Monday, August 17, 2009

Emerging from the Cocoon, Embracing Divine Love

Emerging from the Cocoon, Embracing Divine Love

The dimensional divide that we spoke of in earlier transmissions is
becoming increasingly more apparent since the most recent and
monumental global shift. This shift precipitated a marked lift in
consciousness that catapulted those with the light quotient required
to sufficiently handle and maintain a stable force field in these
rapidly flowing higher dimensional energies to the level of divine

Timelines continue to merge and new holographic reality systems are
filtering through varying vibrational vortexes to support the many
levels of consciousness that will inhabit the new earth. Those who
held contracts to serve as the warriors, path-pavers and way-showers
are approaching clear remembrance...the awareness and certainty of
their connection to Source first through extraordinary clarity of
thought, unwavering focus, increasing present-centered perception, and
the ability to hold and maintain mental and emotional balance.

This dimensional shift in the more fluid energy supply systems (upper
chakras) will also be responsible for precipitating the shift in your
physical bodies and material lives. Those who held the conscious
awareness of being a forerunner are now beginning to understand, to
feel and to know divine truth in very visceral ways. Those who had
little or no awareness that they were also an integral part of this
division are likewise awakening to this vivid realization.

We assure you that in the moments to follow, any remaining doubt of
purpose will miraculously vanish as if it never before existed and all
who have duly prepared their lives and bodies for this new way of
being are now beginning to attract the energy and resources necessary
to live a fulfilling life.

In this, know that there are also those of you who have recently
activated your divine blueprints, joined the forward march in your
personal ascension journeys and who will continue clearing and
restructuring your lives and bodies to handle the frequencies now
available to each and every one of you.

For those of you who are experiencing the increasing vibrations in
adverse ways, we would like to remind you that only resistance causes
suffering. Surrender yourself completely to what is and you will be
free to experience whats next on the upward spiral of your personal
evolution. When you hold on to fear, doubt, uncertainty or
frustration, conflict ensues. Any lingering feelings of strife must be
released in every now moment to make way for more love, more light,
more joy, more creativity, more laughter, more freedom and more

In these rapidly moving energies, it is vital to realize that you have
increasing power in each moment to shift your perspective to a place
of peace. Release what was, embrace what is, and know that what will
be is always your choosing. You are the creator of your reality.

Implementing the Divine Plan

Before long, those of you of like-vibration will come together in soul
reunion to make and establish the structure and laws of a new land. It
will be those beings of extraordinary light who will begin to
implement the physical creations required to lift the planet and her
people to a state of grace.

Beloved warriors, there is a dynamic and multidimensional playing
field that is opening up for you to explore. The height of your
creative imagination will begin to soar as never before and you may
find that arbitrary moments of bliss overcome you in an instant. These
increasing levels of electromagnetic energy will wash over each
grounded and clear vessel of divine love as waves of joy and
inspiration that consequently fill you up and tantalize your newly
developed senses as you become whole again, satiated, and fulfilled in
deeper and more profound ways.

This wholeness is here with you now, within your reach, and we
encourage you to focus on and feel the entrance of divine love enter
your lives and bodies. Be astute, for everything in your reality will
soon shift to serve you, so much so that you may not even recognize
the clothes you wear! As the true you, the authentic you, bleeds
through your new self-created hologram, you will change in ways you
never dreamed so.

Embrace these changes with a full heart, for you are becoming
multidimensional beings of light capable to simultaneously express a
multitude of divine gifts.

Are you beginning to understand the level of joy that you are coming
to know?

We assure you that as you begin to work with these new aspects of your
dormant creative self, you will float on a new timeline that will
serve to enable you to experience and express each of your gifts and
all of your desires.

We realize that until now it has been a great frustration for the
birthing leaders of a new paradigm to be stifled in their expression,
unable to match the biological ability to uphold such frequencies. Now
however, your biology is coded and suited to match your lofty
vibrations and you will finally have sufficient endurance to withstand
the flow of vitality that courses through you.

Beloved friends, know that as you don your new robes of honor, you
will be heralded as the joyous ones...the ones many flock to...the
ones who carry the pure light of home in every cell, every word, every
gesture, every deed, every resonant laugh that you release in pure

We share this with you so that you may feel safe to accept these good
feelings into your lives and bodies, that you feel the warm embrace of
your true home, and that you emerge from your cocoon with the
confidence that you can fly.

Your tour of duty has expired. You are here to serve no longer. Your
only role now will be to create and live the lives you've dreamed of!

Take this time of remaining stillness to tidy up your affairs for soon
you will be moving at rates that would seem alarming to the old you.

We say this not to distress you, but to excite you for surely there
will always be time for relaxation, peace, joy and laughter in your
new world. In fact, your point of perception has shifted to include
this level of love in all you do, for surely it is all you are.

We look forward to your true expressions and grand creations of new

Together with the lighted councils from home and in service to the
One, I am Metatron.

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at

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