Thursday, January 7, 2016

Prepare for January 9 New Moon - Reasons to be Hopeful in 2016 - by Selacia

Prepare for January 9 New Moon
Reasons to be Hopeful in 2016 - 
by Selacia 

There are reasons to be hopeful as we jump into 2016. This is a new year and you want to have brand-new visions for yourself and your world. Yes, current energies including the Mercury Retrograde are slowing things a bit - at least the perception of how quickly things are moving ahead. 

That said, there are plenty of helpful dynamics already in motion across the planet - changes catalyzed in part by that very long Uranus-Pluto cycle I spoke about last week. 

: humanity may seem more divided than ever and solutions for the planet's very real crises may seem more out of reach than at any time in history.  Conflicts between factions, between ideologies, and between countries continue at an all-time high. 

Ironically, just when the battles become the most messy and intense could indeed be the moment when people begin coming together for common purposes. It really can happen. There is no guarantee of when or how, or what it might look like, but this metamorphosis can occur. 

Like a Healing Crisis for the Planet

You can think of it a bit like a healing crisis a person has - yet it's for the planet and all of humanity.  As you can imagine, this is huge and it will have profound implications for all of us alive in these moments. No sentient being will be untouched. 

Anyone who has been through a healing crisis understands the raw and unnerving energies that can get unleashed just before feeling better and in recovery. All of us alive today - likely having our own healing crises from time to time as part of the awakening process - are also part of the world's mega healing crisis. A healing crisis is not bad; it's a necessary stage before balance and health can occur. 

Today I remind us about these natural cycles of energy, to put things in perspective and give you preparations for our first New Moon of Saturday. All New Moons are an opportunity for new starts - this one also is about visioning our priorities and what we are willing to commit our energies to going forward. 

What Will You Commitment to in 2016?

Commitment will be key to manifesting new desired directions and outcomes. Consider now your personal commitments based on your goals for the year. What can you say to yourself that you are fully committed to - with all parts of your being? Why do you want it? And what are you willing to do, or avoid doing, to achieve it?  What will it look like, in tangible reality, to fully commit your energies to this goal? How will it feel? These are a few sample questions you can ask now. 

When you inquire within about your goals and commitments, notice any reservations you feel. If a part of you doesn't feel engaged with a goal, ask why. Be open and willing to update your goal for our new 2016 energies. You may not feel them tangibly yet, but these energies are not the same as you worked with last year. 

There is a richness and multifaceted nature to the 2016 energies. It's like a more quantum playing field to explore over the coming months. Set your intentions at the New Moon to enjoy these new energies and to be your best self in 2016.  
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