Monday, July 16, 2007

Fire The Grid Videos from Shelley Yates

I only had to listen to the first video to know that Shelley Yates is a great soul, who has spent her tragic life for this particular important moment in time. I was absolutely rivetted to her message, and every word carried an energy that told me that this dear soul is so honest and loving. She was clearly inspired, and I have not been so excited for a long time at the message she gave. It was dynamic and powerful with a clear instruction as to what each individual can do to "Fire the Grid"We are in the time that we can exercise our own power to determine the future of Mankind. So many times our friends in Spirit/Space have told us of the power of thought, partcularly when many souls come together in a common cause.The 17th July will be our day, and the first of many when we shall take back our sovereignty, our dignity and freedom.In Love and Light. Mike.If for any reason you cannot open these videos, visit Shelley's website on Shelly Yates videos on "You Tube"8 Parts: