Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beyond Letting Go by Matt Kahn

Beyond Letting Go by Matt Kahn

The willingness to let go of the past doesn’t necessarily resolve it. Therefore, as a soul traversing the adventures of space and time, it is essential to explore the innocent heartfelt grace of what it truly means to resolve the past. As this occurs, you may acknowledge everything in reality as a vital key to your greatest transformation, as the light of consciousness playing in form. So often, I hear from many innocent heart-centered seekers who tell me: “I let it go but it didn’t work. It keeps coming back.” This leads many to feel spiritually incapable and can often lead to feeling like a failure, if without the insights that reveal the exact purpose of letting go and how it is merely one step in awakening the bliss of true spiritual redemption. It is very common for a teaching such as “let it go” to be blown way out of proportion. Once a teaching reaches mass consciousness, it is typically overlooked as a piece of a puzzle and instead, misperceived as a new religion to adopt and repeat to others.

Would you dare look into the eyes of someone who has been abused, betrayed, or abandoned and so callously bark at them to “drop their story” and let it go? My hope is that you cringe at the very suggestion, which acknowledges your willingness to no longer avoid the circumstances of your life’s journey, but to learn how to approach it in a more loving way.

While there are many who have found great relief in letting things go, it is because the thing you’re letting go is a fixation, fascination, or obsession with the past. While it can feel quite relieving to let go of an obsession with the past, it doesn’t guarantee the past has been resolved or healed in any way. Certainly denying the validity of experiences by calling it an illusion doesn’t work either. This is why a healing of journey blossoms to the surface throughout your life. A healing journey is not a block or a barrier to your destiny of awakening, but an essential key in unlocking the secrets of the soul, where the willingness to heal accesses the recognition of your true eternal nature. If anything in your reality seems stuck on repeat, it is a reminder that while you may have let go of obsessing over the past, it has yet to be healed and resolved in consciousness.

The way in which the past is healed and returned home to the light of resolution is by learning how to honor it. To imagine the gift of your past or what some refer to as “your story” was only created to offer you something to let go, judge, or deny is a sign of spiritual immaturity. In reality, every single moment in time acts as a sacred gift of experience that assists you in fulfilling the destiny of awakening. Yet, whenever you attempt to fast track your path by thinking everything can just be let go and discarded as irrelevant distractions to something bigger, you are unable to truly open the doorway of life’s most profound realization or access the experiences your willing to deny the gift of life in order to discover.
Suffice it say, you’ll let the past go and no longer find yourself gift-wrapped in the pitfalls of a personal story once it is honored as a vital step in your soul’s journey and resolved with loving-kindness and compassion.

Resolving the past is acknowledging the present moment as a celebration of a series of past experiences that you’ve undoubtedly survived. The fact that you’ve survived all that you endured from the past acts a signal that you are ready to heal it. Healing your past isn’t a matter of trying to throw things away, but learning how to change your relationship with whatever arises. Whether arising as a thought or feeling, you can allow yourself to step to the forefront of your deepest healing journey, simply by saying to yourself, “Given the past you’ve experienced, you have a right to feel this way.” In doing so, every thought and feeling is wholeheartedly embraced and honored with the gift of significance.

To embrace it using this very specific phrase is to acknowledge the fact that it occurred for an important reason. Whenever an experience is not honored as an important step on your road of spiritual redemption, you may find yourself lost in victimhood and out of alignment with your highest destiny by denying how you feel.
Many believe letting things go frees them from victimhood. In reality, you are freed from victimhood whenever you embrace the courage of true heart felt acceptance by acknowledging how you feel. Even if you don’t like how you feel or wish it felt differently, it is an opportunity to stop and say to yourself: “Given the past you’ve experienced, you have a right to feel this way.” When this statement is offered to everything arising in your experience, you shall see for yourself how miraculously your life begins to blossom, as the willingness to honor the past allows the human condition to be transformed for the liberation of all.

This also frees you from the pitfalls of the spiritual ego, where every emotional reaction, physical contraction, or barrage of thoughts is imagined like a rambunctious dog jumping onto the dinner table and ruining the harvest of your long-awaited spiritual experience. Instead, you may see how there are truly no blocks or barriers to your destiny of awakening. It may just be the case of noticing how often you pursue waking up in attempt to escape, avoid, or deny the healing journey that unfolds with purity and perfection, at the rate in which you honor the past you were born to survive.