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2010 – The Year of Relation-Shifts

2010 – The Year of Relation-Shifts
by Jim Self

How do you experience relationship?

* Have you noticed that the world around you seems to be
* Are you becoming aware that people are relating to you
differently? Or that as you communicate with or offer assistance they
don’t seem able to hear you or to accept what you have to say?
* Have you noticed that your relationship to your friends and
others are no longer as interesting as they once were?

Many people are noticing huge changes in their relationships, some of
which are not at all easy to deal with. Although we are aware of the
“Shift” and are being prepared for change, we nonetheless are having
these same challenges.

Many of us are also finding ourselves wondering how we can fulfil our
roles as healers, teachers and leaders, how we can the best way to
offer assistance to those around us, and how to draw the line
consciously (and kindly) when others around are choosing to stay
stuck and asleep.

The Shift we have all been waiting for has now arrived and is rapidly
expanding within, through and around each of us. It is in the process
of changing everything that we know and more particularly how we know
and how we experience what we know.

The most fundamental aspects to this Shift will be very personal. The
primary focus of these aspects is to redefine and transform how we
perceive, understand and have a relationship with every aspect of what
is external to our conscious awareness. Your sense of relationship
will never again be the same as the Shift progressives through 2012.
When we think of the word relationship, we think of lovers, husband-
and-wife, child and parent. “Me in relationship to you, I in
relationship to my friends, co-workers and those I love as well as
those I dislike.” But there is much more to how we have come to
perceive and understand our relationship with others.

When the Creator said, “Go to the farthest edge of the farthest edge
so that I may know myself in my fullness,” you ran to the front of the
line saying, “Send me!” What the Creator was actually saying was, “I
wish to know myself in relationship to all that surrounds me.” But
throughout time as we know it our understanding and demonstration of
relationship has changed to something considerably different. We have
come to know ourselves not by how we perceive ourselves in
relationship to that which is around us, but instead have learned to
perceive our relationship to all that is around us based on what those
around us think of us.

For example, I may not have any interest in red shirts, but all of my
friends wear red shirts because they are the ‘in’ thing. So I give
up my seniority, and deny my own alignment with what is my truth in
order to fit in, to become one with, to be accepted by those outside
of me who are expressing what is right and wrong, good and bad, and
what I should and should not do and I put on my red shirt.

From the moment we draw our first breath to the moment we release our
last, we are conditioned to define and measure ourselves by one thing
only: our relationship to all that is outside of us. We are
systematically trained and conditioned by those who raise and nurture
us to enter into a “consensus reality,” or “group agreement,” that
many times has nothing to do with whom we are, and everything to do
with the customs and belief systems that conditioned our parents and
grandparents, who were in turn influenced by the society in which they
were raised.

Consensus reality is a very powerful influence. It structures our
relationship to and with all things outside of us. More importantly,
it conditions and severely limits our understanding of the
relationship we have with our self.

From early childhood we learn that what the outside world thinks of us
is more important than what we each individually think of ourselves.
As we grow, what we think and believe, and how we act, respond and
behave in our third dimensional reality is influenced, shaped and
molded by that which is outside of us. Hence, almost everything about
us, from our attitudes and habits, likes and dislikes, to our career
choices and aspirations has its foundation in this group agreement:
“This is how it's done; this is what is acceptable and unacceptable.”

We have learned to feel the thoughts and feelings of others, and to
seek approval from those around us before we act. We have learned to
“test the waters” by not fully expressing our own thoughts without
first checking in to determine the acceptability of what others have
to say. We’ve learned to read others’ body language to discern if it
is safe to express our own desires, hopes, and dreams, before we can
act on them without fear. Without realizing it, we have virtually
built our sense of our self on the opinions and approval of others:
“Am I okay? Do you approve of me? Am I acceptable in the eyes of the
consensus reality?”

This is all about to change!

