Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today's Angel Message

Today's Angel Message

Dear Ones,

We have been discussing the way in which you draw that which you desire into your life. We have spoken of the power of gratitude and writing down everything for which you are grateful, and feeling the intense joy as you review the list.

From this place of joy and lightness of being, you feel expansive; you feel that anything is possible; you know that miracles can take place. And dear one, the truth is that from this place of joy and connection and thanks, anything IS possible.

This is the place from which you can create your heart's desire.

So, for today, write down the people, situations and things for which you are grateful. Get into the emotion of how it feels that they are part of your life. Gratitude brings you into the moment. It brings you into this place in time. It becomes the focus and the powerful emotion that drives your thoughts. Bask in this wonderful love.

Now, from this place you think of the things you wish to bring into your life. Better health? Happier relationships? A new car? A new job? DO NOT focus on the negative of what you have experienced, rather see yourself smiling, dancing, happy, satisfied in your mind. See the car. See yourself at your new work. See your bank balance with many figures.

Dear child, the truth is that is doesn't matter if it hasn't happened yet. Your creative mind fueled by gratitude, trust and love will send out the message. Already you may have discovered wonderful things happening over the past few days as you have worked to be grateful. Tomorrow we will continue with more on this discussion.

Know this: you are meant to have EVERY good thing. You can create a life that is magical and wonderful. It is our joy to assist.

Till Next Time!
Deb and Jean

Each morning from Monday to Friday, Deb or Jean sits at the computer, meditates, and asks the angels what direction they have for you. We invite you to forward this message (along with the copyright at the end) to those in your life who need a boost to their day.

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