Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Are The Strongest Of The Strong!

You Are The Strongest Of The Strong!
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
January 10.2011

Greetings beloved friends, much joy and elation in our hearts this special day as we celebrate more birthing an ever continuance of 'light packets' upon and within the beautiful Terra. Validating and exercising the feminine principle in subtle yet most assertive injections, as the adamantine particles in like flow is veritable manna from heaven, so to speak. Never is there time when no acts of imbibing are occurring, for it is indeed an ever free flowing river of light that feeds the hearts and souls of all thereon, and all within Earths mighty bodies.

Allow these interim days of comparative quiet, to gently coerce you to places of receptivity and openly accommodating variance of energies as they occur. The universal scales of justice are overall yard sticks and precisely on course and there are only balanced and smoothing energies foreseen in this moment of time.The seas so mighty are ebbing and flowing and the swell is pounding on beaches of ever upstanding good intent and continual supportive mode.

Trials and tribulations are only so as the heart falters or misses a beat, only to realise that the 'mistook' change is ever only in divine highest good. These are pointers for you to concentrate fully in your intent and divine purpose for you still need to remember whom you truly are and to why and what your mission is at this precious time on beloved planet Earth. You have not a need to be in fear or abject shock, but to ever maintain that inner balance which will guide you to every point you need to be. Remember that you ARE that master in the making or indeed the making of that master, for you are unearthing your true self worth in these current days of realisation and assimilation.

There are moments in every one's journey when the sudden alteration of that which we expected to be 'normal' suddenly shifts and rebirths into something that is indeed far from the normality that it was and to which our comfort zone was so locked within! Switching your focus to that which has now become a more rightful flow, is simply allowing that flow to so gently coerce you with an unmistakable sense of higher frequency good. It will 'titillate' your inner child and your heart will sing and skip as it realises this new born direction or way.

Everything is becoming simpler, yet only if you allow it to be; for the surest or simplest way is to repeat oft-times to yourself, "I am a pure channel of light and I affirm to align only with the most highest divine light, so shall it be!"

Everything is now moving to that area of simplistic thinking and doing, as the many middle ways even though they held good before, are now swinging to the path of simplistic direct approach and receiving.Gone are the days of old when you would work hard and toil endlessly in making your connection and of realising your goal. Those days are obsolete and in need of disposing of!

You are all moving into times of far greater clarity, even though there is to be up and coming shifts and associated changes that will require your earnest intent and attention with a soundness of heart. You are moving into spaces of far higher connectivity and therefore far greater compatability and product will be the obvious result. There are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional beings whom await the pleasure of your connectivity and trust; for trust, faith and highest intent are the building blocks of much that is to be witnessed by so many in these future climes.There's so much that is awaiting you in the wings as you are the ones that can adorn those wings being the angel that you are.

No way will you falter from your pathways, for you are the mighty building blocks that are placed in exactly the right place to be of most effectual good, harnessing All That God Is, rebuilding those walls of Jericho and reshaping the whole world with your loving expertise. Doubt yourselves NOT.You have travelled so far and so long in this greatest mission of your lives, to be here at this time honouring your inner agreements with perfection and pure prowess.

You Are The Strongest Of The Strong, and you are self selected and indeed divinely elected. You are the ones that you have been waiting for, and you are about to see the curtain go up on the greatest show on Earth!

Think simple, un-think complicated. Be sure, eradicate doubt or uncertainty! Be simply LOVE, and all other will be offered unto you, for so it surely is! The stars in the heavens shine because of you, the sun in its highest splendour is there to shine on YOU, warming you and transforming you, bathing you within its purest, crystalline, rainbow light rays of endless love and infinitive BEING!

Go forth and multiply, go forth to be the leaders of men, become those divine God Beings that you truly and surely are...

Remember, You Are The Strongest Of The Strong! So be it, Salut!

Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom.

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