Friday, December 13, 2019

12:12 Stargate Demystified a by Matt Kahn



Each year, there is an energetic portal that opens on December 12th. It remains open until December 21st. During this time, photon waves of amplifying consciousness pour in from the Central Sun to up level those on the planet who have said yes to using their earthly lifetime as an opportunity to grow and expand the power of their spirit while in human form. During this 9-day portal opening, all the consciousness you’ve cultivated and the space you’ve created by healing dormant emotional wounds allows for further activation of dormant crystalline DNA and chakras to open.

Since today celebrates the opening of the 12:12 Stargate, let me begin by sharing a mantra to assist you in maximizing the benefit of this sacred time. For the evolution of your journey and for the benefit of humanity, I invite you to anchor this mantra 1-3 times per day by declaring out loud:

“I allow all strands of crystalline DNA and all chakras to be activated, actualized into present moment time and anchored as my new zero point field — in the name of the light by the power of 5th dimensional unity consciousness that I AM now. And so it is.”

As a means of keeping your vibration high without becoming ungrounded or trying to force more expansive experiences, allow yourself to rely on the Cosmic Law of Polarity for any perception of inner discord or outer conflict. Because the Law of Polarity teaches us the relationship between opposites, we allow any emotional low or reflection of darkness to be a sign of transmutation in progress. From this depth of understanding, any low is merely clearing space for the arrival of your next greatest high, just as any moment of darkness acts as a clearing to welcome in higher frequencies of light. Simply put, any sense of adversity is merely foreshadowing the arrival of more miraculous blessings.

We, the lightworkers, empaths, star seeds, and energetically sensitive souls, who make up the global network of rapidly evolving beings known as the 'First Wave of Ascension' are here to lead by example, both throughout this time period and beyond. Instead of trying to show someone a different or more expansive way of seeing things, simply anchor your own frequency of light by choosing to see inner emotional movement and outer turmoil through the Law of Polarity. 

As an unwritten rule in my personal life, I typically don’t offer spiritual guidance, unless I am asked a question directly. Through the eyes of the Universe, people don't typically have enough bandwidth in their cellular memory for more conscious insights, unless they ask a question directly. A question is a soul’s way of acknowledging what it is ready to receive in a file-swapping exchange with the person being asked. When it comes to file-swapping, always remember the inherent trajectory of consciousness. Because consciousness arcs from low to high and can only evolve in a forward expanding motion, there is no way for someone else to receive replications of your conscious files while trading their dense emotional imprinting with you. Most of us have experienced this type of swap, commonly known as empathing. It often happens prior to realizing yourself to be a being of light made manifest into human form. As the beauty of remembrance delivers this timeless realization throughout all aspects, degrees, and levels of sensory perception, you are able to reflect the light for others to receive without equally taking on the karma of other people’s conditioning. 

Simply put, no one needs to know what you know, unless they ask. And, whatever way a question is framed, merely highlights the specific subject matter they have room to file in their conscious mind and cellular body. During this auspicious holy 9-day period, it is a perfect time to: 

  • Forgive those in your life you have wronged or those you have been wronged by — including yourself. For greater reference on the ideal way to forgive from the most empowered perspective, please enjoy my newest YouTube video, “The Beauty of Remembrance”.
  • Challenge yourself to cultivate a higher vibration by seeing life through the eyes of the Universe. Even if witnessing something disturbing, find an adjective to best describe your experience, then ask yourself, “what adjective is the opposite of that?” to discover the energetic blessings each moment births throughout our evolving planet.
  • Take time to get to know yourself beyond your roles, labels, identities, and personal desires. Dare to know yourself simply as the noticer of sensory perception. This means taking time to rest in the seeing, hearing, feeling, and sensing of your experience without a need to project judgments or conclusions of any kind. If this brings up anger, sadness, boredom, loneliness, or confusion, it symbolizes moments of “Ego Die-Off” as outdated imprints returned to the light of Source to make room for further DNA and chakra activation to engage.
  • Spend as much time being grateful for all that you have, while consciously detaching from obsessive thoughts about the future. Despite common folklore, the Law of Attraction is less about envisioning specific outcomes. Instead, 5th dimensional Law of Attraction is centered in having the most positive and harmonious relationship with present moment time. Knowing the more grateful you are in the present, the more likely you are calling into your field experiences that bring more of the feeling you have spent time consciously anchoring. Because consciousness evolves from low to high vibration, this doesn’t mean that feeling bad attracts more of the same. Instead, all the most wonderful experiences you are meant to receive are suspended in parallel dimensions ready to enter your reality, as soon as your current stage of healing is complete. 

May this be a time where, through the Law of Polarity, we temper the ever-quickening trajectory of expanding consciousness with a deliberate intention to slow down and be aligned in our hearts from one moment to the next. As I stated in my most recent video (“The Beauty of Remembrance”), one moment of aligned transformation is more effective than lifetimes of inner work more focused on the outcome than the enjoyment of the journey. 

With the power of our breath, the cultivation of unconditional love, the Law of Polarity, and the 5D Law of Attraction as our guide, we are entering into a portal of timeless revelation. From this space of expanded heart-centered awareness, the Heaven on Earth we are manifesting for all can be remembered as the space we never left. 

From my heart to yours, welcome to the next exciting level of Earth’s Ascension. Our time has come and it is through our individual and combined efforts that love is guaranteed to have the final say. As always, on behalf of the Universe, my love, guidance, and nurturing support is with you every step of the way.

To infinity and beyond!

All For Love,

Matt Kahn