Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Death & Birth - The Circle of Life - Kerrie O'Connor July 2013

Death & Birth: The Circle of Life

On May 1st, Stuart Wilde exited this earth-plane by a sudden heart attack. Stuart Wilde was one of the most influential new age authors of our time. He was a fore runner when it came to describing energy fields and the dimensions. He also was a good friend of mine.
We had been discussing the different energy waves happening and how it was affecting the world. I was describing to him a literal pathway within the heart chakra. When you "activate" it, your energy field gets wide and creates an armor that allows you to disconnect from 3-D or the matrix as Stuart loved to call it.
He was having visions of millions of people coming for healings. He was trying to figure out how he could help so many people. Now, he sees he isn't locked into the physical plane and as he expands his heart chakra it creates a pathway or an opening that you can connect to.
The answer has always been inside of us. When we finally get sick of searching outside of ourselves for the "answer", the Holy Grail, you then can start going within your heart space. That is where the "keys" have been placed to unlock us literally from living a life of duality.
The guru days are over, we are each a guru. I have been "tube traveling" for years. I call it tube traveling because it can look like a tube you move through to each of the dimensions. Heaven or the celestial realms are literally all around and through us.
Last fall I reached a space where I felt myself return to Oneness, God, Creator. In that moment everything changed, my perception became more widened if you will. You are going in between Being, here on the earth and feeling the Creator's energies within and throughout you. It fills in the void most people have, feeling not whole or holy, incomplete or separated from the God Force energies. Each and every one of us is the God Force energies.
Now it's time for us to stop the nonsense that keeps us in duality. It's a Return to Love, you start within. See, feel and sense your God-Self and expand that energy throughout your entire energy field. It's healing from the inside out. As you do you will notice a feeling of coming home. Collectively we have been wandering around searching for love, happiness and abundance, outside of us. The next "thing" is going to do it, then when it doesn't we go to the next person, job, place that will fill in the void. Well, it's not outside, it's not a thing, WE are the key and the key maker. As you go into that Sacred Heart Space, you will create more pathways to that space. I was shown 51%/49% and was told as we continue to evolve, wake-up to our divine nature, that's when 51% of our energy is unlocked from duality. You have shifted, you are free, and it doesn't mean you won't have a bad day, week or some experience that could be labeled as unpleasant. It means YOU created enough pathways to help yourself out of the dualities iron grip. You are on the way to remembering "We are the ONES we have been waiting for".
So NOW is the time to go for it, stop the delay techniques, the stories and dramas, and meet yourself, your God-Self. She/He has set a space for you. Embody, embrace your God-Self nature, you will see Heaven on Earth NOW.