Friday, September 12, 2008

Future Vision and the Rapidly Expanding Energies on the Earth Plane

Future Vision and the Rapidly Expanding Energies on the Earth Plane
by DL Zeta

As energies on the Earth plane transform rapidly, many are reaching out to understand the changes taking place and where they are leading. Opening to "future vision" makes it easier to "plug in" to the expanded energies now abundant on the Earth plane. These energies are helping an ever increasing number of beings experience moments of expanded consciousness and inner vision.

We define future vision as those moments when the conscious mind is able to see through that which obscures the essence of one's true being. Inside these moments, the future of life on Earth as well as the next step on one's spiritual path is revealed. It's not difficult
to recognize these moments. They are accompanied by a heightened sense of perception and elevated feeling states. These moments may only last a few seconds, but within each second, all of eternity is revealed. In this way, time is experienced "vertically" and one second is equal to days, months and even years of linear, horizontal experience.

Linear Time Versus 'Fluid' Time

The conscious mind tends to view time in a linear fashion. This is usually accompanied by a tendency to compartmentalize time in a way that sees both past and future as "inaccessible." We have said all time is one moment experienced incrementally in consciousness. As you expand your conscious awareness, you are able to perceive other points of focus within this all-encompassing moment of now. From this perspective, it's easy to see how events occurring in both "past" and "future" are accessible and alive within your present moment.

As you gain access to these other points on the map of your own consciousness, you are able to see how they interact with and influence your present moment. You are probably well aware of how moments from the past exert an influence on the present. However, most people are not as aware of how they are influenced by future moments In fact, events crystallizing in your near future are already sending out waves of energy that cast a sphere of influence that extends in both directions - past and future. This is because time is fluid, allowing energy to flow in all directions. Future happenings affect your life and awareness as much as past events. In some cases, you are more affected by future events because they exist in your subconscious and are not always recognized in the way you are able to "pull-up" past times and understand the influence they exert.

Future Vision and Manifesting Abundance

On the Earth plane, it is easy to forget your connectedness to all things and feel yourself marooned on an island of linear consciousness. In fact each being is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and multi-connected. When you open to consciously embrace the
many-layered aspects of your being, you are able to tap into a much wider and deeper range of conscious perception. Your entire life is filtered through your conscious perception. You get what you perceive, in other words.

Many of you regularly receive "downloads" of information you aren't fully acknowledging or using. These downloads enter your consciousness and sometimes become lodged in a "bottle neck" of unprocessed emotional energy and erroneous belief systems. This keeps abundance, insight, inspiration, love and all that you've been dreaming of from manifesting in your physical reality. Learning to recognize the sources of vision and higher consciousness you regularly encounter can help you learn to embrace and utilize these all-important tools.

Sources of Future Vision and Channeled Consciousness

While the conscious mind tends to believe it is the source and originator of all thoughts and ideas, this is not always the case. Many people tend to "channel" half if not more of their existence. Some of those incarnated channel 80% or more of their thoughts and
ideas. By "channel," we mean that information, guidance and ideas arrive in the mind from sources beyond physical existence. These
sources include spirit guides, angels, the higher self, past, future and parallel life aspects, and the Akashic Records. Those beings who
identify themselves as "channels" have come to recognize this process; the fact that a person doesn't identify themselves as a channel does not mean it isn't taking place. It is only through awareness that one becomes aware of this process and is able to consciously work with the information they receive.

This process has always been at work in your world, though there is an energy of awakening now that has greatly facilitated the flow of
energy between the higher realms and the Earth plane. More people are waking up and learning to cultivate and make use of this natural cosmic flow.

There are numerous "sources" of future vision. Your higher self regularly downloads moments of future insight and vision into your
consciousness. Another source of future vision comes through the fluid nature of time which contains the essence of time past, present, and future. Another source is channeled through your guides and angels, and from the Akashic Records. All these sources can be tapped and accessed by expanding your conscious awareness of them. It is by opening to moments of future vision downloaded into your consciousness that you are able to start aligning with the vision for the New Earth. By recognizing the "channeled" nature of your own conciousness, you are able to expand your awareness of the sources of spiritual information. As you learn to more fully utilize these downloads, you are able to perceive events setting up in your present moment and follow their development through time to view the shape of the New Earth. As you better understand the changes currently taking shape, you will understand your role and purpose within the transition times ahead.

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