Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lady Nada 8/10/09 Channeling

Lady Nada
Channelled through Natalie Glasson

In a time when change is so prominent and is constantly influencing our lives there is a need for a practice and energy that is so simple but deeply comforting and inspirational; it is the energy of cleansing and healing. To cleanse and heal your being and body is to support your energies, to convert your energy or light vibrations into a higher vibration than you currently hold, bringing forth wellbeing and balance.

The pure vibration of love from the Creator's soul is anchoring onto the Earth now and into the lives of many, this is combined with the new energy wave that is due to anchor in 09/09/09. This synthesis of light and the loving intentions of many light beings and souls on the inner planes creates a powerful surge of light, which is gradually moving through your reality and the realities of people around you. The energy of love lifts all negative energies, beliefs and unresolved lessons from where they have been buried and brings them to the surface for you to deal with and release. When this is occurring you may feel strong emotions, may become ill or feel off balance, this is because the energies within and around you are moving or changing, allowing you to eventually accept a higher vibration of light. The illnesses that many people are experiencing now, and the emotional pain or chaos that both children and adults are experiencing is all a result of the energy of love anchoring onto the Earth. It is akin to clearing all old baggage or possessions in order to make room for the new. Many people feel lost or unfulfilled in their realities, this is because the energy of love brings forth new possibilities if you allow it to and hold the courage that is needed to accept these opportunities, but a period of purging past negativity is needed for all. As you speak with others on the Earth whether they are spiritually minded or not you will notice that they either need to let go of negative energy in order to move forth, are doing so or have achieved this because they are now experiencing the abundant energy of the Creator in whichever form it chooses to manifest.

The anchoring love from the Creator onto the Earth can bring forth turmoil but this will always have a positive outcome allowing you to realise the growth that you have accessed. While love assists in a cleansing and a detachment process there is also a need to invoke focused cleansing rays to enable you to overcome challenges and release negative energy swiftly. Allowing yourself to dwell in the negative energies that come to the surface can produce more stagnation causing your process of release to be more problematic than necessary. By invoking cleansing energies to wash through you each day you will allow yourself to remain centred, balanced and focused whatever you realise around or within you. Many emotions that come to the surface from your past or past lifetimes simply need to be realised, it is when we ignore these that they can cause chaos in our lives and lower our energy vibration. The purpose of anchoring cleansing energies each day is to ensure that your energy vibration remains high, your light brilliantly vibrant and your love abundant, when this is maintained you will find that you have the strength, tools and courage to deal with any situation, experience or realisation that enters into your reality.

I, Lady Nada, am the chohan or overseer of the eighth ray of light, this sea foam green light that extends as a manifestation of the Creator's soul and qualities is focused on cleansing and healing. The sea foam green light when invoked from the eighth ray ashram acts as a cleansing and healing balm for your spiritual energies and bodies ensuring their well being and high vibration at all times. The light will also cleanse your physical body and energy while assisting your immune system and developing your general health of mind, body and soul. The eighth ray of light is known as a spiritual cleansing ray but it is important that when your spiritual energies such as the energy bodies within your auric field and your soul are of a high vibration holding wellbeing then this will filter into your entire being. With the high vibrational loving light of the Creator flowing constantly into your being and reality you will find that you are less susceptible to illness, the negative beliefs of others and are able to detach with greater ease from energies that are now longer needed in your reality. It is my wish to bring forth a simple practice that you can integrate into your daily life that will enable you to draw on and accept the healing energies of the eighth ray of light in order to boost your physical and spiritual wellbeing allowing you to move through your life as a blazing balanced beacon of light. It is my wish to put to you that each morning or night when you wash and cleanse your physical body that you focus your mind on the eighth ray of sea foam green light, asking my energy, Lady Nada, to oversee your cleansing process with the eighth ray of light. As you wash your body imagine, acknowledge or invoke a cylinder of sea foam green light to descend over your entire being, body and aura, or you can imagine waves of sea foam green light washing over you. Feel or sense this energy around you and flowing through your body. As the light flows from the top of your body to below your feet it is washing away all negativity both spiritual and physical, any illness or disease, negative thoughts, beliefs or judgements that are no longer needed. It is as if you are being flushed with pure cleansing light of a high vibration, almost as if you are having a spiritual shower, any negative energy released will be converted into positive light as it enters into the Earth. When experiencing this cleansing energy of the eighth ray you can ask for your light quotient, love quotient, energy vibration and immune system to be boosted and aligned to the pure loving energy of the Creator. If there are certain areas that you feel healing and cleansing needs to be focused then simply ask.

While this is a wonderful opportunity within your daily routine to focus on receiving cleansings and healing, the water that is used to cleanse your physical body will also act as an amplifying tool. My masculine aspect Master Sananda used water when on the Earth with the simple intention of healing and was able to create miraculous rejuvenation within the physical body. Water is an energy that helps us to align with the energy of the Creator; it naturally washes away negativity and stagnant energy from spiritual energies as well as increasing our senses. Water was once valued as a holy product because of its powerful healing abilities, even with chemicals and a lack of intention, the water used by humans today still has a powerful cleansing affect especially when married with the cleansing energy of the eighth ray of light.

I hope that you will adopt this intention of asking for cleansing from the eighth ray while washing your physical body with water; it is akin to a spiritual medicine or vitamins to boost your energies, well being and balance. You can ask for the cleansing eighth ray light to surge through the water you are using also. It was my wish to bring forth this simple practice because I can see that many are feeling burdened with negative energy, fear, confusion or illness due to the changes of energy on the Earth and within each person. Allow yourself time each day or even twice a day to experience a blissful cleansing process that will nurture your abilities and awareness and allow you to remain balanced, centred and aligned to the energy of the Creator.

I am here as a healer for you, call on my light and I will assist you,
Lady Nada

Best wishes and blessings,

Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website she shares the channelled messages of the Creator's helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet. She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.

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