Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Energies For July 2007

July 2007.As we prepare to move into July 2007 we have noticed that during the last days of June we went through another huge detoxification/releasing process. Many of us have had inexplicable itchy skin etc. Be grateful, because this is all that needs to be coming to the surface to be released and it is just one of the ways that our physical body is finding to release the old. Recently we are noticing an increased vibration in different parts of the body, especially the lower chakra's and the legs flowing down and out through the feet chakra.If you are experiencing this know that you are not only being assisted to ground YOURSELF fully, but you are also acting as a portal for the energies coming in and also your creations are taking form through these vibrations, you are transferring them into Mother Earth. Remember, she is as much a part of us as everything upon her. Lovingly sharing this energy with her is helping ground the energies, integrate them and so raising the vibration of all that reside upon her. Merge with her heart as you are doing this and you may well see her smile lovingly back at you. We do! Also, many of you will be noticing an increase in the messages from numbers, your clocks etc. Yet again the 11.11 or 1.11 seems to be popping up everywhere. We love the way our guides and angels whisper in our ear to look at these signs. They are there to let you know to be alert, that new experiences are opening up for you. Enjoy them. If there are other numbers that are showing up regularly, you might want to visit Doreen Virtues site. What ever you do this coming month do it with all your heart and full of passion, it will deliver the results you desire..While wondering what we were going to write about for this energy update, other than of course the major upcoming events several things were placed on our path. As we move through this energy report we will share them with you as we received them. The MAIN TOPIC for July is undeniably about FREEDOM.A day before sitting down to write this report I received a link to a movie and as always I was curious, so I watched it. The Movie is called "ZEITGEIST". We are not going to give you the link to the film yet because we know a lot of you are impatient and would go directly to the link. (huh? Why Not? We hear you all saying in indignation. chuckle, just kidding.) We first went to the movie that is hosted through Google which takes a few minutes of talking before the images actually start to appear, so please be patient if you watch that version. We didn't give you the links straight away because we felt to need to warn those of a delicate disposition. There are many images inside this movie that are to say the least very disturbing. There is information inside this film that if you are of a religious disposition it might well shake the foundations of your beliefs. If you trust and believe in your governments, then at the very least it will raise doubts in your minds. If you trust the financial corporations? Then it throws a completely different light/dark on those too.After watching this movie, we sat for a while and felt what effect it had had on us? We must admit it had us held in a depressed state of being for a while. Even though we have heard everything before, the way this is portrayed goes to the very core of your being. We had to wonder for a while whether perhaps the very people who seek to control us might have actually created this movie? In truth, it would not surprise us as they have come to a place that they feel they are untouchable and all powerful. Does it really matter? We feel that the purpose of this movie is to place potentials in front of us whereby as always we may choose to believe what we desire to believe This in its self fits our message for July: "FREEDOM" Freedom to choose from the heart/love instead of the mind/ego or fear.YOU are free to choose. Just as we have taken space and time to share this movie with you, we ask you to use your own discernment and share it forward if you feel your friends and lists should at least have the personal choice of knowing and making new choices.We will provide you with the links to the movies at the end of our energy report for very obvious reasons.You could be forgiven for asking yourself why we would begin our July energy report with such a powerful thought provoking movie. Well, now that we have had a few hours to absorb what the movie did to us, we are making the choice from a conscious state of knowing and you who are reading this message are at that same or similar place. We realized that this movie is all about the human state of being that we are now choosing consciously to rise above. It is the perfect personification of DUALITY in all its ugly forms. Please don't misinterpret our message here as duality has served its purpose in humanities evolution and humanity still has the free will choice whether to remain in it or step above it. We are ever more convinced that our convictions and many of our previous messages relating to "TRIALITY" consciousness are/were the right choices for us.You see! We can also choose to remain in duality consciousness with all of its