Friday, September 12, 2008

Living in the Fifth Dimension

Living in the Fifth Dimension
The Divine Feminine in Oneness and Wholeness
through Leigha Rose Starr

It has been requested that we answer a question, one that has been posed in response to some of the messages that have been brought forth. The question is, 'What does living at Fifth Dimensional Levels, while still in physical body on the Planet, look and feel like?"

You have been encouraged to know that you are entering the Fifth Dimension, the Planet is entering the Fifth Dimension. You have also been encouraged to bring that forth in your dream fields, in your experience so that you may create it in your life. Much like they talked about in the Secret, to make it yours, to touch it, feel it, taste it, know it.

How do you do that when on the conscious level you feel that you lack perception of what that is? One way of expressing it is, first of all, to tell you that you have experienced it. When you are in the midst of an experience, especially one of those synchronized, energy aligned, Spirit aligned experiences, to use your phrasing, you have experience what it is to come forth to the Fifth Dimensional levels and layers.

One way of being aware of it is, it is like the light goes up, you'll be sitting in a room or in a space and all of a sudden the light is brighter, visually, it is like someone has turned up a rheostat. The colors are purer, there is an intensity of the energy that can be described as higher or finer, there is greater clarity, there is more of an open heart, open mind feeling in your experience in that moment.

It is as if everything that you experience is brighter, lighter, clearer. The interaction with energy is such that it is like you can taste it and feel it in ways that you may have not been available to in your awareness before.

You could call it an expansion of your senses in the field of energy that you are living in, and that is what it is, it is a greater opening, a more thorough processing of that which you are experiencing in that moment. Feelings, oftentimes are more comfortable, rarely but occasionally, more uncomfortable.

Attractions are stronger, you are more attracted to something or you may feel more repulsed by a particular is not so much that you are repulsed, (you) just choose not to go into that place. Generally, that is a situation or a feeling that is denser, and that if you go into it fully you will come down in your experience, you will feel 'numbed out' or 'dumbed down' as some people have called it.

What has happened in these instances is, the senses have opened and expanded in a vibrational flow that could even be described as 'cleaner' and 'clearer.' When you feel a heart connection with another Being or situation, instead of just feeling good, it literally brings in a warmth of energy that fills you and surrounds you.

You are aware of all that is around you . . . if a breeze I blowing, you are consciously aware of it and experience it in greater dimensionality that you had been a moment before. Another indication is, that if you stop to analyze, to name, to give words to what you are experiencing, generally you are 'out' of that experience, you have removed yourself almost invariably. So, analysis of it usually comes after the experience. Again, when you start mentally processing and analyzing it.

There are fine points where you can expand the senses consciously, for instance, you have in that experience a flower. You can go, 'Wow, what a beautiful flower! Oh, how wonderful it smells!' There is a layer and level where you can subtly expand the senses and experience it even more, make more of a connection. In doing this, it is where there is a conscious awareness that comes from the mental experience, united in the Greater Beingness.

As long as mind and logic reasoning senses are separate in the experience, then it will stop the experience, the experience will cease at that layer and level, it will go to lower vibrational level. So the vividness of the colors, the intensity of the vibration, the enhanced feeling of perception will dampen down when you go into an analytical place.

So, at least initially, we suggest that you simply experience and refrain from identifying, analyzing, putting limits on your experience. In this time and place, these lucid experiences are very fleeting, and yet for many these lucid experiences are becoming longer, more intense, more expanded in the experience to the extent they are creating what for many is a like a lucid dream field. And you may call it that if that is where you are comfortable.

We would say that you are expanding, you're expanding in layers and levels around you, it is bringing forth your ability to be comfortable in and to spend greater periods of time in these higher, finer vibrational fields. Like with all things, if you choose to focus on and spend time in a denser vibrational flow, it will become easier to go there.

And the initial introduction to these fields, oftentimes are through your media, something you have perceived on television, in your news reporting of all types, as part of movies, maybe a heavier vibrational field. The more attention, the more perception is placed there and continues to be placed there, the more that becomes your reality. All who encounter this message have experienced this.

Part of the Creation experience is that where you place your thought, your words, your feelings and we would add, your perceptions, is where you create and you bring more and more of it into your experience. This is the arena where you have the greatest choice, at this time in your Human experience.

Many of you have pointed out that there is much that is going on in your world that you have little or no choice in, and in your experience, this is true. What we would point out is, you do have choice as to how and at what layers and levels of vibration you choose to experience what is going on in your lives in the world.

An attitude of appreciation and gratitude for whatever it is that you choose to experience will bring it into a higher, finer vibrational field. For instance, you may be walking across a field that has experienced a lack of water, this has happened in many parts of the world, of late, in many of your lives. The plants have begun to deteriorate, the trees, the bushes have pulled their energy back and into the Earth, so it may be brown and dry and just deteriorate into dust under and around your feet.

