Friday, May 5, 2023

Star Seed Divine Human - by Meg Benedicte

 Since my return from Egypt, I’ve been processing the Zep Tepi energies into my entire being. It has been very challenging on the body, integrating these very ancient, pure, galactic energies has overwhelmed my biosystems. The current human form is not compatible with the original ZT template. This involves a gradual integration process.

 If you are new to Zep Tepi, here is a quick update: Zep Tepi originated thousands of years ago as the First Time of the Golden Age of Alchemy. Along with the Angelics, the 12 Root Races joined together to seed a new divine human composed of 12 crystalline strands of cosmic genetic material. The Creator Gods birthed alive a new consciousness, seeded from the stars, to inhabit planet earth.

The 12 Star Races forged a new life form with the galactic sacred geometry of 12 tonal octaves, 12 dimensions, 12 crystalline encoded strands and 12 phi harmonics. The qualities of the original 12th-dimensional divine human prototype were encoded into packets of genetic material that responded to and were formed in union with focused intelligence. In a sense, divine humans were designed to co-create their own physical manifestation in every moment. They were the perfect embodiment of Creation in every evolving reflection of conscious awareness and inspiration. They looked like a continually morphing life form in constant creative motion, responding to the consciousness flowing in and out.

My Soul assisted from the other side during the seeding. While spinning in the quantum vortex, I can timejump to the Zep Tepi timeline and access it. I have done this many times since my Awakening. My Soul carries the keycodes to open the ancient Zep Tepi gates again. There is so much to see and learn from our ancient galactic ancestors. We are here at this particular time, in the cosmic wheel of alchemy to restore the full capacity of the star seeded divine human.

Working closely with AA Metatron, I was guided to return to Egypt during the Pluto transit from Capricorn to Aquarius and open the ZT gates in a specific sequence, just like River Nile Locks open and flow in rhythm and balance. We started at the Sphinx, connecting to the engraved symbols/codes and opening an interdimensional sliding door to Zep Tepi on the other side. This was my first human contact with that extraordinary civilization. It is golden and glorious! 

From the Sphinx, we entered the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, sunrise at Philae, Temple of Isis, alchemy with Sekhmet, ignited the Hathor Temple gates, and activated the original Zep Tepi gateway at the Osirion. Attuning into the sacred sites, I began to see a gold plate sealing Zep Tepi underneath. Working with Metatron, we unlocked and opened the golden gates, allowing the ZT energies to rise upward and spread into the 3D earth plane. 

The finale at the Osirion will be imprinted forever. Two outer-facing slabs of granite are etched with Flower of Life symbols. As I touched the granite, crystalline light began to ping back and forth between the FOL geometrics, building intensity. As it reached threshold, the beam of light shot up to the stars, then returned with new galactic consciousness back into the FOL circuitry, and into our bodies. 

Inside the Osirion, we formed a circle and activated the ZT gates underneath. As the golden gates opened, a mirage of star beings began to ascend from below into the room. My body was pulsing, my atoms spinning so fast it felt like I was levitating. At one point, I ducked down, as AA Metatron flew with full wing span into the room. Star beings were filling into the room. It felt like Homecoming!

The Zep Tepi energies are available now for all to receive. I’ve been observing a shift happening in my own bioenergetics since opening the gates. The old 3D double strand DNA codes of separation are being swapped out with the dormant, galactic Zep Tepi codes of divine human. 

 This will be a gradual process of transfiguration. Imagine the original spark of creation − consciousness made manifest! The Divine Human reveals the mysteries of genesis, by witnessing the holographic reflection materialize instantaneously from conscious inspiration. I will be introducing these powerful Zep Tepi activations in upcoming meditations. It is our divine inheritance!


Meg Benedicte

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