Friday, November 11, 2011

Archangel Michael: 11 * 11* 11 ~ Brilliant Effluence

Archangel Michael: 11 * 11* 11 ~ Brilliant Effluence
Transmitted Through Elanthra
5 November * 2011

Greetings Brilliant Masters ~

This is Archangel Michael, and today I and my legions fly in on this illustrious 11*11*11 Ascension Occasion, and know that I come with a heart that is swelling with love and pride for each and every One of you.

For many this 11*11*11 Occasion will serve as an Epic Golden Marker in Time, for many of you have indeed proven to be Trailblazers, transmuted yourselves, and risen above many a challenge; for this, we in Spirit congratulate you!

The luminescent intensity of the portal that has been opened recently has been experienced by many of you as a ‘Vibrant Buzzing’ or felt as ‘Peaceful Glee’ in the weeks recently passed, and know dear Ones that this magical brilliance will continue to manifest and culminate in ‘Blissful Release’ of Crystalline Sectors of Real-ization.

We invite One and All to ‘Rise Into Love and Mastership’ during these next few days, and know that you will experience Awakening ~ Empowerment ~ Enlightenment ~ Prosperity ~ Healing ~ Magic ~ Bliss and Glee ~ Peace and Joy.

As you rise into All That You Are ~ All That Is ~ we invite all that are ready to call upon your Highest Selves and connect as One. And, Together In Unity, across the globe, I ask that you all gather, for rays of Glittering Coppery/Golden magnificence await your embracing.

At the beckoning of the Mass Consciousness of One, a delightful scenario has presented itself for All, and without further adieu let us ride the waves of enthralling magnificence!

The Divine Scenario progresses as follows:

The ‘Globe’ is seen to spin placidly towards One and All, balanced on the hands of God/Goddess, rotating counterclockwise, even as the spectacular ‘Universal Magician Guardian’ manifests forth with gifts, and ‘Blissful Love Coalescing Into Unfoldment.’ The Universal Magician Guardian directs and orchestrates the way on the Trail of ‘The Golden Path,’ leading One and All to their next stretch in their sojourn.

And the Golden Path leads One and All to... what do we have here? Make way as a ‘Magnanimous Mesmerizing Butterfly’ appears across the Galaxy, adorned with an intricate tapestry of ‘Rainbow-coloured Stain Glass-like Diamonds’ ~ bejeweled trinkets reflecting back on One and All in luminescent glory. And the Sky serves as a ‘Canvassed Backdrop’ as the brilliant hues caress our senses. If one peers through the ‘Eye of the Butterfly,’ they would be able to see a ‘Mirrored Reflection Portal’ that one can venture through when ready. Come venture through ‘The Eye of the Butterfly Portal,’ wherein One and All will be wooed by Silent Whispers. Come embrace the ‘Divine Invitation’ to a culmination of Wisdom and Visions from Ancient Cultures and Civilizations that mystically saunter by.

Upon the Sky Backdrop ‘The Tree of Life’ can be seen to outstretch ~ to the West ~ East ~ North and South. As The Tree of Life sprouts downwards, anchoring into Mother Gaia and reviving All in it’s wake, an ‘Animated Golden Winding Path’ can be seen to lightly float toward you, emitting buoyant ‘Rainbow-painted Circles’ ~ footprints in time.

‘Two Sacred White Swans’ manifest next, their heads coming together in unity to join as two hearts between them, and the ‘Crystalline Swirl’ encompasses them, as ‘2 red Roses,’ symbolizing Divine Love, whirl into manifestation on each side of them.

Lo and behold, a square ‘Holder’ has manifested that is preceded by the ‘Tiger Guardian Power Animal,’ (symbolizing removing all distractions from the mind and being focused on the present moment.) As the Holder is opened, One can see that it contains sparkling Coppery-gold Crystalline Essence, and One and All are invited to embrace this wondrous essence as it is sprinkled across the Galaxy ~ producing shimmering, magical coppery-gold highlights.

The powerful ‘Eagle Guardian Power Animal,’ (symbolizing embracing our courage and soaring to great heights, and bridging Heaven and Earth) delivers it’s cry, as ‘Rainbow-Coloured Orbs of Light’ are revealed and unveiled. ‘3 Sheer Orbs of Light’ float ~ lightly touching down upon the standing ‘Musical Sheet Holder,’ as the Elohim play the ‘Violin Symphony,’ that softly strums and caresses our senses whilst emitting Heavenly music across the spheres.

Let it be known this day that the 11*11*11 Portal of Brilliant Effluence and Mastery has now been opened.

This is Archangel Michael, and I invite one and all to call on your Highest Self and myself, at your desire, and breathe in the essence of the teeming sprinkled Crystalline Coppery-Golden Rays. All that is needed is a Desire To Ascend Into Love, And A Belief And Knowing That You Have Indeed Arrived Home Into Mastery. Know that this energy has now been anchored onto the New Crystalline Earth.

In the wondrous days ahead, may many magical delights entertain you, and may abundant love, peace and joy abound you now and always.

Know that you are immensely loved, blessed and protected.

I AM but a light beckon away. Come... Rise On Home.

Namaste. Blessed Be.

Kodoish kodoish kodoish adonai tsebayoth (3 times)

(Holy holy holy is the Lord God of Hosts in Hebrew)

I Am Archangel Michael

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