Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Energy Update: “I’m Not Feeling It” - Matt Kahn 9/29/2015

Energy Update: “I’m Not Feeling It”

Before I offer an energy update evaluating the new wave of consciousness for the benefit of those who are getting to know life at a higher frequency, I would first like to address the experience of those whose super blood moon countdown to ascension left them feeling high and dry. It’s understandable to create expectations about spiritually-charged events, but there’s always a greater plan being revealed no matter what we are, or aren’t feeling. 

As I stated nearly two years ago, 9-27-15 would signify a day where one-third of the planet would be aligned in 5D consciousness. While some had already become aligned far before that day occurred, it was a date given to me by the Universe (my Guides) to ease the fears and uncertainties of those who have spent years in the trenches of endless shadow work. What was offered as an insight about the collective energies soon exchanged fears and worries for lofty expectations.

Was there a global shift in consciousness? Yes. Did everyone feel it? No. Are you required to feel differently in order to know that you are at a brand new frequency? Not at all. Just like in the path of awakening, where some experience the dissolving of ego and returning to their true nature without a mind-blowing cosmic aha or earth-shattering realization, there are those who have been shifted into higher frequencies while being totally unaware of it. 

The question remains, what blocks the recognition of this new consciousness? Primarily, it is a belief that you will know you have shifted once you feel something different. 

Although shifts in vibration can be noticed by the changing of emotional states, often going from one side of polarity to another, the awareness of subtle energies can occur no matter how you seem to feel. Just as waves are not required in order for the ocean to be seen, emotional changes are not necessary in order to notice the ever-expansive spaciousness that signify a shift in consciousness. 

If you are always anticipating the arrival of different feelings, while judging your current climate of circumstances along the way, your journey of exploration becomes tainted with expectations, which can only result in frustration, disappointment, or suffering of some kind. 

Oftentimes, as your consciousness expands, the emotional and physical bodies are the final places you may notice evidence of such a shift. Way before your evolution turns sadness into joy, transmutes fear into excitement, or exchanges pain for pleasure, there is the opportunity to notice a vast spacious emptiness within yourself – no matter how you seem to feel. Of course, if vast spacious emptiness is judged as an experience void of whatever emotion you spend your life waiting to feel, you are bound to misperceive life’s natural state, as a sensation of hopelessness, depression, or even despair. 

In accepting the fact that emotions are inevitably bound to shift, but are not the prime evidence of awakening consciousness, you release attachments to outcome – once and for all. In doing so, you end your stand-off with life, so to liberate yourself from the hardship of imagining the answer to your prayers is the one thing you don’t currently have in your life. When attached to outcome, it is easy to be attracted to those you may believe can give you what you want, only to turn on them whenever what you want doesn’t seem to be the gift they came to offer. 

Will you inevitably feel better about yourself, the world, and everyone around you throughout the awakening of consciousness? Yes. Will you feel exactly the way you’ve always wanted to feel? Yes, but only in accordance with Universal Will that provides every experience in support of your highest evolution. This means you will feel differently at exactly the moment you are meant to feel different. 

You are free to cross your fingers and beg the Universe to speed up the process, but ultimately it is going to turn your vivid spiritual adventure into a hellish journey of personal turmoil.  

Perhaps you feel uplifted since this weekend’s shifts. Or, maybe you didn’t feel anything at all, or you felt an opening, but it integrated so quickly, that it made you believe you had lost it somehow. No matter what experience you are having at the moment, the most important factor in the exploration of consciousness is not actually the right vibration, the right emotional state, or the right understanding, but bringing the right attitude along for the ride. 

When rooted in a self-defeating attitude of victimhood, it is common to think: 

“When is everything going to become what I want?”

“What do I have to do to get my way?”

“How come others get to have the experiences I want?”

“What about me?”

“Haven’t I worked hard enough?”

“If I’m not having the experiences that others are having, then it’s all a lie!”

“This isn’t fair!”

“That’s it. I want to go home.”

