Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Matt Kahn

"As awakening dawns, it is quite common for your experiences to seem anything but the fairy tale romance you may have hoped would unfold along a spiritual journey. Instead of being immersed in never-ending bliss or the ability to respond consciously in every interaction, there is a palpable heaviness that can feel quite helpless, if without a clue as to what is going on.
As you wake up, your attachment to ego dissolves out of your energy field. As attachments to ego evaporate, you are suddenly unable to be fed by the people, places, and things that previously defined your existence. In ego, it is quite common to misunderstand the notion of caring for the things that fed your identity. This means as you wake up from the need to be fed, it can feel like you don’t know how to care about the things that used to be the center of your universe.
Without a clear sense of knowing how to care in the absence of needing to be fed, it can quickly turn your reality into a bleak and lifeless desert of existential boredom. Imagine: nothing that used to define or feed you gives you any surge of significance or fulfillment, while your long-awaited new way of being has yet to be revealed. I call this stage Ascension Purgatory. It’s not as hellish as the pain you’ve known in the past, but it still feels miles and miles away from the Heaven you keep telling yourself is anywhere else but here.
Some may continue to avoid this crucial stage of awakening by looking for new things to be fed by. When the ego looks for new things to feed its existence, the desire for deeper more meaningful relationships is often where it places its focus. While everyone deserves to know the true joy of companionship and to be reunited with their soul family, it is common to desire these types of relationships the most, as a way of steering your attention away from the overwhelming despair of spiritual limbo land.
For those of you who are knee deep in Ascension symptoms, yearning to break through to the other side, but without a clue as to how to care about life when nothing seems to matter, I offer you this important exercise of surrender.
I invite you to sit comfortably, close your eyes, and repeat over and over again the following mantra: “There is no way out of pain. There is no way out of judgment.”
Without overanalyzing this phrase, the energy within it strips away the pretense of a spiritual ego to inspire a heartfelt surrender that hands over every remaining option to the hands of fate. In turn, your highest destiny begins to blossom, as you discover an inherent ability to love without a need to be fed by the things being embraced. As this depth of surrender is integrated, a well-spring of inspiration and intuitive direction will return to your consciousness and begin guiding your every move.
This is not a process that can be rushed or fast-tracked, although a mantra of this depth and magnitude has been created to give you the most direct access to a truth already awake and alive within you.
As many of you have come to realize, knowing yourself as a fill in the blank spiritual answer cannot spare you from the sorrow of emptying out. As you take a bold step in the direction of life’s most heartfelt surrender, the acceptance of there being no way out of pain or judgment unravels every strategy of manipulation and avoidance. Without manipulation or avoidance as an active force in your energy field, your choices can now be arranged and orchestrated by the will of the Universe, instead of coerced by the conditioned grip of preference. While I assure you there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it is your willingness to relinquish every morsel of hope, expectation, and anticipation that allows the intelligence within you to have free reign over your field and redirect your consciousness into a new and exciting direction.
Sometimes it is a belief that you know how the spiritual path is supposed to work or an insistence that you know what you need to do that can block the recognition of your most profound insight. It is an insight that in the acceptance of there being no way out of pain or judgment that ends your war against life. As your lifelong battle dissolves, you may begin to see how each and every moment has been masterfully designed to ensure your highest growth and expansion – no matter how confusing, hurtful, or frustrating it may seemed to have been.
It is out of respect for the incredible journey you are already on that I provide the teaching, “Whatever arises – love that.” Knowing, it is not a matter of loving anyone else, but the one who feels however you do that begins to transform reality for the well-being of all. While conventional spiritual wisdom might read this and politely disagree, insisting there is a way out of pain and judgment, that is unknowingly turning away from a far deeper surrender, in favor or repeating a mixture of teachings that create a more sophisticated prison to maneuver.
I invite you to repeat this mantra for 5-10 minutes with your eyes closed and allow the lightness of your body to tell a tale that no belief, conclusion, or opinion can ever understand.
Everyone deserves to be loved, adored, and cherished – especially during a time like this.
Many blessings to all." ~Matt Kahn