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Archangel Michael:The Divine Light is Flowing From Within

Archangel Michael:The Divine Light is Flowing From Within
Channeled by Meredith Murphy
October 2, 2010

There is only one way to get what you want.

My beloved Masters of Light! I greet you in joy and recognition of all that is transpiring on the Earth plane because of your BE-ing! What great shifts in energy and consciousness are transpiring across our entire experience as a rippling of the energetic transformations within your bodies!

Divine Light IS flowing from within! This is the result of many aspects of focus, working in harmonic resonance and converging in focus upon the Earth plane and yet, without your willingness to experience and indeed welcome the transformation of the living vessel of your focus, none of this would be possible!

Divine Light flows from within. To be given form and focus is the great joy of All-That-Is and the awareness of the experience of this is amplified enormously by the capabilities of your ever-expanding human body! This incredibly spacious experience is yielding magnetic rings of focus around your energy field and the harmonic resonance of your overtones and your amplitude are elevating, radiating and broadcasting out to all which has "ears to hear," the glory of life and living. The keys of which are Freedom, Creativity and Presence.

Within your experience you are beginning to realize that permission to achieve and experience FREEDOM lies within your domain. {Smile!} The entirety of the implications of this emergent truth have not yet integrated into most of your physicality. For it is in integration and indeed, replication of holograms and paradigms across your being that you BE-come new, that your experience changes. How's that for clear direction as to making things shift?

Do you understand what this means? You are for example, largely water. Water replicates information. Your beliefs, paradigms, feelings, expectations exist as energetic structures, or templates (holograms) in which depending on the focus and intensity-energy flows, thereby amplifying and ultimately creating what was originally a vector, an ascending, creative energy arc! As you internalize (meaning as a belief or insight replicates through water-for example-throughout the cells of your body) you and your experience BECOME the living embodiment of this I AM realization.

Only in your orientation to what is not do you prevent this from happening, or actually, do you CREATE SOMETHING ELSE~! It is as if you threw one rock in the lake, watched it ripple out and it's vibration take over the surface of the pond and inform the entire body of water upon transmission=reception. Yet then, you throw another, in a different spot, and suddenly there is interference of all kinds and the clarity of your original vector-what creates the path, what indeed "carries" from one point to another-is not only diminished, but often incapable of replicating due to conflicting energy waves.

Such is life.

You throw rock after rock into the timeless pool of energetic potential, with no regard to the contradictions in your focus! Yes-it is challenging to learn to chose your focus. Isn't that what's fun in our experience? Learning and expansion? Thus you chose to be here and take your Mastery to new levels of experience collectively !


Creativity is the natural extension of presence. In presence you exist. Your personal harmonic signature, YOUR divinity, flows forth into being. The unique and entirely relevant, inspired, valued, powerful, perfect aspect of Source which is you, exists! In presence, you unfold. Your energy intermingles and merges, takes on form and participates in the great cosmic, galactic and planetary dances which invigorate your being! In the essence of participation you create exquisite joy within everything! This energetic amplification of radiance, generates energy and light which may then nourish and support creativity and extension of All-That-Is. It is a divinely endless looping and enlarging of experience in which we participate and there is not one aspect which is not powerful and enthusiastically loved!

So within creativity, you express your presence. Within freedom, you allow your creative impulses to flow freely and you allow yourself to receive. Freedom is an expression of Self-love! Giving oneself freedom is required in order for one's creativity to flow, and one's presence to be clearly broadcast! So you see my dear ones, the importance of giving yourself permission to be YOU.

In all ways, Divine Light is flowing into being, and your access point is within.

Innate Wisdom. Innate Awareness. Innate knowing. The cellular matrix in which your focus rests is fully informed, and resourced. Any way in which you do not have full access to your own "vibrational escrow" is simply an aspect of being out of alignment with YOU.

