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Archangel Michael: The New Earth Energies 12/2011/January 2012

Archangel Michael: The New Earth Energies 12/2011/January 2012
Channeled by Celia Fenn December 31, 2011

The Golden Pathway : Crossing the Rainbow Bridge into Higher Consciousness

Beloved Family of Light, at the end of this year of 2011 and the beginning of the momentous year of 2012, we are so overjoyed to welcome you to the Pathway of Gold! This is what we call the final steps on your pathway to Higher Consciousness and Divine Love on Planet Earth. The Golden Pathway opened at the 11/11/11 as the Earth and all those on her made their alignment with the Cosmic Portal that will open between 12/12/12 and 21/12/12 of this year.

Beloveds, this is a momentous time, this is what we have worked for together for many, many years. We call it a "Node of Opportunity," where all the dreams and visions come into alignment to open a new pathway of Being on every level of the Cosmos. And, the Earth is a focal point of this Shift, for as the Earth enters the Golden Light of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, so it opens to its Destiny as a pattern or blueprint for the future "Golden Galaxy" that is being birthed in your "Milky Way" Galaxy as you call it. We prefer to call it the "Golden Rose Galaxy," for that is what it is becoming, the Golden Rose at the center of the Cosmic Lotus of Light.

But, that will be in the future, the pathway beyond 2013 as the Earth opens to her Destiny. In this year of 2012 you will open the Rainbow Bridge and will cross over into the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions of Higher Consciousness. At the Lion's Gate in August you will be ready to access the eighth and ninth Dimensions, where you will enter into the Consciousness of the "Earth Keeper Councils of Light," those who hold the Planet in Light, and guide and determine its future course and manifest the new structures and patterns.

Beloved Ones, this year will be the "Grand Crossing," and we say to you - It is already done! The beautiful and heartfelt work of love that so many of you have done in the last years has created a "core" Family of Light, a Community of Light that holds Light in the Crystalline Grids and carries the Earth in the Golden Light of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness as it aligns with the Diamond Heart of the Cosmos.

Beloveds, it is indeed a time to celebrate - a New Year, a New Age, a New Earth and a New Galaxy birthing!

The Rainbow Bridge and the Higher Dimensions of Light

Beloved Ones, that which we call the Rainbow Bridge is the Light Pathway to the Higher Dimensions from Planet Earth. This Rainbow Bridge was disconnected many thousands of years ago after the end of the Galactic conflicts and the fall into density of those on Earth. This was all part of a greater plan, and now you are ready to take the fruits of your evolution on these lower levels of density and to reconnect the Rainbow Bridge back to the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness and your Cosmic Selves as "Star children" or Human Angels and Divine Beings of Light.

The Rainbow Bridge is a bridge of light that connects each one of you and the ascended Earth into the Sixth Dimension of Consciousness. The Rainbow Bridge was reconnected to the Earth in August of 2011, and the first connections were made in the Arctic Circle areas of Norway and Finland. At this time, the Cetaceans, the Elementals and the Fairy Kingdoms worked to assist Family of Light to reconnect the Rainbow Bridge and open the Portals of Light to the Sixth Dimension. At 11/11/11 the Rainbow Bridge was also reconnected in North America and Hawaii, and in December the reconnections were made in Argentina, South Africa and Australia. The Bridge will continue to strengthen and provide the Golden Pathways of Light to Higher Consciousness.

The Sixth Dimension is the Realm of the Archetypal Imagination and the Realm of Magic, Dreams and Creativity. Those who enter into this level of Consciousness must be firmly "grounded" in the Fifth Dimension of Unity Consciousness and in the Heart Center of Divine Grace and Compassion. For, at this level you become the Master Weaver of your own story. Your life becomes a Work of Art, a Story, a Poem or a Dance, an inspired Dream, and it is You as the Great Weaver of Light who summons the Archetypal energies to create and manifest.

In this New Earth and this Golden Age of Grace, you will master the existing Archetypes and you will create new ones. This is essential for the New Earth, as the Earth manifests "reality" according to the Archetypes and Stories that are woven on the Sixth Dimensional "Loom of Creation." It is essential that you move past the great stories of duality with their conflict between light and dark, and begin to weave the new stories of Unity and Oneness.

