Friday, August 31, 2012

Ascended Masters: We Come to Issue a Message of Celebration

Ascended Masters: We Come to Issue a Message of Celebration

Channelled through Wes Annac

August 23, 2012


Energies of a Crystal resonation and vibration are being funneled down through your bodies and chakras, and many of you are beginning to recognize these energies as they are given through you.

You are recognizing that these energies are indeed a sign of things to come, and this realization is making way for your unlimited powers of natural Creation to become known in wonderful ways.

You are beginning to understand the importance of vibrations and harmonic expressions of all of that which you wish to manifest in your Lives, and this is a process that has been guided by your higher selves who are existing in the states of consciousness that they have funneled themselves down to the realms of the third and fourth dimensions from, so as to exist in the dense vibrational planes of the Earth and learn lessons while helping others along their growth to ascend.

But you may say to us - dear friends we [the general Lightworker collective] are not helping others to ascend in our everyday Lives. We are simply ascending ourselves while absorbing and reading the energies and communications that you dear souls give. And we tell you that this energy you are feeling, expressing and radiating out to others, even when you do not realize you are doing so, is having an enormous collective ripple-effect on the energies given out by every soul on your world.

Every action and expression of the Light Creates an effect so very mighty and powerful, and it is understood that you dear souls would not yet be able to understand or fathom the very real and grand effects that you are having on your world and on the collective energies being expressed on your world, but we should say that the energy work being performed by every Lightworker who, in many cases do not realize they are performing such work, has seen the able manifestation of all that is to occur in your immediate future.

You have heard so very much and so very little about this future, and this is why your manifestation and visualization abilities are always very important. We wish for you to exist on the plane of consciousness that is housing your new, fifth dimensional world, and we wish for you to begin to Create in these realms.

We want you to treat these realms as if they are your own Home because dear souls, you are fast to grow into and resonate with such realms and you will find very pure planes of experience and consciousness upon ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension, as you will find your natural Creation and manifestation abilities are vastly and sharply heightened within these realms.

You are all Loved so very dearly and in the realms of the fifth dimension, you will see and understand why we feel such a strong and pure Love for all of humanity and why we wish to assist you, if such is your wish, to evolve and ascend to the pure realms of experience and consciousness and to those extents, we have been working more with your physical reality than you might imagine.

Many dear souls on your world assume that since we are existing within higher dimensions, we are performing only energy work and we are not working directly with many governments, military institutions and souls who could and do have the power to make a bold, big and positive change.

Of course, you have heard of the dreamtime interactions taking place between us and many figureheads and souls on your world in important positions of power who could use such positions to begin enacting the change that has been needed as well as exposing truths that they have been directly exposed to, as a part of the overall disclosure program that will be taking place.

As so very many of such leaders and souls within important positions have begun to jump ship and willingly and actively work with us in their sleep realms to help them absorb a strong purity of Light, the energies of compassion are arising within such souls as they either step down to allow change to take place, or begin actively working in your Earth realms to enact such change.

There are many who are absorbing the Light that we are willingly giving them and, along with consulting with us in the sleep realms about what to do on your world to help change get enacted and to help truth come forth, such souls are [and will be] themselves taking to active roles to assist your beautiful world.

Strides and turning-points are being reached by individual awakening souls as many of you are proclaiming your distaste of the [lower] Earth experience as you have been experiencing it, within notably limited confines and structures.

Many of such limited structures have come about as a result of subconscious and in many cases, unknowing feeding of such constructs as they are mental constructs as much as physical. Many have been feeding predefined perceptions of reality for so very long and now, you are beginning to realize that there are a plethora of other realities so very pure that one can dip into upon doing the inner-work and opening the chakras that need to be opened in order for one to gain a full and pure perception of the higher realms through such chakras.

You are sent Universal energy through your chakras every moment of your experience, and this energy is funneled down from sources as pure as the Creator of your Universe, all the way down to the Sun of your Solar System and down through the higher astral realms of your world, where such energy is distorted to a degree, farther than is usually attained with the funneling-down of such energy, in order for it to match the dense and covered-up chakras that it is to be coming through upon being funneled-down to your lower realms , through you all to Create your realities.

It has been marvelous to behold the opening and expanding of the chakras of humanity, as while this expansion has been ongoing and has occurred individually for many souls throughout your Earthly history, the mass collective ascension and the collective realization and opening of your Universal chakras which are quite great in number, is acting in accordance with the continually-pure energies you are now being given that are seeing a further opening of such chakras, which will allow down the line, a very pure absorbing of such energies.