In victimhood, the “my way or the highway” ultimatum can get amplified if using your spiritual journey, as another means to an imaginary end. If, however, you are not trying to use energy as a way of manipulating life into a one-sided emotional adventure, you can freely explore the majestic wonder of your soul’s evolution on life’s precise terms and conditions. 

When rooted in a mature attitude of heart-centered consciousness, it is common to think: 

“This isn’t what I wanted, but I know life only conspires in my highest favor to ensure my most miraculous growth.”

“I don’t know why this is happening but I’m sure it’s here to help me.”

“It’s okay that I’m not getting my way. It’s okay that I feel like I can’t be happy until I have what I want.” 

“Maybe I’m only frustrated as a chance to love the one who is frustrated on a more unconditional level.”

“No matter how my life seems or appears, I trust in the perfection of the Divine plan that in every breath reminds me that all is well.”

“If I’m feeling the way I don’t want to be, maybe it is life’s way of helping me overcome judgments I have about certain feelings, as a way of helping me release attachments to outcome. Hey, stinky experiences – thank you for helping me.”

“It’s okay that others are having incredible experiences that I am not. They are merely foreshadowing what will soon be entering my reality as well. Thanks for the confirmation.” 

“Look at how perfectly life is showing me who I become when I don’t get my way. In this moment I deserve more love – not less.”

“Even though I want to go ‘home’, I accept I came here for a reason, and to see my journey through.”

When rooted in the right attitude, you are able to explore the infinite potential of existence with the Universe holding your hand and guiding you along. However, when you try to take control of the voyage, and insist that life makes your experience exactly what it isn’t, a deeper journey into the heart of surrender serves to dismantle all defenses until there is nothing left but the will to explore what life intends to reveal. 

Since shifts in consciousness are not determined by changes in emotional states, the most important practice to implement for the advancement of your journey is an exploration into self-love. This allows each moment of frustration, disappointment, negotiation, sarcasm, and defense to remind you of the exact moments in time when you require more kindness, gentleness, acceptance, and attention from yourself. 

Just as many imagine shifts in consciousness must be accompanied by “better” emotional experiences, there are equally those who don’t believe self-love is potent, unless they feel different than how they’ve been feeling. How can life shift you into a heightened state if you’re still judging the state you’re in as being less than by comparison? The Universe is willing to advance your journey into more exciting chapters of growth and expansion, just as soon as you release any tendency to judge your current environment of experience. 

By bringing the right attitude with you, one moment of self-love at a time, you cultivate faith in a destiny that doesn’t require you to discover the incredible realities you are unable to avoid. The fruits of your labor are inevitable, but in order to open up to the endless grace of eternal bliss, you must be willing to relinquish each expectation, hope, and desire, so your current reality can be embraced as fertile ground, where life is preparing you to receive the everything that awaits your arrival. 

Ultimately, your choices do not determine what comes to be, since each and every outcome is orchestrated by the hands of fate. Instead, your freedom of will determines the quality of your experience based on how you choose to view the circumstances at hand. This means you can have an oddly-hilarious time during unexpected moments of misfortune, depending upon how you choose to interpret the symbols of your experience. Equally so, you can have a disappointing experience during one of life’s greatest celebrations, if choosing to view life through the self-defeating lens of victimhood. 

How can I view this moment through the eyes of faith? How would love deal with this experience? What would my Highest Self do at a time like this? 

These are the essential questions that assist you in shifting into the right attitude, so the ever-evolving nature of your awakening consciousness can please you with an exploration of heart-centered joy, instead of leaving you more desperate, hungry, and lonely than before your journey began. 

Whether you are among the many who have palpably noticed a definitive shift in your reality, or are one of those who cannot recognize energetic expansions until life becomes more preferable, in either case, you are never alone for one split second of your journey. 

May the Truth, glory, beauty, and perfection of Universal Will console each hardship and wipe away each tear, whether shed as frustration or joy, to reveal the ecstasy of your highest potential in exactly the way that is perfect for you. It may not be exactly what you want, but it’s always the perfect environment to provide you with everything you need to further inspire your journey of expansion. 

Many blessings,
Matt Kahn - we look forward to being with you in-person soon! <3 ~Julie :)