Thursday, July 7, 2011

Polaris: July 2011-The Fire Within

Polaris: July 2011-The Fire Within
Channeled by Karen Murphy

All year you have been preparing for what is to emerge from deep within you this month. This is the month that you connect with the True You, the fire deep within, the source of power and strength that is inside you and always has been. This is the month that you begin to manifest your True Self, showing yourself and the world the beauty, the perfection, the exquisite imperfect humanity that is you. This is the month you become more of yourself than you ever have been before. This is the month you draw on the power of The Fire Within.

What is The Fire Within? Inside each of us is the kernel, the source, the seed that is the potential we possess to become our sacred destiny. The Fire Within is the source of unlimited power that ignites that seed into being, gives it life and infuses it with infinite energy and passion. The Fire Within is our personal awakening tool, the becoming of our life's potential. Igniting The Fire Within makes us stronger. More self aware. Healthier in our bodies. More heart centered. More connected to all life and to the infinite universe.

Go there now. Sit quietly and go deep inside yourself, to the place that is so familiar to you, so much a part of you, so beautiful. Go to that place within yourself and rest. Feel how it infuses you now, gives you hope, makes you cry from longing, fills you with energy and the knowingness that you can accomplish what you came here in this life to do. Fill yourself with that feeling, expand now into your Being, and know that this is the time to emerge from your chrysalis and become the beautiful butterfly you have always known yourself to be. Ignite your Fire Within and watch it bloom into being. Let it lift you, expand you, and inspire you. Breathe your Fire into your heart, into your belly. Breathe it down into the Earth and up into the starry heavens. Breathe your Fire and feel your cells sparkle, become alive, and dance. Breathe your Fire out to those whom you love, in ever expanding circles, eventually to encompass the Earth and all her inhabitants. Breathe your Fire down deep into your soul.

What To Expect This Month


Just as you might suspect from igniting your Fire Within, this month is likely to bring quantum leaps to many on a personal level. Now is the time, then, to examine and identify what it is that you want. What part of yourself, the True You, emerges this month? You get to choose. What manner of Awesome do you desire to bring forth into the light cast by The Fire Within? Spend some time now in determining what part of your Self will arise to be lit and loved this month.

Fire burns brightly. Use this energy to ignite your passion. What lights you up? Use this time to work on your hearts' desire and unlock your Sacred Destiny. Remember the things that make you happy and do them. Is it ice cream? Indulge yourself. Is it conscious movement? Then dance away. Do you love poetry, art, archaeology? Spend time this month devoted to the things that make you happy. To fail to do so is to invite stagnation, repression, and an inward burning rather than an outward lighting-up. Indulging your desires brings you in closer connection with your Sacred Destiny.

Dreams are important this month, as they have much to tell you. If you do not already do so, consider creating a dream journal. Use the full moon time also to dream when awake, setting intentions and visioning your path onward from here.

Affirmation: I AM the power of my heart's desire.


With all the learning, growing and evolving taking place on a personal level this month relationships can suffer a shakeup. Understand that this tendency is temporary for most. Allowing space for change within relationships is healthy and leads to further interpersonal growth and understanding. Stepping within, going deep into your heart and igniting The Fire Within will have an overall positive effect on the relationships in your life, as you will bring more of Yourself out to play. Remembering that everyone with whom you are in contact with is also going through a similar process will help you develop and maintain a sense of empathy and understanding. In other words, it is probably not about you! But if it is, continue looking inside and again focus on your heart, your Sacred Destiny, your inner fire.

Relationships severed during this time will tend to come to a natural close. Relationships begun now will have a greater chance for longevity. Family-of-origin relationships will tend to ride more smoothly this month, with old patterns beginning to come to resolution or release. Allow whatever is not needed to waft away with the ash of your personal Fire Within.

Affirmation: I AM immersing my Heart into all my relationships and I am feeling the richness that results.


Communities begin a new focus this month. A each individual's passion ignites, so too does the collective consciousness, thereby bringing the glimmering beginnings of a new way of interacting as communities into being. While it may take time to see this on an individual level, know that all actions taken now in community are important in developing this overall changing dynamic, which will be more heart-centered and more focused on common goals and aspirations than in the past. You may find yourself abandoning communities that no longer seem to fit the True You, and seeking new ones that give you deeper connection and a more heart-centered approach. There is a great deal of magnetism in this evolving communities, and it is helpful to be open to the possibility that you will find the community you need now and that needs you.

Affirmation: I AM willing to step into the community role that supports my Fire Within.

Global Politics

Politics take a back seat to internal work this month, but that does not mean that plenty is not happening below the surface. Back-door deals, power shifts, backstabbing and name-calling will be the most visible outward signs of change that will erupt more noticeably in the future.

Interestingly, at the same time, politics as a whole takes a big step into a more heart-centered approach this month -- in stark contrast to the outward signs described above, unlikely partnerships can be formed this month that lead to increased harmonious dealings among previously unfriendly countries.

Affirmation: I AM the heartbeat of a new political paradigm.

Earth Changes

Paralleling the emergence of The Fire Within from deep within your own being will be the emergence of deep fires from within the planet. Look for rumblings and sighings to manifest as earthquake activity (potentially in New Zealand, Chile, and along the Pacific Northwest coasts of Alaska and British Columbia) and volcanic activity (Hawaii, the Cascades, Peru). The fires now waning on the surface of the planet are making way for the manifestation of the planet's Sacred Destiny, one which you are very much a part of. Use this time to vision the planet of your dreams. Connect to the heartbeat of Gaia and ask her about her desires. Use this time also to lend strength to the global visioning process now taking place.

Affirmation: I AM able to move mountains.

Global Spiritual Changes

Connecting more deeply to your own Fire Within helps ignite the passions of those around you, spreading - like wildfire - in ever-expanding circles around you. Doing your personal work, you help make room for the global consciousness to expand, grow, and evolve. Globally, this month many changes take place including the spontaneous "awakenings" or "enlightenment" of a relatively large number of individuals. This is caused by the increase of personal vibration that results from a closer connection to Source, to The Fire Within, and to Sacred Destiny. Urgent messages from various sources suggest that action is needed to continue the planet's spiritual evolution, but I believe that our greatest change results from our attention and acceptance of Who We Are, thus inviting the power of our True Selves into greater being.

Affirmation: I AM willing to bring my Fire Within into being.

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