Monday, July 4, 2011

Hilarion's Weekly Message: July 3-10, 2011

Hilarion's Weekly Message: July 3-10, 2011
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

The accumulated energies of the past month will continue to lift each of you into higher levels of consciousness as you go about your daily activities. There will continue to be an ongoing integration process as the Light encodements and attunements are given to you by your God sanctioned Guides as your physical body is deemed ready. It is important that this proceed at a level of safety, grace and ease. Know that we are ever with you as you walk upon your Path and if you remember to ask us each day, we are more than happy and willing to give you our utmost assistance during these changing times.

This is a time to honor yourselves, to listen to the still, small voice within you, for in truth, this voice is becoming much clearer and more direct as you follow the dictates of your heart and become more fully attuned to your Authentic Self. Be always in integrity with your highest principles and concentrate only on that which you wish to see manifest within your lives. Anything that does not resonate with your Holy Christ Self is now leaving as quickly as you allow it. All you must do is recognize when these come up for review and intend and command that they leave your energetic field never to return. Always ask that what has left is immediately replaced with the Highest Christ Consciousness that you are able to assimilate in your moment of Now. You are still in the beginning stages of bringing in your Higher aspects and this will translate in different ways for each of you, for you are each unique and myriad in your personal journeys.

Spiritual growth occurs as a spiral dance and there will be times when this is intensely felt as resistance upon your Path. This is a sign that what is required from within you is a heartfelt surrender of "not my will, Father/Mother God, but thine be done in and through me," and requires faith that you are being led as gently as possible upon the Path that you chose to experience at this time of immense changes. For most of you have done this work before and what is gradually coming through now is remembrance of your unique qualities, skills, talents and gifts that will break through into your consciousness as you assimilate the sacred geometries that are now flooding the etheric airwaves.

Our advice as previously given is to spend as much time as possible out of doors in Nature, absorbing the Sun's rays when possible for at least 10 or 15 minutes each day, for the Sun has many encodements and messages for you. Follow the dictates of your body elemental, rest as needed and allow your Being to flow with the new energies and insights as they come in. Trust in this process knowing that you are taking the final steps to greater consciousness and integration of the Ascension energies as they come forth. Keep focused on your daily disciplines to ensure that this process comes through you and manifests within you in relative ease and grace.

If you find yourselves becoming discouraged by the energy patterns that still arise from within you, remember to just allow yourselves to feel what you feel, voice it, and then be done with it, then turn to a creative pursuit such as writing a poem or story, painting, songwriting, reading a book or whatever it is that you feel joyful in the doing of, for in this way you are aligning with that which feels good and uplifting to your spirit and you will find that the previous moments of discouragement have dissipated and that you feel renewed and invigorated. Also recognize that sometimes, the greatest help for you is to retire early to bed and get extra sleep so that you awaken the next morning with greater equilibrium. In all things what is very important is to know yourself so that you can fulfill your own needs as they arise for your acknowledgment. You have all the answers within you, Beloved Ones. Take the time to listen.

Arising within you in the days to come will be greater feelings of joy, happiness, fulfillment, peace and a sense of the incredible possibilities that exist for you. You will experience many moments of wonder and delight, of increased awareness and clarity, with many revelations and insights that will help you to complete your cleansing and purification process.

Until next week.
I AM Hilarion

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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