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Archangel Michael & Sananda:

Archangel Michael & Sananda:
Sojourn Through the Waters of Cosmic Christ Consciousness
Transmitted Through Elanthra
3 ~ 5 February ~ 2012

Greetings Golden Conduits ~

This is your brother Archangel Michael, flowing in to you on the latest alluring 'Waves of Awareness,' and know that I AM indeed here with my comrade Sananda. We have come to bid you a blessed day, and to advise of the latest gifted Reflective Ascension Waves of Watery Cosmic Christ Consciousness. If one were to delve within these waves of consciousness, they would find that it would be an opportune time for reflection ~ soul searching if I may. And let the mirror reflect your truth and shine a light upon the darkness so that what is ready to be revealed can be seen, in yourselves, as well as others.

Now is the time where we invite you to call on your Highest Selves and 'view and see' even further into your past ~ pre~sent ~ and to reflect on where it is you are going.

Know dear Ones that the 5th Dimension is very much upon us, and that Ascension has indeed begun. We reiterate that One will ascend gradually, even as the Waves of the Light of Ascension come in gradually, in conjunction with the Universal readiness and the Call of Mass Consciousness. Co-habiting on the New Crystalline Earth is the energy of duality, and each and every one of you will live per the level or dimension that you resonate to, whether that be in duality or in the 5th or higher dimensions.

You may have noticed that duality sometimes has a way of rearing it's head and making a re~turn call, often through your interaction with others around you, that in turn mirror back to you that which you have learnt, and have put behind you, or which you have yet to master. We invite you to reaffirm who "You Are" in this moment, and to reflect upon that which you have learnt. In the 5th Dimension, the Universe will work in tandem with your thoughts, as you know, so why not make them favourable, and create your world exactly as you desire it to be, knowing that it is your Divine Birthright, and that you deserve and are able and capable of manifesting and acquiring all you desire.

Lately, the themes of Control Versus Freedom have been blowing in the air, and we suggest that you assert your freedom, Divine Rights and Free Will. Know dear Ones as the world of duality gives way to Cosmic Christ Consciousness, that Golden Unconditional Love will abound. We invite you now to honour yourselves by firstly loving yourselves unconditionally, and with this gesture know that you will serve as the thriving Vessels and Conduits, which will in turn enable you to dispense Cosmic Christ Consciousness Out Of The Heart Of God.

I would like to pre~sent to you a time in your lives for you to revisit ~ a time when you were learning to walk. You may not quite recall it at present, but you crawled... and got up... and fell... and then got up again. So too dear Ones it will be with your spiritual evolution, growth and Ascension. We suggest that you tenaciously and persistently focus and continue to walk along your Golden Path. And as you traverse the Path with grace and courage, may your feet be planted steadfastly yet lightly, ever taking baby steps along the way.

If you continue along this vein ~ 'In The Blink Of An Eye' you will indeed find that the momentum will continue to build across the Globe ~ that you have awakened to realize the Golden Horizon that has come along the way to greet you ~ and that you have indeed arrived home.

In light of this, we invite you to call on your Highest Selves now and myself, Archangel Michael and Sananda, for a 'Journey In Awareness' awaits to entice One and All. Let us gift you with a new Divine Universal Scenario that you have all been a part of and aided in orchestrating, and it has manifested and graced us with it's picturesque presence like this:

Lo and behold the sacred 'Misty Bridge' sways in on the wind, inviting One and All to come on board. And the Bridge continues on in it's tranquil, swayed course until it arrives at a 'Golden Castle.'

At the gates of the radiant Golden Castle the twinkle-eyed, wise 'Universal Wizard Guardian' steps out to greet and welcome One and All, and pre~sents those that are ready and willing with the 'Golden Key' to the Castle. Know that you may receive this Key by reaching out for it and receiving it in your left or receiving hand. If One were to place the key in the keyhole to the Castle, One would find that they were indeed within the Castle. And know that much magic and enchantment awaits you.

The Misty Bridge rhythmically and softly moves through the Golden Castle, leading the way to the open 'Vortex.' And the open Vortex beckons even as it swirls counterclockwise.

And know that many splendid revelations await One and All on the other side of this Divine Portal. If One were to venture through this Portal ~ they would indeed be met by a 'Rainbow Child, Soho,' of the male persuasion. Can you see how the purity of this child leader is reflected through his eyes, that are so crystalline clear, and seem to go on for eternity and reflect back the most unconditional and exquisite love?

Soho gestures just over yonder, where One can experience the 'Land of Milk and Honey' in living, vivid technicolor.

The 'Triangles Out Of The Diamond Heart of God' beam in our presence, before transmuting into a 'Flowered Funnelled Portal,' and then in turn into the quaintest little 'Umbrella.'

Sananda comes forth now, and is seen to blow forth Cosmic Christ Consciousness out of his mouth, and on cloudy puffs of wind the healing energy of Divine Love billows forth.

One gets the sense that a Mystic Wave is here now. And know that it is a 'Watery Stream Of Reflective Consciousness' ~ Etheric Essence ~ transparent ~ gracefully and rhythmically free~flowing ~ refreshing ~ engaging ~ expanding ~ permeating. In the Light of One many truths will echo across the Galaxy. Before you now is a swirling 'Whirwind Of Roses,' which twirl into a mirrored flow of water, and it invites you to immerse yourselves in it. Know dear Ones that within this Water of Cosmic Christ Consciousness your own lessons and projections will be mirrored back to you. With water will come emotion, intuition, imagination, dreams, creativity, healing and revelations. We invite those that are ready and willing now to receive this opportunity for reflective revelation. Know that it will take Courage as well as Belief.

If you are ready, please call upon the tall, slender, male Guardian of the Stream, 'The Steerer' (all decked up in a lemon yellow pant suit, signifying optimism), a Light Being, who will in turn lead and open The Way.

Know dear Ones that you do not need to be able to swim in order to take part in this adventure, but we invite you to Breathe In The Flow and that this is indeed another Level of Awareness. In the future One can venture here as often as they would like by simply following all the entrance steps above.

When you are ready, know that a winding 'Golden Staircase' will appear before you and it will take you back through the 'Portal Of Your Own Heart,' which is indeed connected to the 'Heart Of One.' While you are in the Portal Of Your Heart, we suggest that this would be an opportune time for you to look around and get acquainted with it. What do you see or sense? What do you feel? What colours do you sense or see? Is there any colour you would like to add? Is there anything you would like to furnish your heart with, or anything you would like to cleanse, heal or transmute? Know that this is your heart and you can furnish it with whatever you like. Be creative. We advise you that you may make the trek through this corridor as often as you like, and that myself, Archangel Michael and Sananda will be available, as well as your Highest Selves, to be called on when you are ready.

We ask you now to glide up the Golden Staircase and enter back into your rooms and bodies. As you enter your body, ensure that you are grounded by envisioning tree roots stemming from beneath the soles of your feet and anchoring down into Mother Earth.

In the days that ensue new awakenings, revelations and levels of awareness will flirt with you and make themselves known. Enjoy the creative process, and know that the boundaries and parameters exist according to your perspective and your willingness to explore.

With eyes anew, a new day dawns and makes way ~ in the hopes of your recognition of the new reflection that flows out to greet you.

All is progressing well, we are ever, as always, here to companion, consult with and protect you, and our love swells out to conjoin with yours as One.

Namaste. Blessed be. As above so below, and so it is.

In the Golden Flow of Unconditional Love,

I Am Archangel Michael

I Am Sananda

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