Beloved Ones, each one of you is a Light Weaver, a Story Teller and Poet, a Dancer of Light. Each one of you is creating a Work of Art that is Your Life. When you enter this level of Consciousness you begin to see how each choice that you make is a thread of light in the grand design of your life and that of the Planet.

For, indeed, Beloved Ones, the Cosmos itself is like a great Work of Art, constantly evolving and changing according to the Divine Will and the choices made by each one of you as Co-Creators with Spirit and the Divine Mind. When these choices are made from pure consciousness and the intention of Higher Good, then you become a channel for Divine Creative Intelligence and you become both a part of the Design and a Creator of the Design. And, in a conscious way! Is this not a great gift, Beloved Ones.

And so, in this year of 2012, as you cross the Rainbow Bridge into the Sixth Dimension of Light, you will need to continue to work with the grounding exercises, to ground yourself fully into the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras, so that your life and work may be fully aligned with the energies of the Earth, your Soul and the Divine Cosmic plan as it unfolds.

As you master the Sixth Dimensional energies, you will then use the Rainbow Bridge to access the Seventh Dimension which we call the Golden Rose or Lotus Field. Here you enter fully into "ascended" consciousness and become fully aware of yourself as a "Human Angel." At this point, the Crown Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra combine to create a magnificent Flower of Light that expresses and radiates Divine Light into the World. At this point, you truly know yourself as a Being of Light and a Light to the World.

The Codes of Renewal and the New Creation

Beloved Ones, at the 11/11/11 as you worked with the 11/11 portal, you were also blessed with what we call the "Codes of Renewal." These are Light impulses from the Divine Heart that contain the information for the next stages of evolution for the "New Heaven and the New Earth".

The Multi-dimensional Earth and her Beings are a Crucible for New Creation. The Codes of Renewal will activate the Potential Keys in the Cosmic DNA to allow for the emergence of the New. The long "stagnation" is over and the changes of the last decade have released the Earth and her inhabitants into the flow of Cosmic time once again. In this flow, the potentials for growth and change are accelerated and activated through Choice.

Beloved Family of Light, when you enter into this Flow of Natural or Divine Time, then your ability to manifest through choice is intensified. As you work with the Sixth Dimensions and become skilled weavers, it will be a simple matter to draw forth the New Creations from the Divine Creative Intelligence.

The Multi-Dimensional Earth in 2012

As you move through 2012, you will become increasingly aware of what it means to live in a Multi-dimensional Reality. You, as Family of Light, will be grounded in the Fifth Dimension and moving across the Rainbow Bridge into the Higher Levels of Consciousness. You will be the Leaders and Wayshowers for the New Earth.

But, there will be many who will not be at this point. There will be those who are still in the early stages of awakening and who might be confused and anxious as they release the conditioning of the old Third Dimension to discover their Multi-dimensional Reality. These ones will need assistance and guidance from those of you who are more skilled in your Multi-dimensional access.

Then, there will be those beings who have chosen to be part of the Fifth Dimensional Earth Reality, but are unable to awaken to full consciousness at this time. These ones continue to live as if they were in the Third Dimension, and they find their lives no longer "work" as they did before. These ones become increasingly negative, angry and volatile as their lives become more difficult and disintegrate as the old way of life disintegrates. With these ones you can unconditional and loving, but do not get drawn into their dramas of negativity and lack and their manipulations, for these are the last remnants of duality and disempowerment and the old ways of living and being.

Beloved Ones, you are Powerful and you are Creative! In 2012 you will be challenged as never before to remember Who You Are and to Live the truth of your Destiny. But, the Rewards will be great as you cross the Rainbow Bridge and enter into the Higher Realms of Light that were, for so long, hidden from you.

Now is the time to acknowledge the New Day and the New Earth. You are Multi-Dimensional Star Children and Human Angels, creating the Story of your Life at every moment. The potential is immense, and the Joy and Laughter of your Freedom to Choose and Create is the Blessing that we, in the Angelic Realms, have waited so long to hear.

Together we will Co-create a New Heaven and a New Earth....The Golden Rose Galaxy!

We wish you Light, Love, Joy and Abundance and the most Magical of Dreams in 2012!

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