To focus on that is to perceive lack, to fail to see the life that is present, to establish a perceptional field between yourself and the Earth beneath those plants that is cut off, all because you're aware the field is suffering from a lack of water. You can reach out and perceive the creatures that are in dire straits and dying for lack of food and water, including some humans.

Now you can experience that same field with an equal amount of intensity, probably even more (intensity) if you feel where its at and feel what its like when it receives the moisture it needs. Rain may not be what you can feel, but you can feel the dew and bring in that moisture. You can still feel the humidity and bring that in, and as you walk across that field, begin to feel the life, the flexibility of the plants, of the grass, the fullness of summer when the fruit is coming into its greatest fruition.

You may begin to hear the insects and see the stirring reptiles and bugs, and as you walk across that same field, expanding your senses, at a higher vibration, a finer vibration, you may even come to a point when you find a little stream trickling through, or a slight burst of shower. Give gratitude and appreciate what you are in the midst of.

You will walk into a higher, finer vibration of that same land and you may even walk into a vibrational field where everything is clear, pure, cleaner. Remember this and the sense of experience of fullness and expansion is yours. Now some would say that you're walking into an alternate reality, and as things are perceived and defined with language, that would be at least in part, true. But as you define it and wrestle it with your language, you would find you are moving out of that green space, and that place of plenty. To identify lack, it happens.

Yet as you say thank you, and express gratitude, there is the intensification of higher and finer vibration. As you feel with your memory, the droplets of moisture upon your body, it will begin to create. As you focus on the dryness, the lack, your skin will transmit to you signals of drying out, of needing moisture. And you can hear it, smell it, feel it, taste it, touch it, either way you choose to go!

This Instrument has described sitting on a beach and watching birds fly over the ocean and they are present as they come in from the left, they disappear, like they 'bleep out' and then down to the right, they come back in. This is how close the vibrational flows feel as you experience it.

To walk into, to reach out with your senses to the different layers and levels of flows will give you the sense that you are seeking the awareness, the experience of what those differing vibrational fields are. It is as simple as sitting on a beach and walking the space (where) those flows are. Do you feel different when you go into the space where the birds disappear, or are you so intent on what you are doing that you are blocking out, what for you are subtle changes of flows?

The same with walking across the dry field, is there a place where for you it becomes a doorway into something that is different? Where everything is different? Or do you allow yourself to shift in you awareness, expand your awareness and go into vibrational fields that are right there with you that are subtly to massively different?

Fifth Dimensional Reality is really quite close and quite similar on this Planet, to what you are experiencing now. It is a higher, finer vibration where the Harmonics are purer, where the Tone and Form resonates in that Purer vibration. You will find it is a place where what Humans describe as Love is experienced in a bigger way that what you experienced most of your life at this layer and level.

It is as if everything tastes better, is cleaner and clearer, is purer and your connection to whomever or whatever you encounter in these vibrational flows is a heart based connection. The very cells of your body speed up and vibrate consistently at the faster, finer level, when you are in Fifth Dimensional experience.

If you're driving down a road in a dusty, dirty car, and you enter an area that is vibrating at Fifth Dimensional reality, the car will be cleaner in that layer and level, it will function in perfection. It may be a rattletrap, but while it is in that layer and level, it is functioning at a higher functional level, or it will not function at all...depending on the vibration of the car.

You will find that if you were hungry and thirsty as you went into this field, that will abate, and the food and drink that you consume while you are there is the best you have ever encountered! The dying rose laying on the seat next to you in the car will suddenly become bright and alive and in bloom!

When you leave that (vibrational) field you will feel heavy, like you have entered concrete, and the rose will be dead. The car will appear to be as dry and dirty as it was before you went in, and you might pat yourself on the head and say, 'Wake up! What were you doing? Dreaming while you're driving the car!

And we would say, that this dream is an awake dream, a future as you call it, which is in truth, your reality and available to you in this moment and every one that follows! Now, do you have to go out and drive a car searching for where these places are? No, because the higher, finer vibrations are with you, wherever you are.

The value of removing yourself from that which is known, that which is habitual, that which is your perspective, your world. When you move yourself out of those knowns, then you open yourself up to un-known! Many have been afraid, you've been taught to be afraid of change, of shift.

You are comfortable in your world even with much discomfort, pain, disease, death, dysfunction and distortion. But you are comfortable there because it is what is known. To shift this, is to choose to explore beyond the known. In doing so, even for a brief moment, is to expand the possibility for yourself and for others.