And so, my friends, who shimmer in endless buoyancy upon the waves of life which come in and out as does breath: claim your divine nature. Make an altar to yourself. Pray, talk and listen to YOU for guidance. Realize that God is Great and God is YOU and yes, indeed you...and there is, no difference between any of you and all of us and everything and get over this excruciating hump of self-doubt, and recrimination which in any way still exists within your very being. This is the nature of the energetic experiences which challenge you-your body is on a vector to get to this experience of presence, freedom and creativity.and like the Earth in her pathway to ascension, is intent upon doing so. Aren't you glad?

For when you do not know what to do, your body certainly does. If you simply focus on BE-ing and attempting to elevate or allow yourself to naturally rise to an lighter, easier perspective, you will provide the greatest assistance to your body in it's wise and ultimately perfectly informed transit by simply not contradicting it's wisdom and focus!

Divine Light flows into your being. Burning out (felt the heat lately?) all energetic remnants of older paradigms and limitations. You are continually refreshed during sleep and even throughout your day-given a completely new platform of clarity and wholeness in which to BE. You only need recognize this, in order to orient to this inner flow of energy and information, which is Divine Light.

The gift we all have in endless supplies is this Divine Light. Our experience and our radiance, our frequency and our point/location as focused presence is a reflection of what we have learned to receive.

Freedom liberates full presence. Creativity is the natural extension. Presence means not just putting your focus in the now-point, but knowing, BE-ing this now-point with all of you in wholenes. In Unity. As One.

The Earth leads you in the ascension process; the body knows and is in perfect harmony with the Earth. Both the body and the Earth are in natural rhythmic engagement with All-That-Is.only you, oriented so often from the neck up, lose touch with all of this. Learn to listen to your cells. Learn to know what your muscles, your blood, your bone and your breath are attuned to. This will not likely be something you can put into words; it will be far beyond the vocabulary of language. But you will find resonance of it, mirrors if you will-in art, in nature, in feelings and sensations which are far too rich to be named and which maintain their wholeness in this mode of expression which is beyond naming and locating primarily in one's head! In alignment with this natural quality of being, you ARE Unity. This is what Unity Consciousness means-it's not a mental construct, or an idea, it's a mode of being.

Your aspiration is to BE Unity as YOU. This is the I AM presence which is Divine Light flowing from within, into being, through the lens of focus which is YOU through you. Beautiful!

The specific and particular within and of the whole; entirely flexing between the two points of focus. This IS happening, even if you are not aware of it. You naturally move between the local (you) and the non-local (YOU/All-That-Is) constantly. And your body is entirely clued in, if you would simply allow it to lead, rather than asking your body to follow the superficial dictates of the external world and other focal points looking to you for what they can only find within.

Divine Light flows from within.

This is your only source. You can feel the light of others; recognize it, resonate to it, but it will NOT carry the wisdom of the integration of you with YOU that your inner connection to source IS.

YOU in the future, YOU in other versions of YOU, YOU in the expansiveness of everything-are and flow your energetic signature, which is what you need to tap into, get to know-even if you cannot articulate it-and allow to replicate across all of your cells, all your beliefs, expectations and paradigms. Then remain connected to-trusting more in the truth of your presence, then being concerned with consistency-for remember YOU are in movement, always.

Thinking must integrate with being. Your mind is your most powerful lens. Learn to view it as the "sight" from which you aim and then launch your creative vectors in language. Know that you have other "sights" in your body, which also are powerfully creative and require no words or eyes to know exactly what to aim for in flowing your energy.

And guess what else?

Everything within being orients to the same flow.

There is peace within All-That-Is naturally. In this is your reassurance that permission is not only safe, but unnecessary! Walk forward and release all that you have been.

Come into total newness as often as possible.

Give yourself total freedom to know your energetic signature experientially, and reflected back to you as above, so below.

There is only one way to get what you want, and to be who you are inspired to be in expression of who YOU are:

Divine Light flows endlessly from within.

This is all you need to Be.

I AM Archangel Michael and I remind you, that YOU are these truths.

Meredith Murphy

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