Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Energy Update - April 2014 - by Matt Kahn

Energy Update - April 2014
"Initiation Phase 1" 

by Matt Kahn
What a time of energetic movement it has been in the Universe. From increased solar flare activity, to last night's first of four blood moons, the astrological shifts act as external clues to the depth of change occurring in every human being. The interesting thing to remember is how we are all experiencing these changes at different stages of our soul's journey. While it can be easy to compare and believe some stages are better than others, or to disregard the importance of where you are by putting others on pedestals, it is essential to remember that each of us carries a unique vibrational frequency that assists in the ascension of Earth.
Whether you are being catapulted into an expanded state of bliss, or unraveling and releasing aspects of the shadow self, every healing, awakening, and transformation that occurs within you always shines a light out into the holographic universe to call forth a world to match the vibration that your path has cultivated. Through your consistent soul work and courageous efforts in form, so many beings, perhaps even in continents or countries you have yet to visit, are answering the call of awakening. The deeper you are committed to viewing everyday life as a soul's journey in human form, the louder the call of awakening becomes in every heart.
This means anything that occurs in your life can only be a catalyst to help resolve the past, unravel stagnant energetic clutter, and infuse your energy field with higher frequencies of light - no matter how differently you wish your life to be.
It's one thing to desire the deepest spiritual adventure and the gifts it is sure to provide, and yet, when such a path doesn't seem to go your way or feel the way you hoped to feel, you may find yourself at an important existential crossroads.
I say this, because last night's first blood moon represents this threshold. It is an opportunity for so many lightworkers who have one foot in the doorway of awakening to step through with both feet consciously rooted in the light of Divine will. Many have been teetering on this threshold, which is why all the recent energetic shifts have left so many feeling exhausted, confused, unworthy, angry, and emotionally drained.
If these symptoms are present in your life, it is a sign that while your desire to awaken has brought you this far, it is time to answer the call of awakening by surrendering to the heart of Divine will. This means that anything that occurs in your life is to be honored and respected as a catalyst of spiritual growth and energetic expansion, no matter how the storyline of life needs to ebb and flow in order to initiate you into the living embodiment of your highest potential.
As each blood moon represents the four phases of initiation into the 5th dimensional Earth plane, it is important to make up your mind on where you stand. If you are ready to be initiated, then a commitment to your soul's journey must go deeper than simply doing whatever practice has promised to make you feel better, or to attract what you want into your life. With the deepest amount of love for your heart's every desire, there is nothing wrong with wanting things to be different or even wishing to feel better in your body.
However, once you fully commit to your soul's journey by surrendering to life on life's immaculate terms, then you can allow yourself to hope, wish, want, and desire from a deeper space of renewed faith and heart-centered joy. Knowing deep in your heart, you are only capable of desiring the things that are already destined to be given to you at a certain point in time. While you may desire those things right now, they have already been created to show up in your life once you've been initiated to a level of consciousness where having what you want doesn't distract you from the bigger journey ahead.
This means that every desire is an intuition of what is already meant to be. And yet, what is meant to be cannot come to pass until your consciousness has expanded to a point where having what you want can bring you joy without becoming an obsession. Perhaps these words may help you rest in the acceptance that life has brought you here to give you everything that you want and more, once you've matured into a level of consciousness, where having what you want doesn't become the center of your Universe.
When people, places, and things consume so much of your attention, it becomes easy to overlook your own heart as the porthole through which all souls are awakened - one "I love you" at a time.
As you dare to love your own heart, endless blessings are delivered into the energy fields of all to awaken the light of ascension for all beings. Often times, a spiritual practice is embraced when life seems the most uncertain or tumultuous. Once such waves have been integrated, the practice often becomes less important or treated like a fire extinguisher that is only used when the flames of transformation begin to burn.
To honor the first phase of initiation that last night's blood moon represents, may your practice of self-love become consistently active in your life, whether or not you feel a need for it. Since the first phase of initiation into the 5th dimensional Earth plane is accountability, last night's first blood moon invites you to make a deeper commitment of accountability to your soul's journey. This includes a daily practice of self-love that even if you don't feel you need it, surely creates waves of blessings that help to shift the hologram of the world around you.
This may also include the acceptance that life has already created the life of your highest desires, but waits for you to expand your consciousness to a level of conscious accountability. If love is the highest vibration, then aligning all of your choices in the most loving direction is an easy way to elevate your vibration.
Are you eating foods that your body loves to digest or that make your stomach glow with joy? Are you filling your body with more toxins for your body to purge or easing the stress on your organs to allow the physical form to dissolve into a fully activated light body? Are you being honest with others in your daily encounters, no matter how you think they might react or have reacted in the past? Are you being honest with yourself and allowing each feeling to be met like an innocent child? Have you become the kind of person who can inspire others through the quality of your actions? Whether or not you have earned the validation of the world around you, have you committed yourself to acting in a way that earns your own respect? Are you focused on how peacefully you move, or are you merely lost in the need to get things done? Do you spend your free time lovingly caring for yourself or using technology to "veg out"?
These are the types of questions that allow accountability to assist you into surrendering into the first phase of initiation. It is the first of a four blood moon alignment that takes place over the next year.
As each blood moon is set to appear, I will offer additional energy updates to highlight the next incoming theme of initiation to assist in your entry into 5D consciousness.
We recently posted a video called on our YouTube channel that was recorded at one of our Seattle Soul Gatherings. In that video, I gave the date of September 27, 2015 as the date in which all members of the first wave of ascension would be initiated into the 5th dimension. After I gave this official date, I realized that September is the 9th month, while the number 27 can be added up to 9. To make things even more interesting, the last of the four blood moons occurs on September 27, 2015.
This means that last night's first blood moon celebrates your arrival into the four phases of 5D initiation. No longer do you need to be worried about running out of time, or missing your window of opportunity since the first blood moon signifies the fact that you made it. This arrival into the four phases of initiation sparks an even deeper spiritual commitment within you. It ushers in a celebration that frees you from needing to hit rock bottom or a "race against time" scenario in order to inspire your highest self into form.
As last night's blood moon ushers in the initiation of accountability, may this phase of initiation be a time where the air is cleared of past grievances. If there are situations from the past or people in your life who need to be set free in order for you to shine, please remember the blessing of Radical Forgiveness that I recently downloaded from the Universe. Just read the blessing below and fill in the blank with whatever person, group, or situation needs resolve: "I allow the soul of ________ to be pardoned and set free now as I AM. And so it is."
May you enter this important gateway by surrendering your choices to the most honorable options that feel relaxed in your body and allow you to earn your own self-respect. May you decide to love yourself now more than ever before, as a gift of transformation for the well-being of all.
Throughout each phase of initiation, I am blessed and honored to assist in the completion of your cosmic mission, so you may rejoice in the ecstasy of your eternal light and dance in the heaven that you never actually left. The stage has been set. Everything is in perfect position. Now is your time to shine.
Many blessings,
Matt Kahn
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