Tuesday, November 15, 2011


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We are the Arcturians! Dearest Ones,
Today is a great day, the greatest so far since a very long time
in timelessness, since Earth has experienced such boundless Joy
and Relieve! This will of course have a great and unprecedented
impact on your life in a way you could not foresee!
More has happened than we and all your galactic supporters and
lovers could have dreamed of!
Beloveds, if you could see the new and splendid Radiance in
which Mother Earth is shining now! It is the radiant light of
joy, of a new freedom of a new accomplished victory as she
shifted her body already into her higher dimension. There is now,
with the nearly completed new crystalline grid around her a new
template at work, a template which allows for the acceleration of
spiritual growth and uplifting of all human beings.

The concentration of light and energy, pouring down on earth and
your participation in it today was so strong and powerful that it
had great influence on the process of shifting earth into her new
position, above the 3th dimension.

Although Gaia's body is now lifted and purified from the
heaviness of the darkness of the last thousands of years, she
agreed to remain “with one foot and leg” still in
3D, to grant a “quickening” opportunity to those
of you, who need a bit longer because you still have to grow your
consciousness and personal energy field or light quotient to
follow her into the higher dimensional place . And so Gaia is
enjoying her newly ascended state, while patiently remaining
partially still in her old position, but which has not a great
impact on her well-being anymore.

For some of you this might be difficult to understand, but what
is above 3dimensional reality cannot be described and seen with
a linear and "logical" left-brain disposition. You have to learn
to use your right brain, or better your whole brain, and start to
see with your intuition and inner eye and with your heart.
With the preparedness of the planetary servers great things could
be accomplished at this moment of your time as they participated
consciously in channeling this new frequency activation with
their own energy bodies and as such being antennas and vessels
for it in the energy body of Mother Earth.

She thanks all of you, dearly beloved planetary servers, for
helping her shifting. And she knows in Her Heart that with your
preparedness and firm intent to assist in the stepping up of the
ascension process further, that this will greatly accelerate
humanity's awakening and illumination process to finally allow
her to move fully into her well earned new 4th and
subsequently 5th dimension. This will be most likely, as planned,
at the end of the year 2012.
We, the Arcturians, are observing, that you, dear humans, are
already greatly responding to this very important shift today.
Some of you might not be directly aware of it, but all of you
will notice in the coming days and weeks that something
significantly has changed in the way you feel about your life as
there is now a new shining glow around everything and a
spiritual presence which will increase, so that it will become
ever more noticeable if you observe with your heart. With this
comes your increasing happiness and the feeling of relieve in
many ways and areas.
This growing light and consciousness in your life and in your
hearts will soon become so powerful, that a fundamental change in
your world situation will be inevitable.
Dear Ones, you have made, together with Mother Earth, a step into
a thoroughly new direction with this day 11.11.11! You cannot
see yet all the auspicious results, but they will soon arrive.
From now on, as the course of your destiny has changed
it’s direction for good, you can only expect an ever more
speeding current of new arriving events which you could not
imagine until now.
We encourage you to use this highly blessed time to seriously
dream and design your new world as one humanity as an expression
of Divine Love, Abundance and Joy.
The heavens are dancing, dear ones, and their love and light is
now pouring gloriously and unimpeded upon your world.
We celebrate with them and desire to see you celebrating as well!
We say: Unite and Celebrate and invoke the Joy and the Love of
the Eternal God.
We Bless you! We are the Arcturians!
Message received by Ute on 11.11.11 late evening AEST