Monday, January 25, 2010



In many of my writings, I commonly say that the whole vibrates
higher than the individual. Each individual contributes to the whole,
and thus, a whole is then created from many higher vibrating energies.
A much larger higher vibrating energy then exists. But there is more
to this as well.

Energy is usually connected to other energy, as ultimately, we are
all one at our core, as we originated from the same spark and
source. In this way, I believe it to be very true that we are all
one. Everything that each of us chooses to do, be, or even say,
affects everything around us as well.

As we begin to evolve and vibrate higher, we become more and more
aware of the energy of the whole. We become more and more aware of
how everything affects everything else. And we become more and more
aware of being respectful and considerate of what is out there in
addition to ourselves.

The ascension process creates a substantial loss of ego and of our
old dense selves, leaving behind our true and authentic selves. In
this way, we ever so slowly come to know that everything is not all
about us, as there is very little "us" left intact. As we vibrate
higher and higher, we see others more clearly, we are aware of
others and how they are feeling and who and what they are being,
and we are also aware of the organism called "society" or humanity
that surrounds us.

In addition, we perceive less and less through the filter of our
own density as well, as there is much less density now present
within us. Our dense filter of how we see things is thinning and
lightening, and thus, we can now see much more clearly. In these
ways, much of everything is no longer about us, what our needs are,
what we want for ourselves, and what makes us happy. We are much
more aware then, of the whole and aware as well, that the whole is
vitally important to how and what we now want to create.

Some indications that we are now vibrating higher, and thus
embodying a greater awareness of the whole, or rather, now wired
for living in community and interacting with a group in higher
ways, are listed below:

1. Anger and frustration when driving a vehicle, in regard to
interacting with other drivers. We may be courteous and aware of
the drivers around us, but others are not. They cut us off, speed
past us, tail gate us, and the like. They seem to only be aware of
where they need to be going, oblivious of who else is on the road.
After we become wired for group energy, these kinds of experiences
can make us wonder, make us feel as if we are somewhere where we do
not belong, and perhaps make us grit our teeth and endure until we
can remove ourselves from this environment. We are not seen.

2. You are sitting in a parking lot, and a car approaches, parks,
and remains there, all the while playing loud "bumping" music
through their sound system, and this emotes anger within you. I
cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me, and each
and every time I get out of my car, approach the "offender," and
ask him to turn it off. When my five year old grandson now hears
any of these bumping systems, he now says, "Uh, oh. Grandma would
not like this!" Deep in our hearts, we are protecting our
environment, and these things simply do not fit in. It is no longer
about the individual learning to tune things out while allowing
freedom of expression. It is now all about the whole and creating
our new reality. As we begin residing in our own sanctuaries of
community, and as we detach from the old reality in all ways, we
also come to know that that old reality is not connected to us
anymore, and thus, lose our desire or even interest in what is
occurring there.

3. You are ignored by others who simply act as if they do not see
you, are unaware of your needs, and even what appears to be, your
very existence. Yes, most certainly, we become nearly invisible as
we vibrate higher, and anything that vibrates lower, is then unable
to see us on their radar or their level, as we are not there. But
this phenomenon also relates to the fact that as we begin to
vibrate higher, we clearly see our brothers and sisters, who they
are, and what their purpose is all about. With deep respect, we
acknowledge their presence in every way, as we then have a mutual
connection to each other. In the old reality, where things vibrate
lower, many individuals do not acknowledge each other very often,
and many times, not at all!

4. You go to a gathering or group meeting, with the intention that
you are all working on something as a whole, and you are ignored,
disrespected, and not valued for what you have to offer. Again, we
are not always seen, but group energy is all about equal
contributions from all members via their gifts and purpose, and
being highly revered for them. End of story.

5. You find that you simply can no longer tolerate being alone. In
the beginning stages of ascension, part of the process involves
losing the fear of being alone. This is because we will eventually
be in group energy much of the time, and cannot go there because of
a fear of being alone. So then, we may find ourselves alone during
the ascension process, in order to lose that fear, and also to find
ourselves. The higher we vibrate, the more we begin vibrating group
energy, and in this way, we eventually feel very strange and
uncomfortable being alone as it does not fit in with higher ways of
living and being. We enter group in the higher realms from a sense
of unity, all the while knowing what is ours to contribute, and not
because we are afraid of being alone or because we can no longer
take care of ourselves.

6. You are acutely weary of doing everything yourself; you feel as
though you are holding everything up with your one little finger or
individual shoulders, and simply cannot do everything yourself for
one minute longer. Once we are wired for group energy, doing
everything through the shear effort of ourselves begins to get very
old, but mostly, can make us extremely tired and acutely burned
out. I can remember flying back to North Carolina one time, and
being oh so grateful, that someone else was actually flying the
plane instead of me!

Feelings of being weary of doing it all by ourselves, are
especially prevalent when we are in our purpose. If we are
vibrating high, or in alignment with our true and authentic selves,
then we are embodying a lot of energy. Holding so much energy all
alone, many times means that we are holding something up as well.
And all of this ties in with coming together with our brothers and
sisters who are carrying a lot of energy too, in order to create a

During times of the first phase of the ascension process, we moved
forward as a whole. We were all in this together, and we knew that
we had planned on taking as many along with us as possible. In
addition, we needed to pool our higher vibrating energies in order
to raise the vibration of the planet. So then, during phase one, we
were most assuredly a whole, but we were a whole with one specific
purpose...and that purpose was to raise the vibration of the planet.
Phase two, or creating the new reality, involves a different kind
of whole. This new whole has a lot more to do with the individual.
Before we can create a new whole, or a new reality, we must really
and truly know who we are, what our gifts and talents are, what we
are passionate about, what comes easily to us, and thus, what we
are here to contribute to the whole.

Once we know these things, and are very much in this space, as so
much of our denser and ego selves have departed through the
ascension process, and our pure and authentic selves are what
remains, then we are ready to come together with our brothers and
sisters and create a very new whole, or very new reality.
In this way, being an individual is vitally important to creating a
whole. We can no longer do it all alone, and we most assuredly need
each other to continue to survive.

The two key concepts that are required to create a new reality
then, are sustainability and purpose...and you will hear these two
concepts over and over again throughout the remainder of this

We need to know our purpose in order to create and sustain a new
world or a new whole. And it is our purpose that connects us to
each other, as we come together to now create a very new energy...and
energy that will vibrate very high and keep us all connected to
source...the new source that we now embody within ourselves.
So in this way, we no longer get energy from out there or up there.
We receive higher vibrating energy from each other, or from our
connections to each other. We are now the new reality and the new
world...and we are creating the new energy through our very new and
higher vibrating connections.