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2011: The Energy of Joy 1/05/11

2011: The Energy of Joy

New Year's Message from the Archangel Michael

Channeled by Meredith Murphy | www.expectwonderful.com

Telepathic Transmission Transcribed from Luminous Being Event - 31
December 2010

Beloved ones: You are evolving.

Becoming the New Humans.

There is much to celebrate today for what has transpired within you is
facilitating the emergence of heaven on Earth.

Going within is always the most beneficial pathway for each of us—you,
me, all of us in individual focus. It is there we commune with our
Divine Presence beyond time/space, the oneness we are and the
uniqueness of each of our energies. In this communion and with this
information as energy is fulfilling. Entirely. Within this
connection we experience an equilibrium of our nature in all forms of
focus and we also can experiment with potential pathways of future
creativity as well as flow inspiration in response to all we

Learning to walk and talk and be in this expanded connection is the
focus at hand in your experience at this time.

More and more you come together in expanded focus and create—this too
is highly beneficial.

It is especially important to visualize and expect a smooth transition
for the Earth from the new hologram and while the old hologram is
dissolving. You can assist this process by aligning your energy with
peaceful, beautiful outcomes in regards to the Earth shift and not
diluting this focus with what you don’t want to happen—there’s no need
to even contemplate that, just stay focused on ease, grace, peace,
natural organic flow happening. Allowing.

To expect, anticipate, and watch for, and enjoy the magical alignments
and mysterious synchronicities which you co-create and which guide
each of you forth into the blossom of being the New Human.

Intuitive you know what to do.

Within your gut, the ganglion tissue of your para-sympathetic nervous
systems is being upgraded to receive expanded information from the 144
Crystalline Earth Grid. The Crystalline Grid of Earth is a spiritual
grid that stores the energy of humanity, it lays on the Earth and you
are increasingly connected and in alignment with this grid.

The Crystalline Earth Grid is the new grid based on the etheric energy
and sacred geometry of 144. This number is a code which liberates
light energy in a new constellation around the Earth from the Great
Central Sun. Begin to realize that you receive more than air from
what you experience as “outside of yourself” or “your environment.”
You are influenced, sustained and your entire experience is influenced
from energy systems beyond that of your physical vessel, or more
accurately which are connected to your physical vessel in etheric,
meaning spiritual, ways—not visible, but entirely real nonetheless.

Orienting within is the way one learns to attune themselves to the new
Earth grid and to begin to live in harmonic balance with this. The
Grid is also changing as you are changing; it’s all becoming more
quantum. What you do as you do it—live is transferred to the grid.
This is new and is the reason you feel things speeding up. This also
means the energy of Human Civilization is affecting the overall
vibration of the planet moment to moment. Your focus is important.

Living in this kind of dynamic, you are increasingly learning to
attune yourself. You are increasingly working with harmonics and as
you shift to crystalline structure, you are attuning yourself again
and again to all that you encounter; it’s a continual process of
getting in sync. Harmonizing.

You are learning to ground the light that is coming into you and live
with this increased light which is creating new experiences for what
it means to be human. Human potential is undergoing an explosive
expansion of vast proportions and implications. You are the reason

You are increasingly orienting yourself from the expanded perspective
of your own Divine I AM Presence. This presence has a twin flame.
Your twin flame and you are two parts, and it is the specific
signature mirrored into male and female which you are attempting to
unify within you. It is the specific signature you organized into
upon differentiating from One I AM. All versions of you are informed
by this divine expression of Source Energy and each is an opportunity
to diversify and further develop the organism, so to speak, which you

In each expression of focus which you imagine and thus give birth to,
you find ways to interact with the energy in your focus and this
triggers the inspiration which is you naturally expanding and
harmonizing with All-That-Is. This harmony may create a cacophony to
later be resolved by yourself or another, or it may amplify harmonics
and thus create immediate deepening of resolution and wholeness. Or a
combination of these. It is a vibrational configuration you are in
the process of refining and expanding and from different perspectives
it is as though you hear different themes of your main melody,
expounded upon, sounded, echoed, amplified, distorted, dissipated,
reunited, remembered.

You are radiating this divine presence whenever you allow your energy
to expand beyond the old templates and as you encounter others in this
open, expanded state, the energy of joy on the planet is increasing!

This is aliveness. It’s always vibrational. For you it is
significantly visual and auditory, as well as kinesthetic. There is
the olfactory system, there is taste—there are many other senses are
involved—knowing for example is a sense, there is a sense of timing,
of alignment, of balance…there are many senses in play all the time
and your vessel and increasingly your energy field is developing
expanded ways of transducing input from multiple systems: chemical,
light systems, energetic, systems of one structure/form or another.
Your energy field is developing expanded ways of transducing input
into perception.

You will find that you have more and more ways of taking new and
vaster avenues of input in, and not only realizing it consciously, but
utilizing it perceptually in a way which expands your awareness and

All of these depend on the particular structural form your identity
uses to participate in various points of focus. You participate in
civilizations and other realities which have no structure that would
even make sense to you conceptually—they are so beyond the ways your
organize space, time, light--but in these realities you too are
participating with capable focus and creativity.

Perception depends on the particular structural form you are using to
relate to wherever you are in focus. This entire sunrise of newness
if for the purpose of expansion and joy.

Joy ripples out to the edges of All-That-Is and burns them forth into
new territory, much like a volcano creates new form on Earth. Energy
and light combine as heat and newness is birthed in the galaxies and
the Universe continues in endless expansion.

Infinite. Whole. Changing. One. Carrying a clear sense of
identity. Identity having nothing to do with form and yet entirely
expressed or chosen to not be expressed in form; all from the focus of
the Divine I AM Presence’s inclinations. YOUR inclinations and
desires to experiment and cultivate an increasingly whole sense of
understanding the oneness which lives within the One I AM as the one

Noticing what you are drawn to. Realize that your navigation system
is within. Finding happiness within your own energy field is
natural. Joyously commune with your cells. Welcoming change and
newness! All of these are natural expressions of your innate and
eternal capacity to BE.

I have shared much with you today that may feel new. You’ve done this
before and your certainly are completely prepared for all that is
taking place here and now my beloved ones. Don’t forget you are
creating this.

Remember to choose more, do less.

It is in creating that you participate more and more fully in the very
Being you came here for.

Enjoy yourself and never ever ever ever stop pursuing the experience
of all your ideas, ideals and desires. All-that-is benefits
enormously from the unique perspective which is you.

Beloved ones, I see you Luminous Being, with familiarity, with love
and with delight for all that you are, are becoming, and are yet to
even imagine. Together let us turn our focus to the leading edge and
explore our very souls. Know that you are profoundly loved!

I AM Archangel Michael. And it is so.