Contrary to everything you have been taught to believe, relationship
is NOT about what other people think of you. Although this is a
fundamental Truth that you intellectually know, you are about to
perceive this from a significantly expanded perspective. Through this
understanding you will discover that your internal relationship with
yourself is the most powerful relationship you can have. From this
vantage point everything outside of you becomes a gift to relate to on
your own terms.

As many of us are becoming aware, there are two great waves of Light
within the Shift that are bringing about a transformation within each
of us. The First Wave of Light is clearing our old memory patterns and
the belief systems of the consensus reality that do not support our
well-being. This Wave is destabilizing and dissolving everything that
is not aligned with our internal patterns of well-being and our
relationship to our own truths. It is increasing our capacity to hold
a higher Light quotient, providing us with the opportunity to access
more information, greater wisdom and enlightenment of what we already
know but have forgotten.

The Second Wave is a higher dimensional vibration of Light that is
providing us with the opportunity to step into certainty, personal
power, and command, and bringing about a balance*. This wave is also
bringing about choices and opportunities to co-create, coexist, and
cooperate without the judgments and opinions of right and wrong, good
and bad and what you should or should not

This Shift of consciousness is triggering an Awakening. And in the
process, countless millions are experiencing significant changes in
their relationships. Many are beginning to realize that they can no
longer be in relationship to one another in the same old way. We are
being given the opportunity to perceive “relationship” through
different eyes, and, in so doing, we are gaining the keys to unlock
many lifetimes of conditioning that have prevented us from being able
to distinguish between “WHO I AM” and “Who I am NOT.”

As this transition unfolds, however, many people are finding
themselves in confusion as all their points of reference, all the
things they have been taught to trust, admire and build the foundation
of their lives and beliefs upon are destabilizing before their eyes.

The third dimensional established institutions are crumbling. The
structures of life that feed, house and keep us safe are breaking
down. Suddenly we are seeing that the very authorities that we most
believed, from healers who said “Come to me,” teachers who have
proclaimed they have the Truth to the leaders who say, “Trust me,”
and all those to whom we have looked for guidance, have built their
houses upon shifting sands.

As difficult as such changes may be for many, it is important to know
that there IS a purpose to all that is occurring. That purpose is to
shift your relationship from what is outside of you to an alignment
with what is inside you, from depending on the truths of others to
discovering and setting your compass by your own truth. The first Wave
of Light is not destabilizing “that which You Are,” rather, it is
allowing you to clear away “that which You Are Not.”

As this occurs, a second very powerful wave of Light is providing us
with the opportunity to rewire, rebuild and remember who we are and
where we have come from. The second wave is providing the opportunity
to refill the cup, in a manner of speaking. It is within the second
wave that the realignment of our emotional body is being altered in
the sleep space each night. It is through this second wave that a
kinder, gentler you is being crafted. As “who you are not” is being
cleared, there is a renewed relationship that is being remembered. You
are beginning to remember the relationship you have with the Heart and
Soul; a relationship that allows you to think from the Heart and act
from the wisdom of the Soul. It is through this relationship that you
will begin to “know yourself” and realign with the Love that you are
within the Heart.

But love is a concept that is so vast the rational mind is not capable
of perceiving its fullness. However, when you begin to live Love in
its unique aspects, Appreciation, Gratitude, Well Being, Beauty,
Kindness, Graciousness and Certainty literally become living words.
As these living words become internalized, a magical shift begins,
initiating the activation of the living etheric light body within.

This is the opportunity that’s unfolding throughout 2010. These are
the stepping stones that will build the framework for our next level
of ascension.

*As the Mastering Alchemy program reveals, words are not simply
something we use to describe things; they actually carry vibrations
that have very potent transformative powers. Words such as “personal
power,” “command” and “certainty” create structure, or masculine
energy, which then allows the feminine energies of such words as
“kindness,” “beauty” and “graciousness” to express their creativity
through balance. As we move through the Shift, we will transform our
relationship to a number of key words as we learn to embody their true
meaning and essence.

This article and other important key concepts about relationships,
including the difference between masculine and feminine energy, and
why becoming “Selfish,” and having and giving to yourself is more
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Jim Self