Many of you are undergoing processes of absorbing these energies that are quite noticeable, as you notice and can clearly feel your perceptions expanding and as your realities and heart sets seem different or seemed to have shifted.

Many have labeled this process as 'absorption,' and we say that this is quite an accurate label for this is essentially what is happening, dear souls; you are absorbing energies of a very pure potency that we have decreed to be sent down to your world for you all to absorb, and as these are energies of a purity that your world has not seen in so very long, many of you who are more sensitive to openings and absorbing of energy in yourselves will notice the expansion and the shifts in perception that accompany your absorbing of these quite pure energies.

You are finding your perceptions, mindsets and heart sets shifted and your realities are shifting in similar manners, in that all which used to be important to you in your Lives is beginning to be replaced with the always-prevalent feelings of Love, calm and most of all, peace. Many of you are finding a peace and stillness within that has not been reached in a plethora of Earthly Lives that you have taken, and you are re-familiarizing yourselves with the higher dimensional experience; the fifth dimensional experience in particular.

As has been stated before, the fifth dimension is the combination-realm of all of the lessons you have learned in the realms of the third and fourth dimensions, and you will find the rewards for all of your tribulations through the lower realms upon ascending to the fifth dimension.

What we mean is that you will find the natural energies of Love, peace, calm and stillness that you have always existed from and recognized as normal before lowering yourselves down to the realms of the third dimension and existing in extremely limited bodies and mindsets. Those on your world who do not yet seem to be finding the pure energies being given are still in their own way, absorbing the energies being given in less pure increments than those who are finding these energies and being able to assimilate them without becoming too overwhelmed by their mere presence and potency.

You are to find in the near future, many Masters arriving on your world on our always-favored waves of Light.

We travel upon such waves as, upon reaching a certain state in one's higher dimensional growth, even the wish to travel by star or Mothership becomes less of a wish and many of us instead choose to express ourselves as and travel upon the pure Light of Creation, which every soul is and exists as behind the shells and temporary bodies. We are all the energy of pure Love, of the heavenly realms and energetic structures of our Mother and Father Creator, and this Light is infinite in its capacity and in what it can do for all who can become open to it and understand its omnipotence.

Even the technology that will be given by your star brethren in the immediate period ahead runs from and is constructed of this pure energy in which many souls of realms past those of the fifth dimension choose to make their travels on, and the advanced technology is tech that will vastly benefit your world but that in realms past the fifth dimension, become less and less of a [perceived] necessity.

The pure energy [that fuels Galactic technology] has been sent to your world to Create your realities and filtered to match the specific resonance of your realms and the other lower dimensional realms throughout Gaia's structure. Even the realms of the dimensions above the lower realms are constructed of this energy as it exists at different octaves and different vibratory, harmonic frequencies.

As the frequency and purity of energy one is able to experience and absorb rises, so does one experience the accompanying state of consciousness that such pure energy constructs. You are existing upon increasingly pure states of consciousness and sub-planes of consciousness each and every moment of your experience, and the pure Light that is being given in extreme potency which has been discussed so very much, is Light that is vastly less distorted than that which has been sent down to your lower dimensional realities for so very long.

We have been able to give the decrees to release this Light to your realms in accordance with meetings with the Higher Councils assisting your world in Her evolution, and we have reached the conclusion that this Light vastly needs to be sent to and absorbed within your lower realms, because very many incarnate Lightworkers and Starseeds have been making it their intents to not only expand themselves and the energy they are able to bring through which is to ultimately benefit the collective energies in very big ways; many of such souls have also agreed to incarnate or find themselves on your world within incredibly difficult circumstances, in an effort to experience and clear the 'worst' and most dense of the collective energy that has been expressed on your world for so very long.

We have previously discussed the tremendous sacrifice that souls such as dear Jesus have made on your world, in that such souls have went through some of the worst of experiences to be had upon your Earth, cleared [the energies behind such experiences] and have been able to assist the collective in clearing such energies on a very big level by doing so. This is a very advanced and pure method of energy work that very many incarnate Lightworkers have willingly agreed to take on so that the collective energy could match the pure energy being sent to your world that is being released in increasingly pure increments.

