Friday, July 1, 2011

7/1/11 Solar Eclipse

7/1/11 Solar Eclipse
2011 is the year that propels the Shift of the Ages. This will happen on July
1, 2011 at 7:53 am GMT at the South Pole when a NEW Solar Eclipse is born. This
is a rare occurrence; the last time a solar eclipse was created was in the year
1928. We have the opportunity to co-create and parent a new consciousness and a
new paradigm. It is crucial to be mindful of all our thoughts and actions for
the outcome of this global event will impact every person on the planet. This
is a clarion call for all sentient beings to come into the resonance of the
sacred heart and create a unified field for world peace, our universal destiny
based on love and equality.
At this NEW Solar eclipse the Sun and Moon will be aligned to the brightest and
closest stargate in our sky, that of Sirius, which has always been an important
guiding star helping us navigate on the Earth and in the Heavens. The ancient
Egyptians and many other civilizations have honored Sirius as Isis, bringer of
Light and Life. Sirius is the home to many ascended masters, star beings, the
dolphins and whales who have been assisting humanity’s evolution.
We just witnessed the changes happening in the world, which began this year in
Egypt, the cradle of ancient civilization. The effect of the uprising brought
people together to claim their human rights, demand freedom and a fair
government that will create supportive systems for its people. This has had a
ripple effect throughout the world thanks to the Internet which has helped us
communicate instantly and to know the reality of our global world commUnity.
2011 is an unusual year for eclipse cycles. This year there will be four Solar
eclipses and this is twice as many eclipse cycles as in most years. Solar
eclipses are the most potent of the new moon energy. At the time of the Solar
eclipse the Sun and Moon come together, they “hide” and take something away
that is no longer needed, thus Sun and Moon cast their shadow on the Earth,
while they unite to create something new.
Solar and Lunar eclipses create a consciousness that is based on the
geometrical dance of the Sun, Moon and Earth. An eclipse brings the hidden
shadow into light. This creates a portal that is critical for our evolution,
the effect of which is long lasting, catalytic and global. The moon must be
near one of the lunar nodes, the spots on the zodiac where the Moon’s orbit
crosses the earth’s orbit. When an eclipse is first created it happens at
either the North Pole or South Pole of the Earth.
A Lunar eclipse occurs when the full moon passes behind the Earth blocking the
Sun’s rays. The Solar eclipse occurs when the new moon passes between the Earth
and the Sun casting a shadow on the Earth’s surface. At the time an eclipse a
consciousness is born with a story line or theme based on what is happening on
the Earth and in the collective consciousness at that moment. On July 1, 2011
at 7:53 am GMT the NEW solar eclipse will be born, evolve and grow for 1226.05
Astronomers’ catalogue and number eclipse cycles, as eclipse “saros series”.
Each saros series is in existence for 1200 to 1500 years. As the eclipse
continues its life cycle, it spirals around Earth in a dance between the Sun,
Moon and Earth. Every 18 years the eclipse “saros series” casts its shadow on a
different location on the Earth. Each time more light is shed on the theme or
story of the eclipse. After about 600 years, it is halfway through its saros
cycle, then the eclipse “Total” phase begins. This is when the full light of
the “story” of the eclipse can best be seen in its Totality. It will then take
another 600 years to complete its life cycle, as it spirals to the opposite
pole of the Earth from where it started and makes way for a new eclipse saros
cycle to begin.
The phrase “cycles within cycles”, expresses the many eclipse cycles that are
always spiraling our Earth. There are over 80 active saros cycles in existence,
about 40 Lunar Eclipses and 40 Solar Eclipses in existence at all times.
The oldest Lunar eclipse that is still in existence began in 718 AD. The latest
Lunar eclipse happened in the year 1984. This year always brings to mind the
book, “1984” written by George Orwell who was a visionary political author. The
book was published in 1949 and became a best seller. In the 1960’s, it became
