Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Quantum Access - Time to Level Up - by Meg Benedicte

 It has been a transformative week of energy clearings and integration from the life-changing Solar Eclipse-Chiron activations. Chiron at exact degree of the Eclipse emphasizes the path of self-healing that is essential to achieving Soul embodiment. I’ve been noticing more clearings in my own process, as well as working with clients since the Chiron-Eclipse event on April 8. This was not a ‘run-of-the-mill’ eclipse, but rather a huge global awakening and shift into the new paradigm. The ‘eclipse effects’ will continue to ripple through the collective for months to come.

The Chiron-New Moon, North Node Solar Eclipse created an opening, a gate, a doorway to higher dimensional access of Soul essence. It shook the rafters, awakening more possibilities of living as the Higher Self. The opening process continues within the very nature of your being. It is a gradual advancement into Soul consciousness, the higher wisdom that initiates new growth, new expression, new creativity, new possibilites and new realities.

As you leave the past behind, dropping the dead weight of earthly timelines, letting go of the shackles of separation…you are evolving into becoming Beings of Light. It is the path of illumination, of shedding the earthly ego self and actualizing the Higher Self. You are in the process of birthing alive the Divine Human prototype.

Riding the wave of Chiron-Eclipse activations, is the anticipated planetary conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus (first time since 1940). Between April 18th - 26th, a rare cosmic event occurs when Jupiter joins Uranus at 21°-22° Taurus. Expect the unexpected! Jupiter is benevolent and expansive, while Uranus brings innovation and sudden surprises. In Taurus ruled by Venus, this lineup influences more earthly pursuits, art and beauty, what you value, your finances, how you love yourself and others.

The 2nd half of April and most of May will be vibrating with this powerful pair-up, electrifying Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus. This rare conjunction will trigger massive shifts in the collective…a global up-leveling in how we generate earnings, engage in relationships, perceive values and what is aesthetically beautiful.

Words of wisdom from Astrologer, Lorna Bevan  https://www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk/

The Jupiter-Uranus Formula for a true breakthrough:

• At every choice point, choose new over old, then boldly act on it

• Be ready to bargain and negotiate your way to a better situation

• Don’t simply sit back and wait for shiny things to drop in your lap, it will be too late-the wave will have passed

• Be resourceful- sell old unwanted clutter to make energetic space for the new

• Find Your Flow Magic - the sweet spot between surrender to life as it unfolds and full-on engagement/participation

• Notice what’s inspiring your imagination or pressing the accelerator on the engine of your creative expression

• Plant an acorn that will grow into an oak tree. Remember, this is Taurus – the biggest gamble will take time and investment before you see the results.

Let’s ride this wave of ascension into living as the divine self.

Lovingly, Meg