Sunday, January 15, 2012

Navigating the New Time by Activating Timelines of Inner Unity and Oneness

Navigating the New Time by Activating Timelines of Inner Unity and

by DL Zeta

As old ways of being fade from your rearview mirror, you're able to
bring your full focus and attention to new visions and inspirations that
stretch before you. This new year marks the ultimate new beginning as
the song rises within many to unite in a vision of oneness for the
future. This vision allows us to become one with our higher self and
move forward as a whole, unified being. When we become one within
ourselves, we are able to unite with others in unity, harmony and oneness.

In this new time the energies of high-vibrational timelines are more
accessible than at any other location in human consciousness. All we
need do is perceive with our imagination new timelines of inner unity
and oneness stretching before us in all directions and set our intention
to align with these. By entering a relaxed, meditative state, we are
able to sense the frequencies of these timelines entering our energy
field. These frequencies have the ability to raise our vibration to
allow stronger communion with our higher self. Over time this communion
allows us to become telepathic to our higher self.

We offer here additional steps to activate timelines of inner unity and

One) Create inner harmony. Bring to awareness any aspects of yourself
that are at odds. Ask these aspects to join together to support you and
your new goals and vision. By entering the highest vibration you can
access, you're able to create a space where inner unification can take
place. Meditating beforehand and chanting OM are two ways to help create
this space, as does listening to music encoded with notes that simulate
high-vibrational states.

Two) Make a list of everything you're grateful for. Look at everything
and everyone in your life from a place of gratitude - even those people
and situations you feel have caused you the greatest pain. Every avenue
of forgiveness is an opportunity to become a greater facilitator for
harmony and oneness on the planet.

Three) Meditate on love, releasing all past definitions of love.
Unconditional love is the purest vibration in the universe. Find within
yourself the pure vibrational essence of love that is beyond all words
and definition.

Four) Observe the symbols around you within every moment. As we learn
the universal language of symbols we're able to better commune with our
soul and receive its messages. Dreamwork is one way to become attuned to
the language of your soul. Journaling and automatic writing can also be
helpful tools in learning to decode the symbols of both your sleeping
and waking dreams.

Five) Ask questions of your higher self and trust that answers will flow
into your consciousness as they are needed. When we release the need to
micromanage the events of our lives, we enter a natural flow where
everything happens easily and effortlessly.

Six) Spend time taking 15-minute sun baths, allowing the sun's essence
to enter your physical system. Take walks in nature to free yourself of
any energies of divisiveness or separation. Spending time near water
allows you to more easily align with universal flow.

Seven) Pay attention to your emotional landscape and the people and
events that trigger challenging emotions. These triggers offer insight
into the nature of your sacred wound and steps you can take to heal it.
Once we heal and release our sacred wound, we are able to clear away
anything that stands between ourselves and direct telepathic communion
with our higher self.

Eight) Remember to eat light -- taking in significant amounts of raw
food, green juices and high PH water that helps alkalinize your physical
system and allows you to become a stronger receiving station.

Nine) Write a spiritual autobiography detailing the blessings and gifts
of the most memorable events of your life -- including the events that
seemed traumatic or difficult at the time.

Ten) Make time for creative play and developing your imagination.
Creativity is the doorway through which all new ideas, visions,
innovations and works of art arrive in the world.

These are just a few steps we can take in this new time to leave behind
old ways of separation and disharmony. As we take these steps, it
becomes easier to open to allow a new way founded in oneness with
all-that-is and inner unity.

Become the Higher Self for Aspects not yet Aligned with the New Time

There may be parts of ourselves not yet on board with these changes.
These parts will want to hold back from living at this level. Become the
higher self for these selves, nurturing and loving them and bringing
them to a new level of understanding. As you mentor and love these
selves, they are empowered to support you in your vision of oneness and
inner harmony.

If you focus dislike and judgment on these aspects within your being,
(or upon what you do not like out in the world), you will only create
more dissension and disharmony within you and around you. Become a force
for love and harmony in the universe by loving all that comes before
you. In this way, your energy creates a field around you that others can
access and utilize to raise their own frequency to the level of harmony
and oneness. This is the intent and purpose of the new time on planet

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