Thursday, November 18, 2021

Releasing Attachment to Karmic Patterns - By Matt Kahn


The following words were channeled from the Universe. They contain an encoded frequency to help you release attachments to karmic patterns. This is not a thinking experience, but an exploration into feeling what happens when you read the following words (including the last two sentences at the end) slowly out loud. If tongue-tied or confused, it’s just a sign of a clearing occurring on a cellular level as a result of the energies received. If the words no longer sound like words, it means you have accessed your subconscious mind to help you clear subconscious imprints and beliefs — either created in childhood, imagined throughout your life, or taken on from others. 
For the most potent effect, read the following words slowly including the last two sentences at the end, pause at the end, and read it again even slower...then repeat (for a total of three times in a row for maximum healing benefit).

Please enjoy this healing, from my heart to yours:

Hating causes more hating

Fearing causes more fearing

Fighting causes more fighting

Defending causes more defending

Denying causes more denying

Seeking causes more seeking

Craving causes more craving

Processing causes more processing

Asking causes more asking

Doubting causes more doubting

Regretting causes more regretting

Loving causes more loving

Through the Law of Karma, life silently asks you which of these would you welcome for an eternity. Choose well and know that you are loved — just as you are.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn