Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2012 & Beyond - Pivotal Moments In Time / Message from The Council of 12

Message from The Council of 12
2012 & Beyond - Pivotal Moments in Time
Copyright 2009 by Selacia *

Today, as humanity stands at the edge of the 2012 window, increasing numbers of people are realizing that these aren't ordinary times.

There is plenty of media focus on 2012, but it's more than that. You don't have to be a psychic or historian to feel the magnitude of changes occurring today. You can feel the undercurrent of change even if you don't regularly watch the news.

Most likely, you feel more uncertain about your future than you did a few years ago. As you observe your world's fragile state, you no doubt wonder how humanity can come together with the needed solutions for the growing list of concerns.

You don't need to understand politics or economics to know that your planet is at a tipping point. You can see it all around you.

Similarly, you don't need to be on the path of conscious awakening to feel the acceleration in time. Everyone feels it. All of the people around you are working with the same 24 hours you are. Time pressures are felt by anyone connected with the pulse of modern society.

It's more than simply growing older and feeling you have less time to live before you die.

What is the bigger picture here? How do you make sense of the linear yardstick humans call time? How can you intelligently approach the topics of time, the 2012 date, and the massive shifting occurring?

What is important to understand right now? How do you stay sane when the world is in chaos?

5 Things to Do to Stay Sane

1. Update your relationship with time. Separate out your need for order and your need to be fully present with life. Your only true power to create is from the now. Let go of your war with time, with deadlines, and with your growing to do list.

Acknowledge that everyone gets baffled by time. As you become more multidimensional, time takes on a new meaning. To be sure, your clocks and calendars are convenient tools. They provide a practical way to describe the events of your life.

Clock time is a measuring stick you use to set up meetings and arrange the details of your day. Calendars are also measuring sticks, while helping you to track seasons and cycles.

Beyond these practicalities, the use of psychological time is relative and not helpful for living in the present moment. That one instant, as it occurs, is the only one from which you can make changes.

2. Become friends with change. There will be lots more of it. The great quickening is now in full swing, with humanity's awakening accelerating at a rapid pace.

You are an integral part of that process, the shifting happening inside of you. There is much you want to change about the world you see. The most productive way to initiate those changes is to focus on being as loving and kind as you can be. Include yourself in the equation!

Whatever challenges you face become the energetic fuel of your path of light. Your obstacles, when faced and transformed, become luminous gems you share with the world. Rather than complaining about how many problems you have, express gratitude for the luminous gems you can create and share.

3. Keep dates like 2012 and other linear reference points in perspective. The great shift occurring in the window of 2012 is more of a process than a single event. This evolutionary progression has been unfolding with increasing momentum during your lifetime.

Whenever something ends, something new can begin. That's what you want, after all, something brand new!

These historic moments represent an enormous potential for humanity to create a new more light-filled world. You are here to participate, to co-create needed changes, and to benefit personally and spiritually.

You came not for one date in time, but to have a front-row seat as your planet ascends into a higher consciousness. The seat you have taken is not stationary! It and you are moving constantly. You don't realize this as you sit there, but it's true!

Your movement into higher levels of being won't always feel comfortable. Sometimes you will feel dizzy or simply tired. Sometimes you will want to cover your eyes to avoid seeing what is there. Sometimes you will question whether you can go on. Do not worry. The eternal you has no doubt that you will succeed.

4. Avoid shutting down your senses. Your physical and intuitive senses are integral to your ascension into the higher frequencies. You don't want to numb them with substances, overwork, or a nonstop diet of media input.

Your body is the Earthly temple for your soul. It will give you vital information about what's important, what and who to trust, and what's out of balance.

Your emotions can be your greatest helper or your worst enemy. Learn to identify how you feel, when you feel it. Become intelligent about how you respond to what you feel. Decide that you will use your emotions as a beneficial tool for your growth, with harm to none including you.

If you realize you are anxious or depressed, address your feelings without judgment. Remember that anyone can feel these things. The key is to find solutions so you don't go into self-sabotage mode.

Underneath the anxiousness, when you go deep enough, there is pure joy! Your genuine self is joyful and intuitive. Those qualities are naturally within you and within everyone you meet.

Your intuition is like the gift that keeps giving. The more you intentionally work with it, the more it helps you to flower into your highest potential.

5. Look deeper than surface appearances. You need to learn to look beyond what is presented, beyond what is announced as fact. These are times of increasing transparency, but it is consciousness that will determine how you see things.

Not everyone will perceive events the same way. Those who aren't ready or don't want to see the truth will have their own version. Don't feel you must convince them on your timetable. Don't give your energy away in senseless arguments.

Stay in your center, in your own truth. Remember that truth relates to the eternal realms. In those realms, no proof or manipulation is required. Truth simply is.
As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2009 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12,
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