Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bashar - 7/29/2009 Channeling on Chaos

Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:28 am (PDT)

We know, as we have been saying for quite some time,
that things in your personal lives
and things in your collective reality, your society,
are beginning to become as many of you have observed,
very much more chaotic.
Many things are breaking down.
Many things are becoming much, much, much more magnified.
Many energies seem to be happening all at once.
And we remind you, once again,
as we have said before,
that the key to riding the wave of chaos
is not to resist it
but to allow yourself to know
you are a part of the energy of chaos.
To allow yourself to be chaos
and in becoming chaos
and allowing a new form of organization in,
rather than imposing your old system of organization upon it,
by letting this new idea in
and, as you say, riding it,
going with it,
not resisting it.
you will then, by becoming chaos,
allow the chaotic action
to show you through sychronicity,
what it is you really need to be aware of,
how it is that life will organize itself
using you as a guide post.
The more you allow yourself to become
who and what you are,
the more natural you become,
the more truthful to yourself you become,
the more representative you become
of the facet of the Infinite you were created to be.
Then the easier it will be for your reality
when it becomes more chaotic
to be able to reflect to you
those aspects of the chaos
that have to do with you
and are important to apply in your life
and those aspects of the chaos
that don't have to do with you
and which you can let go of.
These will reveal themselves.
You will see a new organization coming in,
a new organizing principle
that will let you know through synchronicity
which things you need to pay attention to,
which things you can let go of,
which things are no longer necessary in your life.
Things, that perhaps, in the past
you have been taught you need to hold on to.
you now can begin to really let go of
so that you can understand that the most important aspect
of being able to handle the new chaos,
the amplified and magnified chaos,
that is going on in your society
will be to streamline yourself.
let go of excess baggage.
It will seem as if you are becoming, in a sense,
and that you must trim off anything
that doesn't belong to you
or you will not really be able to ride the wave smoothly.
It will be as if you are an airplane
with many appendages
that do not need to be there.
You must become more like a rocket, in that sense,
more streamlined,
so that the waves of chaos can slip past you more easily,
so that you can go through them
and in becoming more streamlined, in that sense,
you'll be able to pass through the "eye of the needle"
in which all chaos occurs
and toward which your society is rapidly heading.
And in that "eye of the needle"
there will be no room as we have said
for things that do not belong to you.
It will have no room to carry through
all of those definitions,
all of those experiences,
that hold you back,
that limit you,
that are defined as something other than yourself.
All of the excess baggage of beliefs
you have been brought up with,
taught to hold on to,
that you do not need,
that weigh you down.
You will have to let go of to pass through
that "eye of the needle".
As things get more chaotic
it will be more tumultuous
and it will be as if
you are being cast about in the wind,
you will not be able to find any kind
of sense of direction
if you don't let go of those things
that allow you not to experience.smoothne ss
and the streamlined motion that you need to have.
So we would recommend
More importantly than ever
you lighten up and let go.
Drop those things that have nothing to do with you....
You do not need them.
They only hold you back.
You must be able now to move more swiftly
because things are going to accelerate even more.
and more.
and more.
and more.
Especially in what you call your next couple of years.
So I would recommend
that you allow yourself now to recognize
you can move much faster,
much more smoothly.
And you can, in doing so,
give yourself the opportunity to be able to see
what's going on around you,
almost impartially,
as if you yourself are almost not involved.
As if ;you are like the eye of the storm
and everything is moving around you,
this is the nature of attached detachment.
As you become more involved
with "true" life
in some ways you seem to become less involved
with life around you.
You will actually be able to become more active if you want to be
but only in those things that are truly representative
of who you are.
The more you insist and remain insisting
on becoming active in ;those things
that have nothing to do with you,
that are really not your truth,
the more difficult it will be for you
to maintain your course
towards that "eye of the needle",
that transition point,
that is coming up very much more strongly,
now than ever before..
Remember that what we are saying here is not metaphorical,
we're talking about real energy..
collective consciousness energy,
that are truly piling on a critical mass,
amplifying itself.
Allow yourselves the opportunity to trust
who you know yourselves to be.
To take a deep breath and sigh.
and in that sigh release those things you do not need,
those things that, perhaps, you have been holding on to
for long time,
maybe for all your life.
that you know you really want to let go of.
Now's the time to really understand
how to let them go,
to let it be all right
to surrender to yourself
and remember again, please,
we will constantly remind you of this
because it is one of the most important things, now,
at this critical time.
That surrendering is not the giving up of something,
true surrender is the total acceptance of yourself,
your true self,
you're not losing anything in the surrender,
the way your society usually means that word..
you are not giving up anything in the sense of loss.
Surrender means to open up,
open up to your total self,
to give in and let go
of the things you think you're supposed to be.
Just be who you are.
It will see you through.
it will see you through.
Allow yourself to let go
for the seas will only become choppier now
and only by being your essential self
will you be able to ride those waves in such a manner
that they will not feel like a storm to you
even though you may observe
that there is chaos of storm all around you.
This is what being in the center is all about.
This is the effect that you get in your life when you do that
in effect,
physically in effect,
But you must let go
and the degree to which you still feel tumbled about
is the degree to which you may still
have ideas that you must let go of,
that are not you.
And so you can use that as a measuring device
to see how well you're doing
in letting go of who you are not
and in accepting who you are,
as you were originally made to be,
created to be:
an Infinite Creator with unlimited possibilities,
who knows that and acts like they know it.
a creative being,
a loving being.
That is all you have to be,
the rest takes care of itself.
because you are creating life through you,
you are experiencing who you are through you,
and as you become clear
and as you become centered
and as you become like unto the "eye of the needle",
then nothing that does not belong
will be capable of passing through you.
You will be your own best filter
and you will filter out that which is not you.
And on the other side of the "eye of the needle"
there will only be
that thin bright light
and thin bright edge,
that is unerringly.unmistak ably,
just you.
just you.
your true essential self.
just you.
That will be all that is left
because that is all there is.
just you.
and this goes for every one of you

~ Bashar