Friday, July 27, 2007

Bending Light and the Great Re-Boot

Bending Light and the Great Re-Boot Aluna Joy Yaxk'in===============================This summer's shift has not disappointed and has not been the least bit boring. If life was a great roller coaster ride, then we are on the best roller coaster in the universe, and it is a whopper! We are loving it and hating it all at once. It is clearing us out, and like a giant cosmic twister, it is ripping open doorways to greater awareness and expansion. Are you as confused by all this as many of us are?On June 2nd, we rebooted the Yucatan Maya Calendar count, and on July 21st, the Kiche Maya Calendar count followed suit by also rebooting. By the time we culminate with the Perseid meteor shower on August 14th, we will be in a triple pressure cooker of transformation. It is cooking our old programs to a crisp! Nothing goes as status quo any more. We can feel deep inside of us that the only way out of this cosmic heat wave is to REBOOT! And this is exactly what we are doing. You may feel like quitting your job, moving to a new area, leaving your partner and even dumping all your material possessions into a huge give-away pile. So if you feeling like screaming and dumping it all (and I mean IT ALL), and running for high country, don't panic . . . you are in good company. : )Living and working in a linearly manner is not happening at all right now. You find that you are scattered at your work. You are a butterfly skipping between one focus and another. You feel compelled to do things that are not necessary or practical. You think you are wasting time and then feel guilty for it. You think you are going in circles. You just can't seem to get any thing done. I am surprised that I have finished this article!If you happen to finally get something done, you find that you have to do it again. Your missing appointments, re-scheduling, re-working, re-ordering, and re-organizing . . . because we are needing re-covery and re-vitalization (I would like to be re-scued - HA!). We need to re-focus and are screaming our for re-assignment. We are about to get re-structured, re-visioned, re-programmed and get re-cruited into new job descriptions.We are finding ourselves cleaning house over and over, re-modeling, re-storing, re-organizing and re-gifting . . . it is a time of re-flippen-everything. We are SO BUSY while feeling like we are doing nothing, and nothing seems right to do. We have been there . . . and done that . . . one to many times. Sometimes we just want to sit down and cry like a baby. The long days of summer have whizzed by like a lightening flash while we find ourselves standing at the same point when the sun rose. Yes . . . this is the space between what was, and what will be, and it is twisting us out.We are finding that we are being attacked once again by old enemies which we had long forgotten . . . and yet old riffs, which we have given up on to heal, have done just that! I am seeing a wave of healings happen between families and friends and also between cultures. I sit here shaking my head at all the crazy shifts in near disbelief. I am surprised that we are still holding on and yet overwhelmed with excitement!It is a convoluted twisted up amazing summer that forecasts an amazing new future that we only have vague clues about. The clues even seem twisted. We can feel the excitement all the way down to our soul, yet our bodies are reeling with all kinds of issues. Some are saying that they feel a pressure in the head with heat radiating off the top. Once again many are feeling waves of nausea but this time around it is more intense. Many say that they are having ringing in the ears now in multiple frequencies.Lung issues are on the rise, like choking and hoarseness, which are creating oxygen level drops in our bodies. Don't hold your breath - BREATHE - BREATHE - BREATHE! Lower back issues and all over aches and pains have come back with a vengeance. Feeling dizzy? . . . . like some one shoved you sideways and you can't stand up straight? Plus we can't seem to stop yawning! What is with that I ask?Weird sudden issues with the thyroid are also on the rise. Maldek, Atlantis, Hiroshima . . . and the misuse of atom splitting technologies have echoed into many of our thyroids from our present and past lives. So we might have a huge increase of thyroid issues. Empaths . . . take care of your glandular systems.At the extreme, there is a rise in many choosing not to stay here any longer, and many are in the process of saying "good bye" to parents, and other loved ones. Many people, who never get depressed for any reason, are feeling like quitting life. And quitting life is just what we need to do in order to make this shift. If we hang on to what we have known, we close doors to what is out ahead of us. I am not saying to end your life. NO WAY. You came here to see this shift and all the amazing things that we will experience together. What I am saying here is that we are loosing our attachment to things and this world. This is why you are becoming bored and want to quit. This really is a good thing!Right now we don't know if we are coming or going! We want to LET GO, to GIVE UP, and RE-BOOT. And WE ARE! This is the great re-booting. HOLD ON . . . your divine destiny is being downloaded as you read this. Hang on . . . the roller coaster ride, of which you have no control over, is about to coast to a gentle stop at a new destination. Soon we will enter this new world, hand in hand, and we will say "WOW! . . . what a ride that was." We have placed our power and focus towards a wonderful future. Don't give up now . . . just close your eyes and don't look back. There is nothing else to see . . . now jump!This ride IS you and I entering a new dimensional density. When you enter a new dimensional density, you have to BEND . . . And bending we are. Our LIGHT is bending. Yea, it is causing some weird stuff to happen in and around our consciousness and bodies, but you know . . . deep down . . . you know the ride will be well worth it!The Star Elders asked me to explain . . . Light travels in a straight line. But when Light, your Light, enters a different density or dimension, it BENDS as it enters the new density or dimension! Like when a ray of light traveling through air enters a heavier density like water, you can actually see the light bend. Light bends because it travels at different speeds through mediums of differing densities. The denser the dimension the light is traveling through, the slower the speed will be. The lighter the dimension the light is traveling through, the faster the speed. Yep you guessed it! We are speeding up aren't we?Another example . . . If you are riding a bicycle on a paved road and it turns to a gravel road, you will slow down, and the new surface will also bend/shift your direction before you can re-correct your path. The opposite is true also. Your bicycle will re-correct its course once all of its tires are on the same density or in this case, the same road or dimension. Depending on which side of the bicycle you were putting the most weight on, as you hit the gravel, is the way your bicycle will bend toward. The same is true for the light that is bending within you. If are you putting your weight, power, and focus on the positive, you will self correct into a lighter and higher place. If you place your power and focus on what is wrong with this world and with your life, you will bend toward more of the same. I don't suggest that you do this. : ) The universe listens to ALL of you. It listens to your actions as well as your intentions and wishes. The Star Elders say "If you want to bend your light to enter into the higher dimensions, you better start acting like it!"Waves and vacillations of bending light is unplugging and re-plugging, un-grounding and re-grounding us back and forth from this dimension to a slight higher frequency over and over. Bit by bit we learn to adapt to the higher frequencies. I think this is one reason many of us are called to sacred sites. This is exactly what sacred sites do. This planetary pulsing used to happen to us only every once in a while. Now we are pulsing every few minutes, and in sometimes cases, every few seconds. This gives us little glimpses of a new orientation point of a new and higher dimension. The Star Elders say that we are not feeling oriented yet, but this IS all part of the process. Bending light causes temporary mirages (illusions) and distortions as it bends, thus the reason for the distortions that we are seeing in our lives and the world. So remember . . . don't water the weeds . . . water the flowers. Be a good gardener of the spirit.So the bottom line is simply that me/you/we are bending, changing course . . . shifting. It is not so comfortable and I know that you know this already. But it helps for me to rant on about it, and get it off my chest, because I am SO READY to let it go. and get on with it, for this is a great and amazing adventure that we are embarking on! It is about time! YAHOO! It is a wild ride for sure.**Excerpted from: CENTER OF THE SUN NEWS Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic who inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God.Aluna Joy Yaxk'in PO Box 1988 Sedona, AZ 86339 Website: E-MAIL Ph:928-282-MAYA (6292) *