To continue to be willing to experience those higher, finer vibrations, be it in your known places or in those in which you explore, is to begin to experience the Dream, your piece of Fifth Dimensional Reality, your piece of what some have called Heaven on Earth, or the Dream, the Golden Dream.

For in those layers and levels, there is an absence of fear, for you are out of them (layers and levels that contain fear.) To feel, to experience that absence of fear, even for a moment, is to give you a connection point, a taste, a feel, a smell, and it is like your hook, your connection into that field. You can go back at any moment, you can place yourself there by remembering moments of Joy, expansion, love.

And should you have a small repertoire of those experiences to call upon, ask your own Christed Self, and everyone of you have one, your own Angel to assist you to experience those kinds of experiences and moments so that you can focus on them. You can perceive these access points and travel through them.

The more you allow yourself to experience, to spend time in these experiences or the memories of them, the more you create your entry from this world as you know it, into the Fifth Dimensional level, the Heavenly Realm. Whatever your language is, the Pristine Forest, that Perfect Divine Moment as you experience a sunrise or sunset, the Oneness you feel with another when you share these experiences.

It's there, you have it, we've attempted to help you identify it and when you place your desire, your gratitude, your choice in those moments, they come more frequently and for longer duration. Our caution is, choose to leave fear behind, choose, refrain from identifying "Oh, I'm having a moment!", for in doing so, you are out of it. Simply allow, express your love and gratitude and breathe, calmly and quietly for that will assist your physicality to move in to these moments.

We hope that this has been of assistance, for every one of you who even thinks about it and listens to these experiences, are assisting in bringing forth a Shift in Planetary Experience.

What I can tell you is this Shift has happened, is happening and will continue to happen. And each and every one of you has choice in these layers and levels.

My Brothers and Sisters, enJoy! For this is a very large part of the reason for being here, in these bodies, in this space at this point in the Flow!

Thank You!

The Divine Feminine in Wholeness and Oneness.

After the channeling was complete, Leigha began to feel the Energy with her, as she talked the Being again blended with her, and began to speak . . .

What I'm perceiving is an energy that is around me, surrounds me, I feel part of it, but it is beyond what I know as myself, my identification of that. It is energy that is creative, it brings forth creations, it feels feminine, it is feminine, and it is dancing. It is dancing in the vibration, the Light, the Tones of Creation. . . All of Creation.

It is an Energy that contains Joy, it is Grace. Within it, are experiences of creation, moving and growing and coming forth, of ending, of completion, of sadness, of grief, of loss...and mostly, it is energy of movement, of Light dancing to the Harmonics, the Tones of All of Creation.

I would call it the Feminine, the Divine Feminine, Mother of All. And it comes to honor all experience, all life, that which is perceived by humans as good, happy, joyous, glorious and beyond. And just as legitimately, that which appears to feel little or none (of the above emotions).

It is an Energy that is coming forth at this time, much as where I'm at, and that it is the coming of the Harvest, the Completion of a Cycle, the Beginning, the Preparation of the Ending of a Cycle and the moving into the quiet, stillness of the End.

And it says that all things are created in a Flow, they are brought forth in a Plan, a Purpose. They have their beginning, their birthing, their time of growing and changing, becoming the Fullness of the Plan and then, in their time, ending. Be it a slow, gradual deterioration, or a sudden, abrupt. It Is Done!

For all things come to an end, when the purpose, the Plan is done. It is time in the Flow to take the knowledge of the experience in gratitude, blessing and Love, bring it forth as the Wisdom that it is. Like a ripe apple, ready to be plucked from the tree, or to fall of its own accord.

That apple contains all that was set forth to bring it to this moment, this beautiful in the creation that was planned and has come forth. Pluck the apple, bless it, give gratitude for it, enjoy it, and be ready to let it go, for it is passing. And then, start the new Cycle, the new Beginning, or at least open your mind and your heart to the possibility.

The new Cycle may be an even better 'apple,' yet it is just as likely to be a rose, a peach or a pea. As you enjoy the moment, in the Music of the Universe, of All of Creation, dancing (in) that Moment to those Tones, being what you were planned to be. Appreciating that, giving gratitude to it, blessing it in yourself and those around you and those the world from you, who are so different from you. The Endings are sweeter, the Wisdom is greater, and the New Beginning is more magnificent that you can imagine.

You are a part of All That Is, of as much value and importance as anything and everything. So Celebrate your life, be in the Moment, give gratitude and open your minds and hearts to the experience. Wherever it is in the Continuum of Creation, for which there is an ending and beginning. For this Moment is what you have, and in it we celebrate and bless you, us, and the Oneness of All.

Each day, each Moment, use it as the most marvelous that you have ever experienced. We are present with you in All That Is.


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