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Communication with the Federation Of Light Received by Blossom Goodchild March 19, 2012

Communication with the Federation Of Light
Received by Blossom Goodchild
March 19, 2012

A brand new start to a brand new week. Ground control to Major Tom . anyone home?

We are always home for we are always in our centred Being of Love. There is no need to ever feel 'homesick' as many of you do . when you have the Knowing that we and your home are just a few breaths away.

That is correct and comforting ... Over ..

We feel your High spiritedness. In due course you shall recognise the latent soul Truth emerging to such a degree that the joy you feel now will seem rather dim to that which you can expect. For so long have you learned to be patient. There has been many a time when you felt like throwing in the towel, yet your hearts Knew that there was a reason to hang on and hang on you did. So many of you have felt despondent when what you call 'no shows' occurred. You wonder the possibilities of 'yes shows' ever really appearing. Have we not promised you? Have we not yet convinced you through our Love for you that All that we speak of is to be?

Dearest Lightest Family, We are you brothers and sisters. We expect you to be apprehensive about our arrival for indeed it shall be one of huge change. How can one be completely excited when they are not sure of the outcome? We have mentioned before that there will be great turmoil to begin with for many will feel completely out of sorts with the visions before them. Yet so many of you are ready to receive us. We thank you from the deepest place of our Being for this reception from your hearts. We are assured that those of you who Now accept this change in your Being will steadfastly assist those in need when our arrival is imminent and obvious.

Never again from the moment of absolute Truth shall your planet sink into such misery. The end of this time is upon you. Leading you onward into a world of honour. A world of joy. A world of Peace. Your homecoming is to be celebrated within your hearts Now in this moment. For in our terms it is here yet you are still waiting.

Prepare your souls dearest hearts. As always we remind you to take a few minutes of your busy lives to breath in this Higher Love, this Higher Light, this stronger vibration. Breathe it into Being. The more you do so, the easier it will be for you to accept us when we blend with your state. We are of a Higher frequency, yet due to planetary assistance in this matter we shall be able to merge with that within which you reside for it is ready now to vibrate at a rate that is compatible with that which We Are. As much as you Feel you are excited, understand also that we are effervescing also. Mostly we are this way because We Know that which lies ahead. That which is 'coming your way' and yes, we feel obliged to use the unpopular word 'soon.' Yes we are aware. Yet we accept its meaning to you on Earth and feel safe enough to use this as our chosen expression.

Many many of us are in position as much as we can imagine to be. You have spoken before about 'our orders' that will be revealed to us, and we will know exactly what to do. Can you speak a little more about this? Best not to be caught off guard.

Before you came to his planet, before you even moved into the human status, you agreed to assist in this very time you are in Now, to change the state of the situation. Each of you, en-masse understood what would need to be done at the appointed time. Each one of you will recall your position when it is necessary. Listen to your soul self and Trust in who you are. Always as you Know, Go By the Feeling. It will be a time when more than ever before you will experience 'cross wires.' For indeed there shall be those who do not 'see things' the way you will. There will be last desperate attempts to 'forge signatures.'

To forge signatures on what?

On knowledge of agreements that are made and falsities will simply not be tolerated any longer. There is so much that shall be brought out into the open. So much so that the vast majority will find unbelievable for they have never considered such atrocities and forgeries. Many will take a lot longer than others to accept this as the way of life that they have undergone. They will find it difficult to walk outside of their prison for they had not been aware that they were 'confined' in the first place.

Gradually as the 'Light dawns,' those lost will come to realise that which freedom holds for them. True Freedom. For it is only known thus far within your sleeping or meditational hours. Take a few moments to close your eyes and breathe deeply. Your heart is speaking to you is it not? This expression of Love inside of you physicality is simply your soul welcoming you home. The nearer you are to it the louder the welcoming committee. Be of great joy and remain so. This in itself is part of the plan. Unfortunately many have sunk into the trap of misery and lack forgetting their part in this Divine plan.

To Be of Joy. To Be of Love. That is How it Happens, This Transformation.

We cannot co-join in this grand expedition until you have reached a certain level of attainment. Your mission on earth Is to raise the vibration of this planet from its deepest core to the highest atmospheres through Being the Love that You Are.

You Know This. We Know You Know this Because You Have Done It! Don't You See? Do You Now 'Get It?' The Game Is Over! The Light Has Won! It Is Done! Now all you need do is collect your prize.

There is great cause for celebration in yours and all realms. For this is achievement of the vastest opportunity. Take deep breathes and congratulate your inner Beings. As you do so, imagine all of you upon the planet who have seen this through, who have played their part, applauding. Hear the sound of that applause as it resonates throughout your world. Everyone in Love applauding this enormous achievement. Let the applause resonate in the happiest Feeling you can Feel. DoThis Now.This Moment. Is Not this Feeling a reality to you? This is an excitement that is palpable because it is Real.

Feel this Reality. It Is Here. It Is Now. It Only Requires You to Know it in Order for it to Manifest. Know it! Know it! Know It! So Be It!

Is that it? Surely not, you can't leave me dangling on this high,I might drop off!

There is so very much that so very many of you desire answers to. We Know of this struggle in which one longs to be requited. Yet we ask you to be patient in all things just a short while longer. All your needs shall be met, beyond that which you require. For understanding comes side by side with the Higher you. There is much that is not appropriate to speak of, simply because your vibrational level could not participate in such knowledge and your minds would become that of scrambled eggs.

Love and Light right back atcha my friends. You have left me filled with excitement, joy and Love. Just what the doctor and the Divine ordered!

Feel us smiling all around you. For each of you in your hearts can pick up on 'our' excitement, joy and Love which is vibrating closer to you than ever before. In Peace we take our leave from your energy this day.

Golden Rays and oh so much appreciation!

Blossom Goodchild

Blossom Goodchild is a professional 'direct voice' channeling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. * *