Thursday, November 13, 2014

Transformational Opportunities Called Life - Kerrie O'Connor

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

Transformational Opportunities Called Life

My guides showed me an image of humanity waking up like a chick pecking its way out of an egg. When you look at the view from the "outside" it looks like a struggle, you want to help the chick get out of the egg. If you saw it from the inside, you see a baby following the light, finding his way out of its outgrown "home". The shell gave him nutrients, home and protection. As he continued to grow, he didn't fight his new stage of life he keeps on following the light, life and a new "home", just trusting and allowing the process of life and waking up to a whole new reality.

The Guides said we individually and collectively are like the chicks, we have outgrown our "eggs", the nests and all the nutrients have dried out urging us to get out of our "shells" to wake up to a new reality one beyond duality.

We are waking up to "take inventory" in every aspect of our lives. Do our jobs, relationships and environments provide the proper nutrients for us to thrive or are we living in outdated, dried out situations lacking life force the Creator Force?   I was shown whenever we accept that change is a part of living that the Universal Creator energies that is within and throughout us gives us the strength to keep following the "Light" to our next stage in the evolutionary process. It is here that we unlock and wake up to a deep memory of our Divine State which is always guiding us to our next stage of life.

We came into this amazing place called Earth, we "zipped" into the physical bodies to have amazing opportunities to experience and express ourselves as an aspect of Creator/God/Goddesses itself.

When I look back at my own life in the last two years it had amazing transformational opportunities. It's the "ups and downs" that are a part of life. I became a grandmother, the "surprise" birth of my grandson Kayden has been an amazing gift. I have witnessed my daughter, Taylor, become a young mother. A role that she has embraced and embodied. She's grown so much with the love you have for a child, it's indescribable. My son, Richard, graduated from high school and chose to go to college in Florida which at the time seemed far from home in Connecticut

I have been watching my parents' age and deal with health issues, but at the same time witnessed their relationship of support, true friendship and love that comes from being married for 53 years.

I also have lost best friends, relatives and people from my past. At the same time, I reconnected with my very first boyfriend from when I was 15 years old. We are transforming our partnership, while being conscious of not stepping into old patterns.

I want to remind people that life has its transformational moments. So let's enjoy this time and make it a trans-formational opportunity so we can individually and collectively do what we all came down here to do. Reclaim our Divine Holy Essence and embrace and embody the Creator energies and create a New Earth. Where we aren't waiting on someone to do if for us we are all Creators of our own lives NOW it's time to Create!