Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Are Cosmic Intelligence

You Are Cosmic Intelligence
Archangel Metatron through Frank Hoogerbeets

January 10, 2010

Beloved brothers and sisters on Earth, you are in the midst of
monumental changes which have been carefully planned by your Cosmic
Brothers and Sisters who serve to help realize the Creator Plan for
your world. Without their help not only in recent years but throughout
your history, humanity would not have reached this critical point of
transition, which may take you to the next level of consciousness if
you so desire. Indeed your Brothers and Sisters from the inner worlds
have been ever near you to help you learn your lessons and understand
the principles of Life from an earthly perspective. These lessons were
of a primary nature, for without learning them you would not be able
to reach your next level of Cosmic Intelligence.

What we wish to convey to you at this time is that you are Cosmic
Intelligence; you have never been anything less, even though at times
you may not have been aware of this truth. By Cosmic Intelligence we
mean the all and ever present Intelligence which permeates every
particle of creation. Even the smallest particles in your world
contain in their cores this Cosmic Intelligence, for without this Life
Substance, they could not exist – you could not exist! Because of this
all present Intelligence everything around you reacts to the thought-
patterns you transmit, and it is only because of an isolation grid
your Earth had been placed in that your thought patterns could not
reach and influence other parts of your Galaxy. This grid had been
placed in order to provide for humanity a learning school where it
could learn primal lessons in its own time and in accordance with its
own judgement.

You have been seeking out higher levels of understanding: who you are,
why you are here on this particular planet, what purpose is served by
going through all kinds of experiences – positive and negative – in
various lifetimes. In recent years you have become much more aware of
the purpose of your existence because of the influx of higher levels
of Cosmic Intelligence, and it would not be possible for you not to
respond to this influx since you yourselves are this Cosmic
Intelligence. But each of you has a choice how to respond to this
bombardment of Particles resonating on higher frequencies in order to
help lift humanity’s consciousness to an accepted spectrum of duality.
Naturally, every particle on Earth not yet resonating on this higher
level of consciousness but responding positively, will accept this new
level of existence in a relatively short time, whereas particles which
respond in a negative manner, will first resist these new and higher
energies, as a result of which they will come to the surface and show
their true and current nature! This is what is happening in your world

Your physical aspect is composed of billions of particles – all
responding to YOUR level of Cosmic Intelligence, so it is your
responsibility to reach a balanced and harmonious state of Well-Being.
This individual state of well-being may or may not be influenced by
different harmonious and disharmonious aspects around you. That is why
it is so important to choose your own environment where you feel
relatively comfortable in your own ascension process. But know that if
you have attained a higher, fear-less level of Cosmic Intelligence
than those around you, you will not be thrown off balance and be
pulled to their level of fear-based understanding UNLESS you choose to
do so yourself and interact with them on their level of Cosmic
Intelligence. This is very important for you to understand and
remember, because all fear-based particles in your world WILL come to
the surface at this time and wash over the planet, and your only life
buoy will be your higher state of awareness. So have faith in this
cleansing process that you and your planet are now experiencing.
Things may SEEM to become more and more ugly on the surface, but
remember that all of this is only happening because of the influx of
Particles with higher levels of Cosmic Intelligence, and know that
this is a necessary cleansing process that needs to take place in
order for planet Earth to reach its next level of existence on a
higher frequency band, which it WILL reach, whether or not the
majority of humanity chooses to come along!

So in these stressful times, remember that you are composed of Cosmic
Intelligence and that it is your birthright to choose to let this
Intelligence flow through your veins in abundance or in a limited
fashion. Also, remember that the reality you perceive is based on the
level of Cosmic Intelligence/Consciousness you have attained, and not
the other way around. If you choose to experience joy, happiness,
abundance and harmony, then this will be your reality, even amidst the
greatest chaos and miscreations that may surface in other parts of the
world. It has never been easier to steer the Particles of Cosmic
Intelligence and create your own reality, either for self-serving
purposes or for the greatest good of all. As always, the choice is

Archangel Metatron

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