Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Energy Update - Body Releasing Irritation and Aggravation Energies - by Lisa Brown

Energy Update ~ Body Releasing Irritation and Aggravation Energies
May 28, 2016

By Lisa Brown, 05/27/2016

High frequencies, solar flares to crystalline charging activations to the body releasing irritation and aggravation energies without an actual triggers or anything going on, love filling every cell, peace and brilliance as it does...yet scattered energies as particles re-align make it hard to focus/produce... It takes more focused intention to do heart-brain-work in these energies right now... Plasma gas and physical body upgrades continue, the body continues to release old timelines from the structure, muscles, cells.... Lots of love, nurturing and care for our physical body, sunshine to charge up, time templates have been going through huge upgrades too.... Shifting timelines as fast as we are, everything's dissolving instantly, the moment we allow it to go, let it go, move on and re-focus.... Old timeline physical realities seem but a semblance of an old illusion dream.... not even real anymore... even when it was yesterday or the last few weeks.

Everything is felt by distance.... so the more one's heart is open/connected or closed/disconnected, the closer/further things feel. Realities are the same way, the moment that is done/gone for us, the further away it appears....

Light is how we exist, travel, function.... and when the heart closes, light cannot transmit anymore... When the heart and mind are open, one's energy relaxes, the muscles relax and transmission resumes again.... calling forth the realities we do desire.... for us...

Realities here are very simple, there's not much thought required, unless just observing, appreciating and inJOYing the experience from inside.....

The physical work we DO is a combination of energies, focus, intention and producing that which is most resonate with our soul. The human body does the work, the soul drives the show....

As a Higher Self Multi-Dimensional BEing, we utilize everything here. As Hybrids, we realize we are Spirit/Soul/Light BEings in physical form, fulfilling purposes, missions and roles... playing out the play we chose, yet as humans are not aware of yet.... we realize that all is in vibration.... We do not focus on things that the human aspect does.... WE focus on what is truly important.... Honor, respect, integrity, beauty, love, joy, peace, consideration, communication, contribution, generosity, unity and higher consciousness light. The physical reality is a combination of the ENERGIES that are present within us....

Being truly conscious means being totally present, aware and in command.... from a space of inner power, inner wisdom, inner love, inner everything.... The outside is a solidified projection....

Being responsible means you are aware this is all up to you. Every minuscule particle... you did this... you still and always do. ♥

Right now, beautiful exquisite solar winds.... the Rainbow Bridge, the Light Tunnel, peace and abundance frequencies.... Diamond Light Codes.... all present and magnificent.... Cells and lots of Inner Earth movement..... every day now... super charging through crystalline activations.... breathing life-light through our every cell....

Open up loves... there's sooooo very much more... We've always "just begun".... This IS NEW EARTH... where every nano-second everything is vibrantly A-NEW! ♥

Get used to golden sunrises and sunsets ... we are in the GOLDEN AGE now..... ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Transformational Speaker....



Commentary from The First Contact Ground Crew 5dSpiritual Healing Team:

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