Thursday, September 25, 2008

SaLuSa: Soon there will be irrefutable proof

SaLuSa: Soon there will be irrefutable proof
that you are not alone in this Universe

Even by your measure of time, there is not long to go before you will get a clear indication of where Humanity is going. There are events that are approaching manifestation that will be the precursor of greater happenings, that shall lead you in a different direction to what you are used to experiencing. You are being helped to break away from the iron grip of the dark forces, and this is vital if you are to tread a different path that shall allow you full expression in the Light. As you rise up from the lower vibrations, so you are creating a new energy field around you, and eventually will be totally protected against intrusions from them.

The raising up of your consciousness is a process that you can contribute to by being aware of all of your thoughts and actions, ensuring they are of your highest expression. As you progress, you will attract even higher energies to yourself, and in so doing will help others also awaken. Your presence is all that is required to perform this service, on behalf of those who still dwell in the lower vibrations. Some will remain rooted in them and unable to break out. They will not be deserted, but allowed to continue through their freewill choice.

Part of your reason for coming to Earth was to experience separateness from the Source, and in the end-times that you are now going through to grasp the opportunity to ascend. It is of your choosing, and as your consciousness expands to reveal the truth you must live according to your highest understanding of upliftment. Once you are on the path to Ascension, many dear souls from the Light will accompany you for the remainder of your journey. You have never been alone, but as often as not have been mired in the dark energies and unable to fully respond to the Light.

This particular period of time is drawing many Beings to Earth, who desire to help you overcome the many obstacles across your path. Rigid belief systems are a major difficulty to overcome, and it is so essential that you allow for other beliefs to expand your understanding. If not, many revelations that are about to enter your consciousness will be missed opportunities to break out of the conditioning that has held you back. Soon for example, there will be irrefutable proof that you are not alone in this Universe. Extraterrestrial craft are no strangers to your Earth, and contact with them is quite normal. What will be different is that the event of the 14th October sighting will happen in such a way that it will be undeniable, and open the door to First Contact.

From hereon, think in a more expansive way that allows for the unity of Man, and his counterparts from all parts of the Universe. You are All One, and it is time to welcome them to your Earth not as strangers or aliens, but your friends. You are One in the Light of the Source of All Life, and your destiny is to once more to become a pure Being of Light. Without the assistance of your ET friends, Man would have been unable to progress thus far. In time you will understand the truth of their presence, and how they have greatly helped you to evolve according to the Divine Plan that has guided them.

As we have often informed you, fear is the greatest obstacle to your enlightenment, and your dark forces play upon it. See beyond their attempts to intimidate you, and take your focus away from the activities of the Light. Some events are natural and real enough, and physical changes will continue to take place. However, others are intentionally brought about to continue the assault upon your senses to cause confusion and despair. Look further ahead and see that the present conditions cannot remain much longer, without a major change of direction. The dark is already beginning to implode upon itself, as it has no place whatsoever in the New Age. The Light is rapidly manifesting upon Earth, and drawing ever closer to the moment when the new Earth shall come into being. It will be with all of its glory, fully restored and fit for the sovereign Beings that shall have been lifted up.

There should be no concern about anything of value that will be left behind, as nothing of the 3rd dimension vibration can take its place in the higher ones. You will eventually use your own powers of creation to bring into being absolutely anything that gives you joy and happiness. There will be no loss to mourn over, and you will enjoy an existence of wonderful peace and great satisfaction in the company of Souls of Light. The times upon Earth will seem distant, and only those moments of utter love and upliftment will remain in your awareness. Think and meditate upon these things, and you will find a certainty within that knows the Truth in this connection.

We say be aware of what is going on around you, but stand back and deflect the lower energies back to their source by placing the golden white Light around you. Everything is energy, and therefore you have the means to combat any unwelcome energies so that they do not affect you. There will be difficult times ahead but you can soften the blow, if you approach them in the knowing that great changes are coming that will advance you beyond any lasting effect. Everything is happening so quickly with some speed as the new energies begin to manifest the new Earth. It is happening now, and therefore much of the old must make way for it.

Be of good cheer and help others to overcome their fear, by pointing out that a cleansing is taking place that is necessary to enable the new to manifest. Death and destruction are inevitable, but you will learn that nothing happens by chance. All souls decide how they will leave Earth and they accept it without any trauma or regret, as there is a time set for the completion of each souls life period. One life is but a brief moment of time in the whole scheme and plan for Man. The present one is however most important for those who seek the path of Ascension, and even that is known within the souls subconsciousness and will drive them onwards.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and come with greetings from the Galactic Federation, and much joy at the thought of your soon to come experiences of our craft, as they come close to Earth. Our actions are all in the cause of Love and Light and to ensure your safe arrival at journeys end, and Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey