Monday, March 25, 2013

Messages From Meg Benedicte

The intense Ascension Light Codes streaming from the Great Central Sun are flushing up to the surface of our awareness anywhere we are still engaged with the 3D Matrix of Polarity. Wherever we experience discomfort in our lives will highlight where we still have shadow consciousness running in our mind/body. Teetering in the balance point of polarized (positive vortex of lightvs. negative) forces exists all of our distortion patterns and stuck emotional energy - our human reality is a mirror reflection of our internal condition. We literally operate as a human magnet, humming in a certain range of positive/negative frequency vibration thru the Law of Attraction.
Once we realize we are materializing in physical form in direct relation to our inner conditioning, we begin to recognize the impact of our thoughts, intentions and emotions, as they flow into the mix. If all humans are energetic fields, vibrating to a certain frequency of output, our mental and emotional state is directly affecting the manifestation of our environment. And vice versa!
Based on Quantum Mechanics and Einstein’s Unified Field Theory - throughout time every thought, emotion, fear and belief is stored in our cellular structure…evolving into the blueprint that produces our 3rd-Dimensional image in form. The swirling strands of telepathic DNA code are the conveyors of genetic information that determine our entire physical existence; and can be changed! By correcting the intention of our thoughts, choices and desires we can transform the molecular patterning that creates our human experience.
By establishing a balanced still point inside, it is easier to sense whether external energies have a positive or negative resonance to our personal internal frequency vibration. We are capable of perceiving the harmonic range or baentrainmentndwidth with our internal sensory system, just like antennas picking up incoming radio frequency.
We are designed as human radios, tuning in and picking up where the 3D Matrix of separation is blocking our progress, evolution, and ascension. As the strangle-hold of the dark web of clockwise compression unwinds, we have the opportunity to set ourselves free and bridge into the higher realms of quantum living. When we are aware of polarized shadow consciousness, we recognize the discordant presence and actively alter our reality.
Here are some examples of being plugged into the 3D Matrix:
  • Ego self-absorption, feeling victimized, frozen, no voice, no protective boundaries, immature emotional outbursts, feeling helpless/hopeless, letting others bully and take away joy, allowing others to manipulate with guilt or shame, increasing addictive behavior, avoidance techniques, and leaving the body.
  • Overwhelming fears around survival, rejecting or judging money, acting as slave in servitude to others, emotional/energetic attachments to birth family, emotional expectations from birth family to fill emptiness, desire to leave Earth, and yearning for Twin Flame romance.
  • Physical condition of candida/viral/bacterial parasitic infestation, physical pain/lockdown in joints, body tension, hook or lockdown at back of neck/brain stem, sacrum/root/tailbone, clockwise twist in muscle-skeletal, compromised immune system, and energy drain.
Since the planetary shift to higher 5D unity consciousness last December, the Divine Light is pushing to the surface the parasitic human pattern of feeding on others’ Life Force. This pattern is evident in any internal desire to get Kundalini, Light, sexual energy, money, and/or power from others…and is driven by the shadow consciousness of the ego self. It is a pattern of separation, breeding doubt and insecurity in our own innate abilities to source ourselves.
mirror fragmentWhen operating in the 3D Matrix, the ego’s negative thoughts and emotions cloud our clarity and the stresses of the day infringe on our natural ability to sense and intuit what is aligned with the inner truth flowing into our human radio. Our ego mind continues to deconstruct the stream of incoming data from a handicapped position, blind to the powerful influence of intuition, gut instinct and higher universal intelligence.
Our decision making process becomes dominated by the ego mind, which distrusts and dispels anything it cannot verify with the five physical senses. All incoming wisdom from the Higher Self is discarded as suspect and eventually shut off completely. By our very own minds, we have disconnected and separated from the powerful sensory system inherent to all of humanity. etheric
All it takes is one committed decision to turn off the Ego, and open to the Higher, Wiser Self. By using the Mirror Effect, we have a continual stream of incoming data about our current condition…we can determine what is our energetic frequency, the true nature of our essence, the motivating drive and passions in our heart, and the propelling purpose of our Soul’s gifts. With the Mirror Effect we can begin to trust our own magnetism as the direct link to our Truth! The state of our magnetism reveals inner Soul Presence and whatever remaining 3D shadow for clearing. 
If we can’t trust what we magnetize, then who can we trust? Our inner magnetism is our map, our User’s Manual for manifesting our path and purpose. When we tune inward and connect to the wealth of our inner magnetism, we learn to trust in our inherent ability to attract what we need in every given moment. It is the inner journey into our Divine Oneness!