Monday, November 11, 2013

Kerrie O'Connor November 2013

 November Newsletter

Never in all the years of my professional career, have I seen so many people feeling the energetic shifts we are experiencing NOW. Many people are feeling scared, depressed or getting sick. There is the energy of ending, that will allow new beginnings, but people's worst fears can come up when experiencing endings.
When 2012 ended, it was "The End" of a cycle that shaped the way we navigate through life. The years 2013 - 2015 are a major "Bridging" time, a time that is requiring all of us to learn a new way of living. We are learning to live a more balanced, peaceful and healthy life.
Many of us have heard the saying "We are all Angels having a human experience". NOW we are meeting up with our Angel aspect/selves and in the process clearing out the human/ego aspects. We don't want to deny our human aspects. We need to embrace and embody our Angel Self that is in a physical body, to have physical experiences; love, friendship and abundance.
We are waking up to our multidimensional self, but in the process we can feel split, or scattered if we don't know how to navigate through duality, that literally keeps us in a holding pattern of feeling a separation between Angel Self and Human Aspects.
Many people are experiencing this through their relationships. All relationships give us an opportunity to see, connect to other aspects of Creator. All relationships give us an opportunity for learning, there's a saying about relationships that is "Reason, Season, Lifetime", meaning all relationships have a reason (lesson, teaching, karma), some we experience for a season (a time when the "teaching" is done and we have the wisdom to move on if it becomes toxic or negative", and other relationships are meant to be for a "life-time".
We want to remember when we are dealing with relationships it all goes back to us. We are changing our foundation, the way we ground, radiate our God Selves from inside out, meaning that if we want a healthy balanced relationship we have to have that within ourselves first. We are releasing many old patterns, programs where we look outside of ourselves for love and acceptance. We have to go beyond the old programs that self-love is selfish or self-absorbed. We are learning to unconditionally love, accept and forgive ourselves so we can move beyond these deeply ingrained patterns.
So we can be fluid in all of our relationships, remembering that duality keeps us split, in old patterns. As we gather, weld our energies we heal from the split and schisms throughout our energy bodies. I saw this amazing Divine Feminine Being, she was enormous, she had her arms wide open, smiling, radiating this most celestial energy then she moved her arms in a gathering, collecting energy motion. It looked like stars and galaxies were pouring into her heart, opening it then going down her whole body. When it reached her feet she became the galaxies, the universe, then she would appear again with arms extended, gathering in the high frequency energies. She is showing all of us how to gather, consolidate our energy and bring it into our hearts, grounding it into our core, "standing" in the divine celestial energies allows one to "Be IN This WORLD But Not of IT". The Divine Being is a sign of the return of the Divine Feminine energies (that have been off balance for thousands of years). It's the "Return" of the original trinity, the Divine Male, Female and Child. When we get in touch with that within ourselves, we are reflecting and radiating our God Selves within and throughout our energy fields. It's a "Return" of balance, oneness, wholeness, holiness. It is why we came into this lifetime to be able to experience reconnecting to our God-Aspect when we have collectively been "unplugged" for eons.
I say to clients, many times, that we can't be disconnected or unplugged from what we are. We are God/Goddess and each of us has the God/Creator energies. NOW is the time for us to stop acting "small", ego and embody and embrace the divine within and throughout.
As we do this we will change, it will change every aspect of your life. You will be radiating out a higher frequency, which will clear out lower frequencies within and throughout your energy field.
So as the energetic shifts continue, sometimes feeling more intense, NOW is the time to BE, the Creator within and throughout. NOW is the time to work with and use the tools to ground, consolidate and connect to your God-Self, Be-come our true Divine nature. As you do it will help navigate you through this major time of change.
Also, remember to laugh, laughter is the best "medicine". If people could see the energy that radiates out of them when they laugh we would do it more. So, if you're feeling stuck in duality, watch funny movies or shows, gather with humorous people.

The group the Indigo Girls has a phrase from one of their songs "Closer to Fine":
"The best thing you've ever done for me is to help me take my life less seriously; it's only life after all". Reminding us to see through the illusions of separation, duality, be energetically flexible and "skim the lake".