Because of this and because of the openings being found by very many awakening souls on your world, many of whom are in fact Earth natives; because of all of this we have seen the opportunity to go ahead and bring forth the most important and needed of manifestations.

Dearest souls, you must still allow some more of your physical fading time for the vast effects of these energies to be made known on your world stage, and we ask you to trust when we say that physically, much has been ongoing for a very long time to bring down the dark souls in power who would continue on in their rampages and aspirations if this intervention were not taking place.

Energies of a very pure potency have been released and many of you are indeed noting the personal and individual effects of feeling such energies, and such energies are building upon the foundation of energy that has been laid in very marvelous and pure ways to bring forth the giving of truth, technology and a better reality in preparation for your decreed collective ascension.

We understand that many do not yet perceive of how so much change can be enacted in such a seemingly small timeframe, and we tell you that so very much needed work is being performed outside of your realms and concept of time, and the inner-codes that have programmed your reality for so very long are now [fully] being given back in the hands of the Light and in the Light's intent, so that humanity can begin to access such codes and the gifts of abundance and freedom and multi-dimensionality available with such codes, again in accordance with the long-decreed collective ascension of your world.

Even many souls who are still in line with the agendas of the elites may find themselves wishing to interact with the Light as the Light makes itself clearly known, and as so very many are now courageously stepping up to expose truth on your world and to give technologies that have been so very needed for all of your world, for you all to benefit from; you are seeing the beginning signs of your future manifesting before you at this time.

At this time, you are seeing groups proposing the giving of free energy-based technologies to every country [Keshe Foundation] (Ed note from Stephen: I'm personally not quite sure of the purity of Keshe Foundation's motives, at this point in time), in an effort to expose the agendas of the countries who will not accept such technologies and to give abundance and peace to the countries who will willingly accept such technologies, and we say that that number [of countries who will accept] is vastly in the majority.

Eventually, this technology is to be given to every single aspect of your world and you are to find a resulting collective upliftment, unity and harmony that will have you wondering how the separation was ever enforced and fed as it has been for so very long. You are the dear Lightworkers making this all possible and you are finding the awakenings and openings in yourselves that are supremely aiding in the manifestation of energies which are again, setting the stage for the physical exposures.

As one grand, physical event leads your entire world to understanding what has been kept from you, you are all to find the resulting exposures on a mass level, of the inner-workings, actions and intents of the dark souls who have kept you all within pre-programmed states of lower consciousness and reality in an effort to control you as they were existing upon higher sub-planes of mental intelligence.

They used such mental intelligence and the coldness that came along with the realms they were experiencing, to control and outsmart humanity as they built up an entire society with many cities hosting monuments to them and their beliefs.

You will see the Statue of Liberty in New York City as one symbol of their Luciferian beliefs, as they have hidden quite out in the open the signs of what they have done and have wished to do for so very long. They have thought themselves cunning and occult with the blatant giving of such signs but as humanity is waking up, their mis-steps in purposely exposing themselves to have a laugh at an unawakened humanity who did not at first sees such signs; such missteps are now seeing them exposed on a grand level by all who are beginning to become open to the very idea and reality of what has happened on your world for so very long.

Alas, the actions of the dark could not have been so without the actions fed by humanity for so very long and you are seeing now, many souls of influence who are stepping up and preaching the much-needed truths and energies of Love, Light, peace and respect for all dear souls.

It is time for humanity come together. The energies and needed manifestations cannot be stalled any longer as the Earth Herself no longer exists within the densities that are fed daily on your surface. Her spirit is far away from the actions of the third dimension while Her body structure which is ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension, is still being vastly affected by such happenings that are bred out of hate, separation and a misunderstanding of the very real effect you are having on a very real and conscious world who has hosted your Life.

There are many who would stay behind within the old ways forever on your world if they were allowed to but there are now very many on your world who are ready to do all that they can to help lead dear Gaia into her ripe Golden Age.

The [Lightworkers] who are not directly stepping up to offer truth and Love to your world are finding themselves performing much-needed energy work and we ask you to continue on in your efforts to maintain the balance in your Lives that is seeing you able to absorb these energies in the purity that they are now being given. You are all Heavenly messengers and Givers of Light and peace to this world who has hosted the lower dimensions and the resulting feelings, heart sets and actions for very much of Her history.

Do not lose faith now, dear souls, because your new Lives are just beginning.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters. * *