Thursday, November 6, 2014

Meg Benedicte

For the past 6 weeks we’ve been absorbing energy from the life-altering double Eclipses, plus Mercury Retrograde, and intense solar flares…and now we’re integrating the upgrades internally. Eclipses trigger sudden breakthroughs, by helping to remove what is ‘out-of-balance’ in ourselves and our lives. The Grand Cardinal Cross Eclipses in April and the recent October Eclipses are rippling through our energetics – clearing old patterns, beliefs and fears that are preventing our personal Ascension. I’ve already broken 2 glasses yesterday, always a sign of breaking through another threshold point.
Mercury also traveled across the lunar North Node three times this past month, illuminating new energy patterns that may be developing in your life. The moon’s North Node placement works like a schematic of how we are wired. In the book ‘Astrology for the Soul’, author Jan Spiller elaborates on how the North Node reveals our personality traits, our weaknesses and strengths, a picture of our inner wiring. It depicts aspects of our being that were overemphasized in past lives…that dominate our ego personality.
An example of North Node healing has been occurring for the past week in nightly frights, where I’m bolting out of bed in a panic, surrounded by fire, danger or accusers. A past-life soul fragment from the Joan of Arc incarnation is trying to get my attention for healing. She is suffering pain and rage from being maligned, falsely accused and betrayed by the very people she was helping. In the end she was tortured and burned at the stake. This Soul aspect is now in a ‘healing crisis’ and trying to get my attention!
You may be experiencing some similar North Node healing, dealing with deep feelings of danger, betrayal or karmic resolution. Mercury Retrograde recently traveled across the moon’s North Node in Libra 3 times, revealing the dark side of humanity’s selfishness, fear and obsessive control. The moon represents our emotional body, our self-image and our karmic history. We are being prodded to awaken to the dark side of humanity’s self-image, and to heal our own shadow personality and human fragments.
Tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 6th is a Full Moon In the fixed, earthy sign of Taurus. Full moons are harvest time and the manifestation date for the Taurus New moon Eclipse six months ago on April 28th. The earthy Taurus Full Moon is grounding our visions and intentions, and will help us to be tenacious and driven to succeed.
As we continue to break down the oppressive Patriarchal system, we are moving into the UNKNOWN. It is the Void space of the quantum field! For the human ego, the UNKNOWN is frightening and undesirable. We must tap into our intuitive mind (holographic right brain) and follow our Soul’s calling in our heart, so we can move from the dark Void into our new 5D path of Light.
The collapsing Patriarchal matrix has whipped up a global backlash in the collective field, as the dwindling dark forces try to hang on to control. Any backlash will target where we are the weakest, our vulnerable spot. We need to restore our inner Soul strength and heal all wounded fragments to eliminate any weakness to the dark forces in the Astral plane. We are building a strong, cohesive Unified Field as the home for the Soul and human to live as One. As we continue to decompose and deconstruct the Patriarchal framework, we may need some healing with any human fragments or soul aspects that require reintegration.
Stay tuned inward and observe where you feel the weakest, the most wounded…this is where to focus your loving, healing Light. Hold the sacred space of unconditional love around your fragments for healing and remerging with the Soul’s love in the heart center. Pay careful attention to your home, your workspace, your relationships - it will become painfully obvious if you are split, wounded or fragmented and need additional healing. It can be frightening to the human psyche during the decomposition phase, everything looks like it is breaking down. For some it may feel like going thru a mini-death of the human identity and life reality. It could feel like everything is getting stripped away to start anew.
We need to help our human self realize this is the transfiguration phase of Ascension, and we can’t skip this step. All must die in some way and resurrect into a new 5D incarnation, activating the Soul template and divine life plan.
Meg Benedicte
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