Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ascension: Wave Three Update: By Michele Cornacchia.

The Ascension process is composed by three big energy waves that can propel the consciousness of humanity in a new dimension/space-time/perception (of reality). Specifically we are speaking of the great evolutionary leap from a third dimensional reality, the ego, separation, illusion, to a fifth dimensional reality, Oneness, Love, truth. Ascension means reconnecting back to our real identity because we become conscious again of the Higher Being we are in this body. Our mind and awareness expand and we no longer are confined by our physical vessel; in fact our soul, which is limitless, and is the energy, the frequency that we are, can be expressed freely. We are receivers and transmitters of informations in the form of light sent through the cosmos via the Great Central Sun and through our Sun. Gamma light can change the human DNA and this is a scientifically proven fact. We are mutating at an unprecedented speed into a new species, reconnecting back to our hidden talents and powers. If you can feel energies, and you can, just stare at the Sun during this times and you will feel what I am talking about. Alternatively, in meditation, or during the day, affirm "I AM connected to the energies of wave 3 now." You will literally blow away! The clarity, the openness of your mind and they energy you are going to receive, will sweep away any blockages in your body!

What is wave 3? It is the third energetic wave meant to align humanity with a fifth dimensional reality. It occurred this summer solstice 20/6/16. The other two have been already received and integrated respectively this spring equinox 20/04/16 and at our last blood moon eclipse 28/09/15. Now all the beings on Earth are aligned to 5D and is only a matter of time before we all become fully aware of this new perception. Why? Because we are all on an accelerated awakening process, which means we are giving ourselves the permission to see, feel, experiment in our own personal life and reality what all this means. And that is up to us; energetically is already a reality, now is just a matter of bringing it into the physical realm too. Since our body is like a radio that is constantly broadcasting a signal - a frequency and the light you receive from the universe- you are, literally, changing and reconstructing this reality -personal and collective- simply by being alive. And, since you are not only your flesh and your bones, understand that it has been a long journey to arrive where you are now! It took thousands of years and life times to get you where you are now, reading this on your screen! Such awesomeness we are! As we move on this path, as we integrate more and more gamma light and change our DNA, our memories will activate, both the multidimensional memories and those of our past lives here on Earth. You are being reconnected with the Akashic Records; here is where the party begins! They are the collection of all knowledge, past, present and future of all that is. Since this is already happening, you can begin to understand the complexity of the being that you are and, maybe, you can consider yourself more because you really went through a lot.

What's next? The energies will begin to stabilize but will remain on a high peak in the following weeks. Now you have to integrate this huge upgrade you received and find out how deep it went and how much this expanded your consciousness. Rest well and drink a lot of water; if you feel tired or drained, in fact, is because of the amount of light your body is processing. As a result more psychic powers will begin to awaken and also I invite you to become a master of your energy, meaning that since you are gaining the ability to move great amounts of it, you have to master this new capacity. When you are, for example, visualizing a bubble of light around your body, be aware that it is not only an image in your mind, you are literally moving and shaping energy into that particular form. Depending on your energy sensitivity you can, literally, sense and feel a force field around you when you do this exercise. This will keep the energies of others out of your field. The more you believe in your power, the more focus you put in this, the deeper the effect on reality and the easier to detect this with your higher senses. Even your healing ability, your ability to be an open vessel for the universal life force, have been boosted. Your aura, your crown chakra, your third eye are fully functioning now; dedicate yourself to balance your energy and remove the remaining blocks. For this reason is useful to ground so that you can release the excess energy to Gaia. Vivid dreams are also usual during this periods. A knowing in you is awakening; you are certain of the way ahead, you can't doubt anymore because your heart developed the ability to recognize the truth, so don't doubt anymore! Your intuition is also heightened due to the energies of the full moon, which, associated with wave 3 can make us over emotional.

I can't stress this enough; it is very important that you are open to the memories that are being activated in you, because it is vital to recognize and use your power, without fear; you need it to be alive 100% and to fulfill your tasks. In this way you can gain consciousness of yourself as a being that is more than just a body and you can understand the process you have been through as a spiritual being through many lives. You can truly be you! The dark energy grid that forced this planet into a lower frequency, that forced it's inhabitants into a limited perception of what exists, has been blown away by this three waves and the crystalline light grid is becoming stronger each day! You are all the great beings of light that came here to change and inform this dark system that you created eons ago! Things are changed, and you understood that the real nature of reality is Life, which is Light, which is Love! You heard the cry of Gaia and you came here to help form other realms and dimensions, from the stars! Keep going starseeds, find your freedom and then share it with the world!

Michele Cornacchia.

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