Friday, November 11, 2011

Message from Kuthumi- Copyright Ronna Prince 2011

Message from Kuthumi- Copyright Ronna Prince 2011
I AM Kuthumi.
The Gateway of Creation is inside of you.
It is in your heart, your most powerful
physical organ.
Gather momentum today to move forward with
Love, Wisdom, Courage, Hope and Inspiration

Today is the global celebration of 11-11-11. The power of consciousness has elevated this day to one of awareness, appreciation and acceleration. In its symbolic expression, 11-11-2011 is an 8, the energy of manifestation, momentum and meaningful connection. The momentum of this day will propel humanity into 12-1-2011 (an 8 day) and then to 1-2-2012 (the next significant 8 day.) If you spend a moment focusing on the patterns in these next two days of momentum, you will perhaps see the dance of 1's and 2's, a symbol of beginning - independence (1) meeting with another 1, to make 2, receptiveness. How receptive are you to join 1+1 through the Gateway of Creation? For in order to create, you must be receptive. Receptive to many things, including inspiration (1 spirit-sent idea - meeting 1 individual persons willingness to be creative), momentum (the product of mass and velocity), and success (power exerted in alignment with divine will).

To consciously move through the Gateway of Creation, you must connect to your heart. What is your heart calling you to connect to? What answer will you give? Yes, no, or maybe. Each answer is valid and each carries energy into the quantum field from your heart, the organ of greatest electromagnetic power in your body. Here's a hint about the vibration behind each answer:

No = 11 = 2
Yes=13 = 4
Maybe = 19 = 10=1

When you say "no" to your heart's desire, you close the door and 1-1 combines to a duality. Receptive, perhaps though, to another choice. When you say "yes" to your heart's desire, you create a foundation (4) for a new reality to manifest. When you say "maybe", you are open to considering all possibilities 1 through 9, to create another new beginning 1. So you see, all answers are valid, they just create different energetic nuances of potential.

When we place a "0" in the middle of 11, we get 101, the encoding for Spiritual Initiation. (Spiritual initiation = 101 in numerology). A 0 opens the Gateway for Potent Spiritual Potential to manifest (potent spiritual potential = 111 in numerology). A third possibility emerges from an openness of heart, and the willingness to embrace success in a new way.

Success, an "8" word vibration, is usually defined as the achievement of a goal, or a favorable outcome. True success is not goal oriented. At its origin, success simply means movement. The origin of the word is from Latin sub meaning "next to, after" + cedere meaning "to go, to move". So the true 11:11:11 questions are this: What comes next? What is after the Global Master celebration? What direction will you move in next to create your deepest heart's desire, inspired by Spirit? For as you know, the Creator is not sitting somewhere evaluating this person as a success and that one as a failure. All of the Creation's creations, (you) are moving to the next expression of consciousness. After all, the purpose of creation is the expansion of consciousness through Love.

It is not what you achieve that matters, it is who you are, what you embody, how you express and the sacred activity of sharing your Love that matters most. Beyond 11-11-2011 are many more days and nights to live, to feel, to breathe, to know Love, be Love, express Love and expand Love.

Let us suggest one small change in a phrase so many of you have been speaking, writing and even wearing on your shirts: Be the Change you wish to see in the world. Consciously move this energy forward, beyond 11-11-11, to this, if you will:

Be the Present you are to the world!

You are here now, at this monumental time of choice. You are pre-sent to contribute your energy into the portals of creation, the New Now, moving forward with the Power of Conscious Love. Indeed, you are the Present, the gift of the Creator whose greatest expression of unconditional love is you.

As many times before, our counsel continues to be: every day is sacred and special. Each time you open your heart to share and to give is Divine. And Each moment you Love, you are Free.

Master Kuthumi