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The Pleiadian Light: 2012!! And now what?

The Pleiadian Light: 2012!! And now what?
through Hannah Beaconsfield
March 3, 2012

Reaching the year 2012 is a power point for your mass consciousness. It was revealed in your antiquity and carried through your ages as a focal point for change. The dissemination of this information, in your most recent history, through your ubiquitous electronic communications, has created an energy gestalt around this point greatly augmenting its power in support of the predicted transformation.

Arriving at this year in your world's progress, has released this accumulated energy with an explosive force that will speed the integration of the new reality patterns into your world consciousness more swiftly than the already hyper accelerated time flow you are experiencing.

This force is rattling the foundations of so many individuals, institutions, and specificity grouped masses. Beliefs, life values, cultural constructs and the entire mosaic of life on Earth are being shaken up. The first rush of this energy of change can be disorienting or uplifting, frightening or hardly noticed at all, depending on how, when, and where you are receiving it. The next phase of the transformation will involve the processing and integration of these changes, allowing them to find their own level and expression through each world aspect including each human individual.

As the energies shake themselves into a comfortable position, they will begin to express their characteristics through all elements of your world consciousness. What are their characteristics? You know them by heart: Peace, love, harmony, balance, equality and freedom from disease, poverty and violence. If you look at history, especially anecdotal human remembrances (like, ask your grandmother about her world in terms of opportunities, values, and beliefs), you will see that you have been moving toward this transformation with firm steps through the past century.

Prior to that, there were significant high points in which stellar seeds of light were downloaded into your known history: Ancient Egypt, the Golden Age of Greece, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, the creation of the American democratic stencil, and many pinnacles in other civilizations that seeded your history with bright light. These light-times seeped into your world consciousness and incrementally moved you to this point of ascension and a whole new level of consciousness

We are aware that you have some disagreements regarding the numerical designations for your ascension. From our point of view, these numbered density designations are illusions demanded by your linear model of reality. When viewed from a "higher" point of view, the numbers assist you in grasping a progression that is actually a multidimensional integrated element of time-free eternity. In your current reality, it is extremely difficult, actually impossible, to communicate with you without using time or numerical progression-oriented vocabulary.

We will give you our view on your numerical designations. What you call 4D is what we see as the astral or etheric plane that surrounds you, the level to which you ascend after death. On this plane you are freed of many of the restraints of 3D life. However, until you move on to other after life growth levels, you are still an extension of and related to the Earth world culture you have known.

This 4D level is now becoming more accessible to the conscious perceptions of your average Earth resident. Initially, it is through psychics who have an open pipeline to after death levels. And the material is disseminated through your mass media. But, it has always been a part of Earth consciousness, from the earliest cultures, in the belief in an afterlife, which has been called by many different names.

We consider 4D a passing-through level leading to your 5D ascension target. There are other density levels involved and available in this growth spurt, but it would complicate things to bring them in now. We wish to support the intellect you currently depend on for your perceptions of reality.

Once again, from our point of view, the density numbers are arbitrary. You could choose any designations you wish. You might substitute names of fruit to symbolize different levels of growth. Out of banana density and into mango! We are being silly. But we use this to defuse the intense seriousness you attach to these labels and your insistence on absolutes. We do honor your current need for there to be designations that separate the levels of your growth, until you don't need them any longer, and your mental accommodations are unified.

The energies of 2012 are activating and radiating ascension awareness. We will tell you a story about a drama unfolding in which the Powers of Creation (that includes the big "You") are manifesting a complete 5D replica of your planetary world, including you as an individual. The dimensionally shifted replica is gently merging with your 3D/4D model and transmuting it. This is like a film technique in which two similar images overlay each other. One image, though similar, is significantly altered. They merge until the altered one becomes dominant, then, is all that is.

We are giving you this imagery to help you accommodate what is happening. You will hear many different descriptions of this transformational process - absorb them all and hopefully you'll form a picture of your own that will give you support. The time of authorities and gurus is coming to an end. An individual who "knows" will share with an individual who needs to know, in order to spread the learning. You need to take responsibility for your own ascension.

Your 5D aspect operates from a different reality perspective, which, in turn, operates through different values and different relationships with other elements of the same ascended level. We are encouraging you to consider more unified perspectives as you allow your mind to range over the whole ascension landscape. Unified perspectives are inherent to 5D reality reading.

The next bridge to cross beginning this year and into the future involves integrating all the new levels of perception with your current "old world" levels of reality. You can expect that these integrations will emerge within the life activities of the individual. Perhaps you are a physician, an internist. You are highly dependent on a wide range of tests to validate your diagnoses. As your upgrade in consciousness begins to surface in your life, you might begin to see flashes of a patient's aura, and then a more steady auric view. As your ability grows, you observe different colors that surround parts of the body and how this light gives you information regarding different organs. This skill would greatly enhance your work as a diagnostician.

Another person, in a totally different position in life, might begin to develop psychokinesis or clairvoyance or directing energy from their hands for everything from growing better produce to healing the sick. Generally speaking, these parameters of your expanded levels of consciousness will be well beyond the ones with which you currently operate.

Though the acquisition of new perceptions and abilities is intriguing, it will flow from the surfacing of an entirely new way of using your brain - a new way of thinking. This new thought will be the foundation on which your ascended world will be built. However, we cannot describe this thought process for you. It is something you will have to experience and define for yourselves, as it is happening.

Your world is undergoing a delicate transformation, rather than an explosive one. That is the current intent of the big "You." Change entails as many losses as gains and the losses are often very painful. Unnecessary grief can hold you back. You need some kind of vision of what will replace your old 3D world and self. We have endeavored to reassure you that the new ascended self will blend in with the old self in ways that experience life as joyful and create a unified living experience that is positive, satisfying and enriched, based on the old life, but different!

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Hannah Beaconsfield has been channeling for many years, beginning with automatic writing, which she still uses most of the time. In 1989 she began voice channeling with the help of Lyssa Royal and her channeling course. Hannah is a metaphysician, Choreographer, and Artist.

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