popular with the people involved in the revolutionary movement who were reading
and talking about it. The book described how “Big Brother” would be watching
over us, with the fear of an intrusive bureaucratic social system happening in
the future. May 25, 2013 will be the next time a new Lunar eclipse will be
born. The oldest Solar eclipse still in existence began in 792 AD. The most
recent Solar eclipse was in 1928 and now the NEW solar eclipse this year on
July 1, 2011.
On August 11, 1999 the last Total Solar eclipse of the century occurred. The
path of the eclipse shadow started in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of
Cornwall, England and ended in India. It passed over and activated important
sacred sites of the Piscean Age. A fixed cross pattern was created in the
horoscope with the planet Chiron, the wounded transformational healer, and thus
began a time for our personal and global healing. This was preparing the way
for the new Solar eclipse on July 1, 2011, the dawning and birthing of the Age
of Aquarius!
July 1, 2011 is a most important and auspicious date. This eclipse speaks of
creation for it is a cosmic event produced by Source. It is a gift to us all,
allowing us to co-create a global unified field of cosmic consciousness that
will propel the Shift of the Ages into the Golden Age of Aquarius. The event,
the effects of which will be experienced throughout our lifetime and beyond,
will succeed for future generations until the year 3237.
What a blessing we have at this time to co-create the Shift of the Ages…..
I first became interested in eclipse cycles in November of 1993 on my first
visit to Glastonbury, which included Stonehenge and Avebury stone circle. While
there I found out this was during a lunar eclipse. After that time my life path
changed dramatically and I have been living between Sedona, Arizona and
Glastonbury, England. I guide pilgrimages to the sacred sites of Stonehenge and
Avebury, as well as enjoy the phenomenon of the magnificent “temporary
temples”, the crop circles. It is no wonder that the majority of the world’s
mysterious messengers, the crop circles, are found close these to sacred sites.
Discovering many synchronicities, based on fact, confirmed my belief that the
ancient ancestors created Stonehenge and Avebury to predict eclipse cycles,
mark the important Equinox and Solstice times and for ceremonies to bring
balance and harmony to life on our Mother Earth. ~Elizabeth HeartStar Keller
Bee Here Now Global Ceremony July 1, 2011 7:30 am GMT
I would like to share this prayer and invite you to read these words with your
heart. Mayan Elders recited this prayer at the Unification Maya Fire Ceremony
2010 Winter Solstice – Total Lunar Eclipse in Tikal, Guatemala:
We connect our Heart to the One Heart Heart of the Heaven Heart of the Earth
Heart of the Water Heart of the Fire The 4 Winds We Breathe Is the Heart of our
The purpose of this prayer is to assist us in remembering; We are One with All
that Is!
WE CAN BEE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO BEE! Please Come Together wherever you are on
Mother Earth
July 1, 2011 7:53 am GMT (every time zone) We will be meeing in Avebury,
Wiltshire, England at 8:00 am BST
Center in your Heart linking to the Heart of the Heaven & to the Heart of the
Earth Sing: BeeLove, BeeLoved & Bee Love!
Meditate: For 30 minutes in silence, if possible with an F or F# – Heart
Frequency Tone
Visualize: A Rainbow around the Earth or the “Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge” Watch
the You Tube of “Jose Arguelles 2012 Prophecy” Jose ascended through the
Rainbow Bridge on March 23, 2011 and will be our Galactic Spiritual tour guide
One Heart – Bee Unity as the Flower of Life & Create Beauty Honor Mother Nature
in Gratitude and Thankfulness for Everything: the Birds, the Bees, the Flowers,
the Trees, and the Seas For the Children Peace, Unity, Love, Light, Freedom,
Health, Joy and Ascension for All Life!
Thank You – Blessed Bee
Join us if you are in England on July 1, 2011 at 8:00 am BST local time in
Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire, England in front of the Red Lion Pub in
Avebury For more information about the Bee Here Now Ceremony contact Elizabeth
HeartStar Keller: or email

'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch
without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

The Universal Heart Center