entrapments, fears, illusions and limitations, or we can choose to work in Triality consciousness where there are no limitations on what we can do or create. Add to that we know that this kind of project is supported in wondrous, magical ways by our friends/family in other dimensions. So we can say with a heartfelt YES, that it is for Triality evolution where our choices lay.Over the years we have worked with and run an online community that we had created for the purpose of soul evolution. We felt at a certain point that it was time to bring it out into the physical world. It is for this reason that we are now being guided to take the first tentative steps in creating what we are being asked to give the name: "Centers for Triality Evolution". In the past few weeks we have created a pdf file that will give everyone a glimpse of the intentions of these centers. is our desire to have a combined, natural and alternative methods, inner and outer wellness. Essentially we desire to create a space where everything that may be required for all levels of healing/growth can be found under the one roof. Remember, this is a tentative effort at placing it in the pdf file. It is our wish that others around the world who hold a similar vision will add to what we have placed there. It is our wish that even though you may not desire to be a part of such a center you will add it in to your prayers. We would love you to pass the message on to others so that we may bring it powerfully and fully into focus by the many that these centers are created all around the world.Note: It is our intention that these centers are owned and run by those working in them. It is our hearts desires that they are created all around the world by groups that are fully focused on Triality consciousness, it is our desire to assist in making them visible within the minds eye or the hearts desire. Once that is achieved we can leave it up to the universe to weave the magic.Moving into July there is certainly a huge opportunity to put your/our intentions/desires out to the universe. The 7th of the 7th month in 2007 is another pivotal point in humanities evolution.All that you have transformed and activated within you is being increased on this day. The magnetic/electric, feminine/masculine is being boosted even more and therefore also your Triality consciousness, or in other words your remembering who and what you are. Your God selves. In this increased God self state you will find your creations/manifestations are also speeding up and flowing ever more effortlessly which is great news for those who are focusing on for instance projects like the Centers for Triality Evolution. For those who have not yet remembered your purpose for being here in this incarnation you might well notice that all kinds of feelings, insights etc are coming to the surface for you to take a look at. How to recognize them? They will feel familiar and make you feel good. Focus your thoughts, prayers, meditations on them and allow the universe to work its magic for you. Be aware of the synchronicities that are sure to increase around you. You will find that the more you allow and enjoy these experiences the more powerful they will be. Here again a profound sense of freedom will be felt for in truth you are indeed setting yourself free from the shackles of this 3d illusion. Tip: Merge with the Christ consciousness in your heart, connect to your mighty I AM presence, and ask our beloved Germain to blaze the violet flame through you. This will bring forth the God-self Love sensation, assist your thoughts to be connected to your higher self and purify your thoughts. Anything that flows through will always be for your greater good and the greater good of the ALL.We feel that the 21st of July will also be a significant date. When you add this up it comes back to a 3 or a 1, which is again all the master elements within you. (divine feminine, divine masculine, Triality/god-self) The whole date adds up to a 1 which is always a new beginning and we feel for many of you this date will indeed herald new beginnings. 21 = 2+1=3, and then the whole date = 21-7-2007 = 2+1+7+2+7= 19 = 1+9 = 10, 1+0 = 1 equals new beginnings.During the whole of the month of July you truly are being set free. You will experience freedom. Many are leaving the old behind, those who have been sat on the fence are now being pushed either one way or the other, the hard way or the easy way. Which ever way, trust and know that it is making you take action so that you will have the freedom you desire.Your 4 bodies are increasing their vibrations which in turn is raising the vibrations in your energy fields, raising your vibrations on a cellular/molecular level etc. Remember the saying so above so below? So within, so without? Well this is what is happening. You are drawing heaven to earth, creating and manifesting through love and anchoring them, that what is changing within you is manifesting on the outside. Whether it appears to be good or bad, simply allow it to unfold. The end result is FREEDOM. Freedom from the shackles of the old that has held you back for so long. Enjoy the experience and you will enjoy the transformation, enjoy the transformation and you will enjoy the results.