of the Neptune Saturn Opposition for our lifetimes…Monday June 25, 2007 A passionate Moon in Scorpio DayThe big news of today is that we have our LAST SATURN NEPTUNE opposition in our lifetime. This has been a strong time of working at disciplining our minds, our thoughts and our dreams (and will continue for a couple more months) The planet Neptune is the illusion and the dream and very visual and imaginative, so whatever we have given thought to over the last year and a half has truly kind of bitten us on the fanny or created wonderful healing in our lives. The planet Saturn (accountability and work) moving in September to Virgo ends a theme for us. No, we are not done with the work, or the visions or the ability to create…but some of the confusion now dissipates and we maybe have a better idea by September what we want to work to build. So, we can Expect the visions and the TURNING what you think about into reality to grow stronger between now and September as this aspect gives us a final pass through in order to show us how powerful our minds are and what we can create..• 12:17am the moon in Scorpio and the sun in Cancer meld together into a trine or aspectOf ease which assists us to get connected with some powerful healing energies within our subconscious mind as we sleep.• 8:57 am NEPTUNE the dream and illusion. Opposes Saturn the reality. andWe are asked one final time to pay attention to where our ideas and thoughts go as we get to see whatever we put energy into GROW and GROW and GROW…• 10:33am a great aspect with ideas and emotions and again we are reminded of our innerNeeds, wants and desires today and told that if we think the way we WANT things to happen…and DO not think what we do NOT want to happen…we will have miracles.. WORRY is thinking about what you DO NOT want to happen, right? Prayer is thinking about what you want to happen. Encouragement for self and others is a huge step in the direction of us knowing that we can love who we are as we become more who we want to be.• Color today Orange for your passion• Use citrine, Orange Aventurine or Carnelian for bringing passion into your life• Oil of Release to let go of all that blocks your true joy• Kiss for today, smile, be kind and remember that Scorpio is the most powerfully energizing water signs…so, we all have a MAGICAL day of intentions and a day when what we do water with our thoughts grows.."Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe." Saint AugustineTuesday June 26, 2007 Questions may not be answered todayBUT ask the questions anyway: the moon in Scorpio until it moves v/c at 1:23pm makes a rough aspect with Venus and we are perhaps today not seeing what we like, but being asked to see what is happening and change it…but probably not today…we are having a seed planting astrological day… plant those ideas, water them with positive thoughts and you will by the first of September find you have a harvest of whatever you watered in your mind.• 7am surprise and awe, and some shifts around miracles…wow, this could be great but keep both eyes on the traffic as you drive. People will be feeling that electrical urge and a bit more ..Touchy than normal maybe?• 1:07pm the moon squares Neptune and what we see perhaps is not the whole story• 1:23pm the last v/c aspect is not the best…So…this is not the day for pm surgery orMaking major purchases. Slow down and NO MAJOR discussions tonight either…or signing anything after 1:23pm if you can avoid it.• THE MOON is v/c or timed out the rest of the night until 5:24am tomorrow when the moon enters energetic and optimistic Sagittarius. GET ready for some wild dreams tonight and ask questions before you go to sleep. Aspects tonight could bring you the answer in your dreams.• Color today Rose or pink for gentle love of self• Use whatever stone feels loving, amethyst and Rose quartz are always safe• Oil of Thyme for patience and calming arguments, even with yourself• Kiss for today, begin anew and forgive yourself and others the past todayAge does not protect us from love, But love to some extent protects us from age."Wednesday June 27, 2007 GO for it for yourself day….The moon in Sagittarius works hard to bring our Spirits up and away and connect us to a more positive point of view. Though there are no major aspects today there are planets making semi squares which for me usually means that we approach a problem and then back away.So, though you may want to approach others, it might be best to keep to YOUR plans, your visions and your ideas to yourself today. You can share them another day. Slow down, breathe deeply and listen to some calming music.• Kiss Allow changes to be internally healing ones today & let the other guy tend to himself or herself unless you are asked for specific assistance• Color today white for purity of ideas and life• Oil of release to let go of what no longer should be in your life…again…. There is thiskind of purging going on right now…do you sense it also…letting go seems very important now as there is still a lot going on for us all emotionally and even physically in our lives.• Stones Jet, onyx, and amber if you wish to filter and ground which most of us will needHelen Keller: When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us. OPEN that door for yourself today pleaseI drew the Louise Hay card for today which says “I do not try to heal my friend; I do my own mental work and heal myself. This is the best thing I can do for others” WOW, isn’t that neat. You would love this deck, it is called. LOUISE HayWisdom cards… thank you Sharon…I love these…Thursday June 28, 2007 Moon in Sagittarius and LOTS going on.This is a change a minute day full of interesting things and lots of opportunities. The moon in Sagittarius pushes us forward as it touches Jupiter (overdoing, faith, trust, and abundance) planet at 5:09am. Another care driving to work am… but we should always do that, right?• 11:40am great communication as the sun (the light) touches Mercury going backwardsIn the sign of Cancer. Feelings and emotions are strong so be kind• 5:36pm WOW:: Uranus the bringer of change and the moon duke it out…SO…just remember that others are sensitive today and whatever you are feeling will want to bubble up and OUT onto them … LOVE THOUGHTS would be nice??• "We find rest in those we love, and we provide a resting place in ourselves for those who love us." Saint Bernard of Clairvaux• GREAT aspects with romance, love and kindness after 9:18pm tonight, how about planning a romantic Surprise earlier and Use Uranus to bring wonderful changes to your life and the lives of those you love?• Kiss for today, integration of ideas, thoughts and feelings work best• Color today a spiritual purple and use amethyst• Oil of Spruce to clear the senses and open you to higher consciousness and happinessOr rose for love, or lavender for remembering and calming"The more you judge, the less you love". Honore de BalzacFriday and the rest of the month coming Monday when I have a day off. Meanwhile have a wonderful week and weekend and celebrate Summer. You know the Friday paper has the most wonderful events and happenings…from Thursday through Monday we have street fairs, farmers markets, shows, plays and so much to do and see. Get outside, reconnect to nature and meet new people. IT does not cost anything but energy to just walk and enjoy life and see who you meet._________________________________________________________