Thursday, October 14, 2010

SaLuSa: The Realms of Light are Awaiting Your Arrival

SaLuSa: The Realms of Light are Awaiting Your Arrival
October 13, 2010

Suddenly there are things happening that are clearly showing how the Light has opened up the whole world to the truth. It comes out from all quarters, and bold people are ignoring the consequences of telling the truth. It was not all that long ago that fear would have taken over, and reluctance felt at the thought of the repercussions of stepping out. Have no doubt that the dark Ones will stop at nothing to prevent the truth coming out. However, all such attempts are now pointless, as the momentum of the higher energies is far too powerful. You can therefore expect a rush of information as more and more people are prepared to reveal what they know. The truth is far more amazing than most of you realize, and indeed can also be quite shocking. The old paradigm is being cleansed out of sight, and the new one will simply slip into its place. Many already know where it is all heading, and there is much to do before you can really talk deeply about Ascension. However, all that is taking place is leading towards that event, in a process of evolution that is ever advancing. The realms of Light are awaiting your arrival, and it will be a most joyous and happy occasion.

Over the weeks and months to come, it will become apparent that the changes are in mankind's best interests even though at times it will be chaotic. Those of you who are already enlightened will be a calming influence, as you will re-act positively. The doubters will need their proof before they come out of their rigid mindsets, and the Light will break down their resistance. It is very difficult to turn your back on it, as it brings a peace that is strongly felt, and most souls delight in bringing it into their life. It is like turning the light on in a darkened room, and the illumination is a sudden enlightenment. The Light is also your protection, which is why it is recommended that you frequently firm up your aura so that it is completely shrouding your physical body. You have never had such a wonderful opportunity as you have now to experience upliftment.

The material side of life will eventually become less important, because your needs will be catered for and your time spent enjoying your new found leisure. You will have plenty of time to pursue your hobbies and pastimes, and work such as you know it now will eventually become unnecessary. Time will also allow for self-development and your spiritual evolution. The schism's that exist now will disappear, and the truth will mould future beliefs in a common acceptance of a new understanding. Much will be laid before you, and proof will accompany the truth so that there is no doubt as to its veracity. It will mean that religious groups will assess their teachings by such standards. A coming together will be inevitable, and is to be desired. At present such groups are fearful of the truth, but it will not destroy their understanding but instead enlarge it so that it can take them forward. Otherwise such groups will disintegrate, as they cannot expect to become part of the new wave of truth if they stand still. Much help will be given to ensure that advancement takes place.

All of the time that is left and leading to Ascension, will be used to get as many souls as possible moving into the higher dimensions. It will still be your choice as to what you accept, but no one will be able to claim that they were denied the same opportunity as others. If some souls are not ready to move on, they will obviously continue to experience what is normal to this present dimension. However, they may not knowingly make a choice but by feeling comfortable and against changes in their present circumstances, it is a vote to stay where they are. We often comment upon such souls, and ask that you allow them to go forward as they desire. Give them their moments of happiness without pressurizing them to change, as they do not need to feel guilty or different about it. You may not have had any waking knowledge of having been in their position yourselves, but be assured that you have undoubtedly had such experiences.

You really are in the heat of the moment as matters are boiling over, and something has to rapidly change. We are pushing our allies to bring a conclusion to their efforts in this connection, as we would rather that the moves are seen to come from them. However, the deadline is fast approaching, and we will be obliged to force the issue if necessary. We want to see disclosure come about quickly, as the abundance programmes are also getting nearer to manifestation. We are however extremely pleased with the continual increases in the levels of consciousness, and it shows how all of the effort put in by the Lightworkers has brought its reward. Bear in mind that the plan for your enlightenment was begun a long time ago. It has taken ever-increasing numbers of advanced souls, often directly from other planets to create the conditions for it. The levels of darkness were at times so powerful and cloying, that the task looked far from easy.

The hardest work has been done, and the Light is now in command. It has been firmly established upon Earth, and it will continue to rapidly grow. Hardened hearts are beginning to soften, and as a result more souls are awakening. The potential to open up rests with every one of them, and once they announce their intent to follow the Light help will be given. There is absolutely no lack of souls prepared to leave the beauty and joy of living in the higher realms, for service upon Earth. You are never left to fight your battles alone, and other souls have accompanied you through very lifetime. Sometimes they are your fellow travelers, who were once your family or friends who have simply gone on before you. Love between souls keeps a link between them that carries forward in many lives. So please do not worry about the future of those close to you, you will always meet again. In fact in the higher dimensions we can truthfully say, that they are only a thought away.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so encouraged by your resolve to win the day and your determination to bring changes about. That is what we like to see as it speeds up the whole process, and our coming together is getting nearer. Keep your focus as ever on what you see as your pathway to the future, and spread your Light and Love as far and wide as possible.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey